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    What's good for ukuleles is good against Covid spread

    A study from "The Journal of the Royal Society Interface" on Nov 16 showed that a relative humidity of 40 - 60% indoors is the "sweet spot" for minimizing the spread of Covid. Made me think of ukuleles right away. It is also a comfort sweet spot...
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    Using Magic to buy ukuleles

    Magic: The Gathering was the first "collectible card game". Its first "Alpha edition" was released in 1993 and is going strong today, with over 100 different sets and expansions. Each time a new release came out, I would likely buy a box (or two or ...) of 45 packs for $120. And there were...
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    NUD: Barron River concert

    Over a year ago, I was saddened as I decided to pass on a Moore Bettah uke, letting logic prevail over my heart. I realized it might be my last opportunity to purchase one. As time passed and I rued my decision more, I decided to find another custom builder to build a no holds barred ukulele...
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    Two uke stops in Honolulu

    I was finally able to make it to Honolulu on my third attempt (due to Covid situation in HI). I did not bring an ukulele with me as the trip was also a break from playing and from watching TV. It was not a break from eating (burp!). Two ukulele stops stood out this trip. One was to the Ukulele...
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    Latest Profile Posts

    On the right side of my Forums Page, there are two sections. One is "Latest Posts". The other is "Latest Profile Posts". In this column, it appears as if these are "PMs" that are meant to be a private communication between members, including emails, PayPal accounts, and others that I do not...
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    Buying? Selling? Neither? Both?

    So where are you two years after Covid protocols began? As things loosen up, are you looking to buy a new uke? Are you selling and downsizing? Are you standing pat while UAS is in remission? Or are you looking to buy another with a one in, one out policy? In the past two years, I downsized a...
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    Kanile'a Factory Tour $20

    Kanile'a has restarted its factory tours. But I was surprised to find that there was a $20 charge for the 90 minute tour (or $250 for a private tour). Did they have this charge in place before the pandemic? If they did, was it worth it, considering that Kamaka and KoAloha do not charge? Besides...
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    Dark versus light koa

    On the HMS/TUS website today, there are two new concerts. One (#22261) is reasonably dark appearing. Next to it is a much lighter one (#22264). My question is whether the appearance is more due to the wood pieces they choose or to the dyeing process they select. Do they have a choice to make it...
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    KoAloha to increase production of its Red Labels

    This was just posted on the KoAloha Ukulele Facebook page: Be on the lookout for Reds One of the biggest changes at the factory was converting Pop's storage into a dedicated custom room with a full-time Red Label team! Red label customs are still going to be more of a rarity than a standard...
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    The Ukulele Site one week sale

    10% off Hawaiian ukes, aNueNue, , Kumu, Leolani, Kala 15% off Pono and Rebel. Discount code: Hawaiian10, aNueNue10, Kumu10, Leolani10, Kala10, Pono15, Rebel15 Free setups all month on ukes costing $149+
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    Sold: Antica Ukuleleria Sacco soprano

    Price: $525 includes shipping to ConUSA. Cost to me with shipping from Italy was about $675. Includes soft case that was ordered with the uke. Wait time otherwise may be half a year. Like new condition, hand built soprano by Marco Todeschini. This is THE actual ukulele reviewed by by Barry at...
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    FS: Tyde Learner concert

    $525 (PayPal please) gets you shipping to the Continental US (likely FedEx). I purchased this here on UU earlier this year. Selling because I play my Blackbird Clara for low G instead. This is a walnut/cherry concert Tyde Learner Ukulele. Site description here...
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    NUD KoAloha Red Label Silver Anniversary concert

    HMS was able to offer me first dibs on this (by request once I saw these were being made). I was debating whether to get a 25th anniversary uke but not being able to try one and see if it played better than my Pikake held me back. Seeing that they were producing a few Red Labels got me excited...
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    Our extended ukulele community

    Times are tougher and going to get tougher. All the instructors that we go to learn from at festivals must be greatly affected as these events are cancelled. Hopefully they have resources to turn to. The question is how to continue to support them to help them through these times when they...
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    KoAlana ukes return from KoAloha

    KoAloha posted photos of their "best value ukulele" on Facebook a little while ago. Includes photos of sopranos, concerts, and tenors.
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    KoAloha Silver Series at HMS... maybe

    They listed three Silver Series today. One of the two sopranos and the tenor are already sold. The soprano appears to be priced about $250 more than the "standard" gloss soprano. Tenor uke #002 also sold at Uke Republic.
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    NUD: AO soprano built by Pops Okami

    "AO" in Hawaiian means “new beginning” as well as being Alvin “Pops” Okami’s initials. For those unfamiliar, Pops is the founder and “patriarch” of KoAloha Ukuleles. He is retired, which means he chooses where to devote his time and interests. There is something special having an ukulele...
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    Kiwaya KTS-4

    Price $350 PayPal, includes shipping to ConUSA (USPS priority). No case. Purchased this Kiwaya KTS4 on this forum last year and have barely played it since I received a WOW soprano built by Pops Okami and preferred my KoAloha Pikake soprano. It is solid mahogany with an ebony fretboard and...
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    Ukulele festivals worth flying to for a short vacation?

    Looking forward to next year's calendar and I am considering combining a vacation (3 days to a week) with an ukulele festival. The festival should feature excellent classes (intermediate level) and a program distinguished enough from smaller local festivals. Two or three days may be ideal. The...
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    Tiny Tenor Spalted Mango - my jaw dropped when I saw this

    This is such an incredible looking Tiny Tenor. I would have bought it on first sight IF I could play tenor neck comfortably. If I had another TT, I would still have bought this one and sold the other. Looks are secondary to other considerations, but this one is remarkable...