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  1. Trader Todd

    Silvertone Baritone - set up and new tuners?

    I have a nice Silvertone bari that I bought a while back here in the Marketplace. Played it non-stop when I first got it, then it found its way to the back of the closet with the rest of my unplayed gear. M(andolin)AS got a hold of me and I considered selling the bari to finance a mandolin. Took...
  2. Trader Todd

    Hilo Hattie Ukulele Hawaiian Shirt

    I have a Hilo Hattie Ukulele Hawaiian Shirt in very good condition. 100% Cotton and made in Hawaii. It measures 22" pit to pit, 29 from top to bottom and the sleeves are 10". $35 shipped. Though I'd offer here before it heads to ebay. Thanks. Not sure why the pics are sideways, but you get the...
  3. Trader Todd

    Kamaka White Label Tenor

    Kamaka White Label Tenor Koa Ukulele. Hawaiian made most likely in the mid 80's. Currently strung with Living Water strings. Sounds and plays great, has that great Hawaiian sound. No damage, cracks or repairs. Frets are good. Has some strum scuffs and scratches (hard to photograph) that are...
  4. Trader Todd

    Magic Fluke Soprano Firefly Banjo Ukulele

    Magic Fluke Soprano Firefly Banjo Ukulele. I bought this awhile back from a UU'er, can't remember who?!? Plays like a uke sounds like a banjo! This is in like new condition. The tuners have been upgraded, but I couldn't tell you what they are. Has the plastic fingerboard. Low action and easy to...
  5. Trader Todd

    PM messages not being sent?

    Is anybody having problems sending PM messages? I've sent a dozen and for whatever reason the recipients aren't receiving them. Am I missing the obvious here? I've sent plenty of messages in the past. Thanks for any help. Didn't know what other topic to post this.
  6. Trader Todd

    For Sale - Pono Mahogany/Cedar Pro Class - MTSH (C) PC

    A better picture with the spot on the neck.
  7. Trader Todd

    For Sale - Pono Mahogany/Cedar Pro Class - MTSH (C) PC

    A few more pics. The first one is the ding on the neck.
  8. Trader Todd

    For Sale - Pono Mahogany/Cedar Pro Class - MTSH (C) PC

    Up for sale is my Pono Mahogany/Cedar MTSH (C) PC. I bought this new from HMS a couple of years ago, so you know it has been set up to be played. That set up combined with the radius fretboard makes it a dream to play. It's in great condition, with the typical light strum marks. There is one...
  9. Trader Todd

    Lot of 4 Ukulele Books - Fretboard Roadmaps/Lennon & McCartney/Jazz Chord Solos...

    Lot of 4 Ukulele Books - Fretboard Roadmaps/Lennon & McCartney/Jazz Chord Solos... I've got 4 ukulele books that aren't getting any use. Ukulele Fretboard Roadmaps w/CD - Fred Sokolow & Jim Beloff Ukulele Song Book - Ron Middlebrook Lennon & McCartney Vol 6 w/CD - Hal Leonard Jazz Chord Solos...
  10. Trader Todd

    Worn out bridge/saddle slot

    I've got a late 60's(?) Martin soprano and the saddle slot on the bridge has worn so badly that the string won't stay in, no matter how big I make the knot. I'm looking for suggestions on a repair. I don't really want to replace the whole bridge, I'm thinking more like using some super glue...
  11. Trader Todd

    Pono Pro Class Tenor Cedar/Mahogany (MTSH C PC)

    Price drop - $600 Pono MTSH C PC for sale. I bought this uke new from The Ukulele Site/HMS a few years ago. Cedar top with Mahogany sides, Koa binding and radius fretboard. Currently strung reentrant with Living Waters. Cedar top lends to a nice mellow tone and it plays great with the HMS...
  12. Trader Todd

    If it is free, it is for me...

    I'm recycling the fall and winter 2016 issues of Ukulele magazine. First person to respond "pick me" and pm me their address gets them. I'll send them out this week.
  13. Trader Todd

    I need some amplification and/or pickup suggestions

    Recently I've been playing out and jamming guitar with a group of friends and music nerds at a few local pubs and events. I'd love to add some uke to the mix, but the problem is I don't have anything with a pickup. After reading DownUpDown Dave's review of the iRig, I think that is out of the...
  14. Trader Todd

    Vintage Uke and grumpy old tuners

    I've got a white label Kamaka tenor and the tuners are a bit grumpy and moody. Once in tune they stay in tune, but it takes a bit of finesse to get them there. For instance when I try to get the E up to tune, I turn the peg and get it to pitch, when I take my fingers off the peg, it slips down a...
  15. Trader Todd

    Oh snap! I did it again, NUD White Label Kamaka Tenor - 70's (?)

    Couple other pics I couldn't upload.
  16. Trader Todd

    Oh snap! I did it again, NUD White Label Kamaka Tenor - 70's (?)

    I just can't help myself. My new to me Kamaka Tenor arrived today. It was an impulse bid on fleabay. I thought for sure somebody would out bid me, but that wasn't the case, so the UAS curse of the Tiki strikes again.. I'm told that it is a 70's era (I'm a sucker for old wood). I'm hoping...
  17. Trader Todd

    Songs with a I-IV-I-V progression

    I'm looking for a list of pop, rock and country songs with at I-IV-I-V progression. (second time around the last bar turns with a |V/ I /| ). Not just songs with I IV and V chords but that specific progression. I call it the Blue Moon of KT progression. It's My Lazy Day is another example. I...
  18. Trader Todd

    NUM(onth) because NUD isn't enough

    I'm very disappointed with the members of this forum. A bunch of underachievers here. Why limit yourself to NUD, when you can have a New Uke Month? I'm not sure what came over me in April, but I went on a bit of a bender. I couldn't help myself, I guess as I was approaching my 100th post and...
  19. Trader Todd

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    Since I was rapidly approaching my 100th post and "Senior Member" status, I felt I needed a collection worthy of a Senior Member, so I went on a bit of a buying frenzy last month. Going through all 187 pages of this thread didn't help. From left to right - Kanile'a K-1T with satin finish...