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  1. Kayak Jim

    Banjo ukes - flush vs. floating fretboard

    The majority of banjo ukes you see have a fretboard that stops at the end of the neck and is flush with the top of the head. Deerings on the other hand have an extended fret board that floats about the head. The Deering also uses a "saddle" under the conventional banjo style bridge I'm...
  2. Kayak Jim

    Program for writing down tabs?

    I'm looking for a "word processor" type program by which I can write down tabs. I don't need all the features something like Guitar Pro offers with playback, etc., and I don't need standard music notation. Currently I'm hand writing on blank four line staff paper, and it gets a bit messy...
  3. Kayak Jim

    Tabs for Jontom's 3 months of ukulele licks?

    Does anyone have the tabs for Jontom's YouTube series "Three Months of Ukulele Licks" from several years ago? I can pick up much of it from the videos but he goes through some sections pretty quickly. His old website where the tabs were apparently...
  4. Kayak Jim

    Uke shops in Oregon, Washington?

    As the title suggests, any shops you'd recommend in the Pacific NW, south of the border?
  5. Kayak Jim

    Honeytone battery life?

    For those with the Danelectro Honeytone mini amp, how long a life do you generally get from a fresh 9 v. alkaline battery? Considering getting one for travel. Thanks
  6. Kayak Jim

    Accompanying Drum Track

    I'm looking for options that provide basic drum track loops that I can use to keep a small ensemble "on track" at various tempos. A free or low cost online site would be ideal. The only one I've found is this one. The jazz tack seems pretty good and a couple others sound OK, but the simple...
  7. Kayak Jim

    End button on a uke without an end block?

    A woman in one of my groups with an inexpensive uke wants to add a strap button but the uke has no inside end block. I told her a luthier could probably insert an end block through the sound hole to reinforce the thin sides to accept the button screw. If I were doing it myself I'd consider...
  8. Kayak Jim

    WTB mahogany soprano $200's range

    I've been flipping back and forth on getting a mahog. soprano and am now kicking myself for missing out on the Favilla. Does anyone have a nice one (most any make, vintage or newer) in about the $200-250 range with hard or rigid foam case, including shipping CONUS and Paypal? Cheers Jim...
  9. Kayak Jim

    Anyone have the Susan Howell chord melody book?

    I like the arrangement she has on her website of the Ellington piece. Nice sounding and just the right amount of challenge for me. Can anyone comment on the other arrangements? Oh, and the website says "40+" arrangements, then names 19 songs "& 11...
  10. Kayak Jim

    Daniel Ho's comment about friction tuners

    Speaking of compensated saddles (in the recent thread), I was just reading Daniel Ho's article in the Spring 2015 Ukulele magazine (the one with Victoria Vox on the cover). There he says: “It is highly unlikely that you'll find a compensated saddle on a ukulele with friction tuners because...
  11. Kayak Jim

    Panjo down? dead? discontinued?

    A number of members have "Checkout my items for sale" in their message header. Clicking on that takes you to Panjo, but an error message saying it needs to be updated by an admin.
  12. Kayak Jim

    Any uke groups mid Vancouver Island?

    Contemplating a move to the left coast next year wondering if there are any group playing opportunities Nanaimo through to Campbell River?
  13. Kayak Jim

    Import duty/ tax to various countries

    Occasionally somewhat asks when buying an instrument for another country what duty and tax they may have to pay when the item crosses the border. Here's a graphic from an article just published in CBC that shows the threshold below which duty/tax is not collected for goods entering Canada...
  14. Kayak Jim

    Now we have it on VERY good authority.

    In case you need additional justification.....
  15. Kayak Jim

    Talent vs. Practice

    Interesting article in NY Times citing a recent study that, in very simplest terms, challenges the conventional thought that 10,000 hrs will make one an expert. In case you missed it: Now back to my...
  16. Kayak Jim

    Living Water strings now at Uke Republic

    Just noticed UR is handling Ken's strings now. This makes it handy if ordering other things. And by my calcs, a bit cheaper than getting just one or two sets from across the pond.
  17. Kayak Jim

    Soundboard AND undersaddle pick up?

    Threads about "which pick up is best" often come down to soundboard vs. undersaddle with some variables added regarding what, if any, preamp to use. As I understand it, soundboard xducers can provide a more natural sound, but are prone to handling noise. I'm wondering if there is any value in...
  18. Kayak Jim

    Roland AC-33: problem with XLR connection

    I've had the AC-33 for about 6 months now (but have only played around with it a bit). I just bought a basic dynamic mic to use with it and can't seem to get the XLR mic input to work. The cable that came with the Shure mic didn't work so I bought another cable- same result. They just don't...
  19. Kayak Jim

    Wound C string?

    What's your experience with wound C strings? I just noticed Southcoast offers them as I was about to place an order for some Mediums. The promised "more depth and sustain in those registers" is appealing on my concerts (Mainland and Koaloha). My experience to date with wound strings hasn't...
  20. Kayak Jim

    "Ukulele in the Classroom" - who's used it?

    I'm referring here to the Chalmers Doane/ James Hill series of books, etc. which teach playing the uke from standard music notation, ensemble playing, etc. I've been ticking along for the past couple of years with the Dummies books and some online stuff, then Nelson's Fingerstyle Solos, now...