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    SOTU 563 "What's in a name?"

    Posting early cause I have a busy morning. What’s in a name? This week your forum name will dictate what songs you can do. There will be a few options. OPTION 1 The first letter of your forum name must be the first letter of the title of any song you choose to do. My forum name is...
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    8 string baritone strings on an 8 string tenor

    Gday folks. I have a bunch of ukes...tenors and baritones. One of the tenors is an 8 string Kala. I would like an 8 string baritone to round out the sound palette. My ukes are mainly accompaniment to singing and songwriting. A good 8 string baritone is a bit more than I want to spend currently...
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    Season 523 - BEDAZZLED

    BEDAZZLED. Bedazzled was a 1967 British comedy film set in the swinging London of the sixties. It was a comic reworking of the legend of Faust ie a man selling his Soul to the Devil for a desired outcome. In this case George Spiggott (the earthly incarnation of the Devil}, played by Peter...
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    Season 474 - My Name is Carnival.

    Working on this. All my text disappeared!!! “I’ve seen your face in every place that I’ll be going I read your words like black hungry birds Read every sowing Rise and fall. Spin and call, Here my name Carnival.” So starts the song by Jackson C. Frank that this week’s Season is named after. A...
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    Season 403 : Exploring the Cave and Beyond

    Welcome Cobbers to Season 403 - Exploring the Cave and Beyond. I'm going to give you a few options. 1. Any song written, sung or covered by Nick Cave - solo, duet or in any band. Note if you google “songs covered by Nick Cave” you’ll see a couple of links to many possibilities. 2.Any song...
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    Pavane - Ed Kuepper cover

    Hi folks been a while since i posted here. I've been having a lot of fun joining in the Seasons sub forum. This one didn't fit so I thought I'd post here again. I'm trying out a little Yamaha TR5a amp and playing a baritone.Cover of Australian artist Ed Kuepper. Images from Kurnell near where I...
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    Season 354: THE SHOCK OF THE NEW(ish)

    The Shock of the New(ish) What can we play I hear you say A wassailing song from a distant day? About a lad and his love for an Olde Oak Door Written in December 1834 Perhaps the Jazz Age Is more your thing? Daisys and Gatsbys on a four string fling Even us slaves rowing in life’s galley...
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    Adding additional audio tracks to a video?

    Hi folks I've been recording a lot of videos..uke and voice.I use a Zoom Q4 camera which gives a good result.I end up with a.MOV file. But the software it comes with is limited. What I want to do is to be able to add more audio tracks to the video. Could you recommend a method / software. I have...
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    People get ready - Baritone and harmonica cover

    I really like playing this song-makes me feel good for some reason. Hope some here like it too.In key of A.Capo on 2nd fret.First time I've capoed a uke.It works!
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    In the Pines - Leadbelly cover on new Kala Baritone.

    Hi folks.I got a bit of an urge to get a baritone after watching some of the good folks here playing one..pabrizzer, drbrekken, stivo and zoe were some. Couldn't try one out in Sydney.None to be had.So I ordered a Kala KB-E online.Not very expensive laminate.Just got it on Friday.Whilst not...
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    God only knows - Beach Boys cover

    Happy Easter folks. Chords from Richard G's uke site
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    Almost Blue - Elvis Costello cover -Kala Tenor Low G

    Hi folks.Hope some of you like this one.It's a pretty cool song in its own right...even if it does owe a bit to My Funny Valentine. Elvis Costello's original is is Chet Baker's cover.Mine...not so much haha.
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    The nearness of you - cover on Kala Tenor

    Written by Hoagy Carmichael and Ned Washington.This arrangement I learnt from Jeff Burton an Aussie who has some very good uke and guitar resources online. Hope some here like it.Cheers.
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    Born to be blue - on Kala tenor

    I couldn't see any uke covers online of this lovely old jazz standard - so I thought I'd have a go.Written by Mel Torme and Robert Wells.Covered by many.Chet Baker being my favourite. On Kala Tenor. Hope some like it. Cheers
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    Song with new Kala tenor comfort edge tenor

    Hi folks.Just got a new uke.Quite pleased with it so far.Here's a Randy Newman song.
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    My Favorite Things - cover

    Hi folks.On one of my infrequent visits here.Kamoa Tenor Uke with high G.Song is in Gm and using an F harp. Cheers
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    Jethro Tull -"A Christmas Song" cover

    Gday folks, I think the uke emulates Ian Anderson's original mandolin sound pretty well in this old gem of a song from Jethro Tull. kamoa Tenor Low G. Hope some of you like it. Cheers.
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    White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane cover

    Hi folks, Some rocking out with a Kamoa tenor Low G.Hope some of you like it. Cheers
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    Port of Amsterdam - Jacques Brel cover

    Hi folks.I'm a lurker here and an infrequent poster.Here's one on a Kamoa Tenor uke.English version of the great Jacques Brel song.
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    Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra cover

    Hi folks.I'm a lurker here and a very occasional poster. Here's one.Hope you like it. Kamoa Tenor Uke Low G. Cheers