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  1. Joe Strummer

    Webcam for uke videos

    Can you recommend a good webcam for recording music videos? I do online classes where there’s an option to upload videos for feedback. My ipad has a surprisingly decent camera and mic. It‘s a bit difficult to get a good angle, there’s usually some hiss, and the storage space is limited. My...
  2. Joe Strummer

    Persistent fret buzz

    I have an instrument that has some buzz on the 3rd fret of the second string. It only happens with finger picking. It does not happen if I concentrate on reducing the force and plucking perfectly parallel to the fingerboard. This does not happen on any of my other instruments, some of which...
  3. Joe Strummer

    Reentrant strings for Koaloha tenor

    What strings do you like on this instrument (not Opio) for reentrant tuning? I did some experimenting but didn’t find anything that sounded better than the factory low G strings. I used a micrometer to measure the original diameters: .020”, .022”, .027”, .033”. These are all thinner and lower...
  4. Joe Strummer

    An embarrassment of ukes

    You have heard of a murder of crows. A large flock of starlings is a murmuration. There’s a prickle of porcupines. What do you call an excessive collection of ukuleles? I propose an embarrassment of ukes, like an embarrassment of riches, or too much of a good thing. I felt embarrassed when...
  5. Joe Strummer

    DIY braided strap

    Most straps are wider than necessary for ukes. This one can be quickly braided from paracord or any kind of rope using an open chain sinnet: Feed the cord all the way through the last loop and cinch it to finish. Use 2 half hitches to attach...
  6. Joe Strummer

    Installing strap button on the side of the heel

    Do you have any tricks for drilling a pilot hole perfectly perpendicular to the surface? The heel is usually angled in 2 different dimensions. The best thing I have come up with is to draw intersecting lines on blue tape to show the direction of the angles. Then, I try to line up the drill bit...
  7. Joe Strummer

    Sanding fret edges?

    I have a uke where the angled edges of the frets feel a bit sharp. The fret ends feel smooth on the sides of the fretboard. I’m talking about the edges on top of the fretboard. Would there be any benefit to lightly sanding them to round the edges a bit? I saw a guitar video where a guy...
  8. Joe Strummer

    Tradeoff between volume and sustain

    I ended up getting a Martin S1 from one of the forum members after considering my options for a new soprano. I am very pleased with the surprisingly rich, loud tone. I heard that sopranos tend to have less sustain than larger scales, but I noticed strings, wood, and how the instrument is...
  9. Joe Strummer

    Improbable chord

    I can’t say it is impossible, because I just watched James Hill do it while playing Georgia. He does a barre on the second fret, a scrunched partial barre on the third, and uses his ring finger on the 4th. Ouch. Any tips for getting this? 3 3 4 2
  10. Joe Strummer

    Upgrading tuners to Grover 6

    If I wanted to upgrade from Grover 2 friction tuners to Grover 6, would I have to widen the holes in the headstock?
  11. Joe Strummer

    Best place to order Japanese ukes for delivery to US

    I’m interested in the Luna MV-3S: There are some other Kiwaya instruments that are not available in the US or are cheaper under a different brand. Since Rakuten is gone, where is the best place to order these?
  12. Joe Strummer

    What brand tuners are these?

    I found an unusual Kiwaya made uke that has these tuners. Are they friction instead of the usual planetary ones they use? Any idea of the brand, model, or vintage?
  13. Joe Strummer

    Considering mid to high end sopranos

    I normally play baritone and tenor ukuleles, but I’m starting to get into sopranos. I like the contrast between their toylike appearance, big brash sound, and ability to make serious music. I’m currently working on a real classic, Clara Polka, written for the predecessor to the ukulele. My...