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  1. UkerDanno

    New 2022 Martin C1 Concert Ukulele - Natural , Now in Stock

    C1 should be selling at about $250 at the most, really odd addition, IMHO. Would definitely spend another $50 for the C1K!
  2. UkerDanno

    Why string a baritone gcea?

    I bought a cheapo vintage baritone a few years ago intending to string it with GCEA, it just didn't sound very good...IMHO. I restrung it as a baritone and it sounded very good, I thought, so I sold it to a friend, since I don't know how to play baritone.
  3. UkerDanno

    Tell me the truth, Doc. How bad is it?

    Post this over in Luthiers Lounge... If it was me, I'd take it to a luthier. Since you don't have one close by, look up a video on fixing cracks with hot hide glue. Humidify it and see if they will close...
  4. UkerDanno

    One Uke Only

    I could live with high G, one low G.
  5. UkerDanno

    Been absent for a while

    Voltaren is great, but takes a couple days to take effect and you have to keep it up. Aspercreme works, too and it's pretty much instant, easier to use! Edit: Voltaren is more for arthritis and Aspercreme more for nerve isssues. I have both...
  6. UkerDanno

    What’s your ukulele “hot take”?

    I have high G and low G and enjoy them for different songs, but like to play Stand by Me on my high G, but, I don't do the bum, bum, bum...😁🤙🎶
  7. UkerDanno

    About the new Thunderbrown Aquila strings for bass ukuleles 20 -26 inches scale

    Me too, I just like the sound and soft, smooth feel of the Pahoehoes! 😁🤙🎶
  8. UkerDanno

    About the new Thunderbrown Aquila strings for bass ukuleles 20 -26 inches scale
  9. UkerDanno

    Opinions? Martin S1, Martin OXK, or Martin C1k?

    The C1K is an excellent instrument, head and shoulders above the others. (I used to have one, the only reason I sold it was to get a Hawaiian made uke)
  10. UkerDanno

    Given up tenor due to hand pain/arthritis?

    We're you looking for one of these?
  11. UkerDanno

    Given up tenor due to hand pain/arthritis?

    I have a Martin IZ tenor, the nut width is narrower than normal, even for a soprano. I was never a fan of tenor because of the longer fret spacing, but got one for low G. At first it was a little weird to get used to, but now I like it and I think it's easier to play than my concert, which...
  12. UkerDanno

    Can You Jam?

    I can't jam in the way you describe it, wish I could! A friend, who is a piano player can jam along on her uke with anybody, I am so envious! I just can't get the hang of it. Too dumb, I guess...
  13. UkerDanno

    NBD: Aklot Bass Ukulele

    Do NOT click on the above link, it's probably spam, I reported it! 😖
  14. UkerDanno

    Ordered Galli black coated nylon core bass uke strings

    That adjustable bridge has a pickup in it? Link?
  15. UkerDanno

    got Hawaiian shirts?

    I have probably 30+ wear them all the time, everywhere, it's my "trademark"...😁🤙🎶
  16. UkerDanno

    Does Mim charge sales tax?

    Probably depends on your state...I think online sellers are required to pay sales tax in the state they ship to.
  17. UkerDanno

    Does anyone have a "pick guard"?

    I did find this, wonder if it will work on a satin finish...
  18. UkerDanno

    Does anyone have a "pick guard"?

    Can you share a link, I'm not finding anything...Mahalo! 🤙
  19. UkerDanno

    Bridge Pins

    I love bridge pins, easiest to change strings.
  20. UkerDanno

    loudest strings you've tried?

    I've tried a lot of strings and volume was never an issue, don't think I've ever noticed much difference.