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  1. Ukulele Woodshed

    Gibson UB1 Banjolele

    Hi all, I am in the market for a banjo ukulele and I tried a priceless UB1 the other day that I loved (it wasn't for sale). I found this one on reverb and it seems like a great price and in decent condition but I wonder if anyone knows about how to date it? Or whether it is all original...
  2. Ukulele Woodshed

    Hi from Madrid

    Hi all, I'm Emma (@ukulelewoodshed if you want to check me out on IG), and I can't believe it took me so long to get here! I am an avid uke player (of course) and play mostly old swing and blues stuff, I also have a small band call The Lava Birds (@thelavabirds) and we do swing covers and close...