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  1. Spicysteve

    When is it a good time to try low G?

    I have 2 Baritones turned into "Super Tenors" both with a wound low g and a wound c. Dearly love they way they both sound........ not take away from my Tenors tuned high g, wouldn't change them. Just a different sound from each one. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment. Each uke is its own animal.
  2. Spicysteve

    Donner Rising-U Concert - REVIEW

    $53.99 currently on Amazon.....Couldn't resist, it delivers on Tuesday. Multiple sets of quality flurocarbon strings on hand to install, just have to decide which set. LOL
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    High/Hard tension strings

    Just installed a set of Hannabach 235MHT's on an all solid Acacia Concert. Had Freemont Blacklines on it. I was torn between installing Freemont Blackline Hards or the Hannabach's. The Hannabach's really sing!!!! I installed a set of the Hannabach "hards" on an all solid mahogany Tenor couple of...
  4. Spicysteve

    Baritone with Worth Browns

    I have worth browns on 2 "Super Tenors" for the e and a strings and have 2 Tenors with Worth Browns. Difficult to to critisize any of then. They are top notch strings. Each ukulele seems to have a preference. In the whole aspect of things strings are mostly inexpensive. Don't hesitate to try...
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    2nd update........ After an hour and a half fitting a new bone saddle (of which was primarily thicknessing the saddle from 3mm to 2mm) and the installation of Freemont Hard soprano strings I am beyond elated. I brought the string height up to a true 3mm. Careful measuring prior to the change...
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    Update..... After considerable playing and the strings settling in I am not happy with the volume and string tension. The action is quite low with zero issues but lower than my normal preference (I have large hands) I prefer the string height around 3mm. This is at 2.6, I am sure this is is...
  7. Spicysteve

    Review- aNueNue C4 Concert Ukulele

    Another great review Vic. Just added another one to the wish list. I really like the C10 but the C4 seemed to speak to me. Love the sound of the Cedar. Honestly want both!!
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    Thank you so much for sharing Jerry. So many smiles and so much happiness. Delightful!!!
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    Fingerstyle uke

  10. Spicysteve


    I really enjoy working on them as well as playing them. I find it rewarding.
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    How cool is this?`

    I had the pleasure of meeting Chris after a performance of the Side Order Band at Linfield College, Herb Ohta Jr played with them also. It is a small venue, Chris and Herb came out to the lobby after the performance and mingled for almost an hour. Very kind wonderful people. The performance...
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    Dave, This is the second set that I have installed. Quite happy with both and have had zero issues.
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    Excuse my typo. If they are too bright I use Oasis. All are excellent strings.
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    Thank you. Freemonts and Worth Browns are my go to fluorocarbons. If either feel too bright I use Worth’s. Of course strings are objective but have been pleased with all three. Thank you so much for following the progression with this one.
  15. Spicysteve

    SOLD Chris Perkins Tenor Ukulele UK only

    That is beautiful ukulele. Chris makes beautiful instruments. I have a Bonanza Oreo Baritone tuned as a "Super Tenor" in black walnut and dearly love it. Wish that I could be in the UK to snatch this up!!!
  16. Spicysteve

    Lighter tuners moved balance point 4 frets! (Graph Tech Tune A Lele)

    I installed my second set of Ratio Tuners on a ukulele today. I can't find any faults in them. A good reamer and careful reaming makes for an easy install. I was very hesitant to try them hearing that some people had had issues with them, definitely not the case for me.
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    Tuners and fluorocarbon strings installed. Sounds wonderful. Bright, chimey, way more sustain….. it is a delight to play. 😁
  18. Spicysteve

    Missing Soprano

    I am sorry for the troubles Tim. Disappointing that your hard work, heart and soul go into beautiful ukuleles with excited customers on the other end to have it lost. Hopefully it re-appeares.
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    Graphtech Ratio tuners arrived. Updated post coming in the next few days. :)
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    Review- Ohana CK-450 (P) Concert Ukulele

    As always, I so enjoy your reviews and insight. What a gem you have. Cheers, Steve.