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  1. Camsuke

    SOLD: Kinnard Super Tenor Ukulele (ex Kimo Hussey) Australia

    Kinnard Super Tenor Ukulele Custom built in 2014 by renowned luthier John Kinnard in collaboration with Ukulele Master, Kimo Hussey. A truly amazing instrument. Excellent used condition. Cocobolo Back and Sides (Solid) AAAA Sitka Spruce Top (Solid) Mahogany Satin Finished Neck Slotted Headstock...
  2. Camsuke

    August Nocturne - Written by Laurence Diehl

    Here's a wonderful piece written by fellow UU Member Laurence Diehl. I'm playing my new Barron River Baritone Ukulele :D
  3. Camsuke

    NUD; Barron River Baritone Ukulele

    Here's my new Barron River Baritone Ukulele. It is a truly wonderful instrument built in Australia by the very talented Allen McFarlen :D Here are the photos from Allen's website
  4. Camsuke

    Belated NUUD - Mya Moe Baritone Resonator

    Hi folks, Better late than never I suppose :D We've had a busy time over the summer months in Australia with the terrible ongoing drought & horrific bush fires & now that the dust has finally settled I've had a moment to catch up with you all here at UU :D I was very fortunate to purchase this...
  5. Camsuke

    "Little Clown's Ragtime" Solo Ukulele & Tab

    Hi Folks, it's been a while since I have posted anything :D So here's a tune by Maria Linnerman called "Little Clown's Ragtime" it's a version I have based on Jeremy Choi's arrangement for Low G ukulele :D I hope you like it :D There's a link to the tab in the video description at YT :D
  6. Camsuke

    GHS CU_STG Low G Tenor Strings - Chee Maisel

    Here's a quick sound sample of the GHS Chee Maisel Tenor Low G Strings They feel very nice under the fingers :)
  7. Camsuke

    Oasis Fluorocarbon Baritone Strings - Sound Sample

    Hi folks, I've been flat out renovating our house the last few months & sadly had little time for ukin' & UU, but today it rained & it was a bit dangerous up on the 6 meter scaffolding, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to record a quick video sound sample of the new Oasis Fluorocarbon...
  8. Camsuke

    "This Is My Father's World" A Hymn for Easter 2019

    Here's an arrangement by Sandy Weltman of the well known Christian Hymn, "This Is My Father's World". Sandy arranged this tune for Baritone Ukulele using Plectrum Banjo tuning :)
  9. Camsuke

    "Moon River" Solo Ukulele - Plecrtrum Banjo Tuning

    Here's an arrangement by Sandy Weltman of the timeless classic, "Moon River" composed by Henry Mancini. Sandy arranged this tune for Baritone Ukulele using Plectrum Banjo tuning. See if you can pick the typo in the title :)
  10. Camsuke

    "Hone A Ka Wai" Solo Ukulele & Tab

    Written by Ernest Kai'ai (1881-1962) A most eminent and influential figure in Hawaii in the early 20th Century. A gifted writer & musician, known in Honolulu as the "Father of the ukulele" and said to have been the first musician to play a complete melody with chords on the ukulele :D
  11. Camsuke

    UU Service Unavailable?

    I seem to be getting this message quite regularly these days. Has anyone else been experiencing problems?:D "Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Additionally, a 503 Service...
  12. Camsuke

    "Carol Of The Bells" Solo Ukulele + Tab

    Merry Christmas & New Year folks! :D
  13. Camsuke

    "Silent Night" aNueNue UT200E Moon Bird Tenor Ukulele + Tab

    Merry Christmas to all from Australia :D Here's a wonderful arrangement by Matt Dahlberg, of Silent Night. I've made a couple of minor changes, so hopefully it still works as Matt intended :cool:
  14. Camsuke

    "Kolibri" Fingerpicking Ukulele Solo + Tab

    Here's a great tune written by Michael Kohn. There's a link to the tab in the description at YouTube :D I'm playing it in Low G but it will work just as well in high g :D
  15. Camsuke

    "Shallow" Michael Chapdelaine

    Yes, even expensive custom built guitars sometimes need a little bit of paper to fix a rattle :D
  16. Camsuke

    NUD: aNueNue UT200E Moon Bird Tenor Ukulele

    Life doesn't get much better than a New Ukulele Day, and I'd like to share mine with you all. Here's my new aNueNue UT200E Tenor Ukulele, it's the latest 2019 spec & is fitted with the awesome Air Air pickup system and has a new bridge design. Perfect right out of the box, the build quality is...
  17. Camsuke

    "Lonesome Road Strut" Cordoba Mini R + Tab

    Hi folks, a little bit of blues noodling on my Cordoba Mini R Guilele :D
  18. Camsuke

    "Un Dia de Noviembre" by Leo Brower