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    Misi vs LR baggs 5.0

    Does this setup still have the misi sound hole mic?
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    FS: Romero Creations TT6: Price Drop

    Price drop to $500 plus shipping in the ConUS. This needs a new home!
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    NUD: The Rebel Double Creme Mango soprano (Gloss finish)

    That's a gorgeous uke. Flame and curling in the wood is amazing.
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    FS: Romero Creations TT6: Price Drop

    This is a solid mahagony with spruce top Tiny Tenor 6 string guilele. 17" tenor scale length with 20" radiused fretboard to make those barre chords easier. It has an ~ 2" nut width, 3" body for a rich full sound with long sustain. Tuned A-A Comes with Romero Creations case, extra set of...
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    ** NO LONGER LOOKING ** Want to buy a Rebel soprano

    I have a Rebel mango double creme in concert if you're interested.
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    Why Mango?

    It's so interesting listening to Pepe's explanations of the different woods he works with and his instrument ideas. A real down to earth guy with his many accomplishments.
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    Why Mango?

    Wow! That's a beauty.
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    Review: Pono UL Terz Guitar (or Steel String Guitalele)

    Yes...I would like to know why also. I enjoy my B6 immensely.
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    Has an amp changed your uke playing?

    Great info...thanks. I get quite nervous myself when recording. My fretting fingers get tense, and I can't move them as quickly as I would normally. May have to look into this more.
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    Has an amp changed your uke playing?

    Nice playing! What pickup do you have installed? I can see where it would improve one's playing with looping/backtracks, etc.
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    A Visit to the Dark Side...and Now a Frequent Visitor!

    Larry, I kinda look at it as the 'bright side'. I picked up a small guitar a few months back and am having a great time playing it. As a bonus it has really helped my uke playing as far as speeding up chord changes. I'm going through some of the Justin Guitar courses online which are pretty good.
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    Half step down

    I tuned a concert down a half step. I was using the Worth brown extra tension strings, and the tension felt very good for me.
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    Over 3,000 Songs

    Impressive! Thanks
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    Demo- Pono Baby Baritone

    Is the string tension a bit higher with the CF-35/WC set, or higher with the Romero's? Thanks for your demonstrations...very informative. How do you think each would work on a concert?
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    The Guitalele, Mini, Kiku, Ukitar, Guilele, "Six course small bodied instruments" thread

    I was a bit skeptical about the UG2's on the B6 tuned E-E, but am pleasantly surprised with them now. As they stretch and are retuned they tend to increase in tension a bit more. They work quite well with the baritone sized guilele's.
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    Review: Pono UL Terz Guitar (or Steel String Guitalele)

    I purchased a Luna baritone case that my B6 fits into. Kala also makes they're baritone model ABB case that I understand works as well but not easy to locate.
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    I don't think this is cool at all

    Can we please put this to rest.
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    Demo- Pono Baby Baritone

    I put a set of Pepe's strings on a Kala elite tenor and they sound great.
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    NGD Ibanez tenor guitar

    Thanks for that bit of info. Will have to check into that one.