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  1. renaud

    Mad World tears4fears ukecover

    enjoy ;-)
  2. renaud

    Life on mars ? David Bowie

    one of my favorite tune of the mister Bowie enjoy ;-)
  3. renaud

    Tainted love

    a tune from 1964 better known sang by Soft Cell than Gloria Jones ! enjoy ;-)
  4. renaud

    Englishman in new york

    From the French westcoast ! I'm not english, I'm not in New York but I never run! so I think I'm a gentleman ;-)
  5. renaud

    Sunday bloody Sunday uke cover

    it was 46 years ago in Derry day for day, it was a sunday but the sun wasn't shining, they 'll called it the bloody sunday... eleven years later U2 sing it and then it's me on a uke enjoy
  6. renaud

    Under the bridge RHCP cover

    you can ear , I'm french .. so enjoy ;-)
  7. renaud

    french song "J'aime les filles"

    well, it turns around a Bm,E7,A6,F#7 so , enjoy
  8. renaud

    Besame mucho

    one of the most covered title ! so i do , enjoy
  9. renaud

    Chan Chan Uke cover

    No hablo español pero trato de cantar ;-) thank you for your feedback... enjoy
  10. renaud

    Martin OXK versus OX Bamboo

    Hi everybody ;-) enjoy
  11. renaud

    the atomic's java from France

    Hi, this is a 1954 song "smiling" about fears from atomic war french Java written by Boris Vian enjoy
  12. renaud

    Jimmy Cliff can see clearly now

    I try to ! enjoy
  13. renaud

    Jammin' Bob Marley

    The reggae is not really my style ! But I try to ... So sorry for the "jammin" but if you could give me some advices ! It would be fine to progress ! Thanks a lot
  14. renaud

    a french song , La vase à millle temps

    if you like Walts let's dance and enjoy
  15. renaud

    three little birds was singing

    "dont worry" ! me to enjoy
  16. renaud

    my baby just cares for me

    based on the Nina Simone tune 1958 a little bit sacked.. Enjoy
  17. renaud

    la vie en rose "On demand"

    enjoy from FRANCE
  18. renaud

    Tears in Heaven

    Eric Clapton ira sans doute au paradis des guitaristes ... il fallait que je m'y essaye au ukulélé !!! alors voila ...
  19. renaud

    Hi I'm Renaud

    Hi I'm Renaud from France Im not really a really new member but I m french and leave in France and if I'll go to US or other country I'll really love to find some Ukulele men an women to meet ! so let me introduce my self here thanks best regards... PS I dont really speak english but...