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    UGS - Ukulele Gifting Syndrome

    Love the story and your generosity. The mother and her daughter will also be telling the story for many years, maybe a lifetime!
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    I don't think this is cool at all

    You have a stellar reputation here which is well deserved! Celebrate your girl's milestone and enjoy the holiday magic with the family!
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    What's good for ukuleles is good against Covid spread

    A study from "The Journal of the Royal Society Interface" on Nov 16 showed that a relative humidity of 40 - 60% indoors is the "sweet spot" for minimizing the spread of Covid. Made me think of ukuleles right away. It is also a comfort sweet spot...
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    PRICE DROP: Anuenue UC200 Moonbird Concert and Romero STC spalted mango

    I had a concert that only got sold after I received a custom built. It is a great playing and sounding ukulele... and at a good price! The Romero appearance is striking as well. GLWS and GL with the wedding!
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    NUD: Kiwaya KTC-1 - mahogany concert

    Glad you landed this ukulele and love it. I think your description of the differences between the soprano and concert scales are spot on. Enjoy... will look forward to your comparisons.
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    When is it a good time to try low G?

    By any measure, $70 is cheap.
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    WTB Kamaka Concert

    post a photo with’Hankster’ and the date on a piece of paper. Taking Paypal G&S will help. You can then post in the Ukulele Marketplace section of this forum
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    What did you do today? Not instrument-specific.

    Watched football and the Moore Bettah auction. Don't know which was more suspenseful. Finished reading "Building and Owning a Bettah Ukulele" by Staci Blevins.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    $19,025! The under bet wins!
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    Please, somebody buy this

    Shawn at The Ukulele Friend hand delivered an ukulele this past month to Florida! Ten hours each way!!!
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    Please, somebody buy this

    Tried it a few days ago. It does not go through... shipping would be free.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    Seven minutes... "only" at $14,300 high bid (a bargain?) $14,600 with two minutes... every bid now resets the auction clock to two minutes. Now $15550 with four bidders pushing over 71 bids Eight minutes past official end time... five bidders. Over $16k and 85 bids... good show! Over 100...
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    Tenor regrets?

    OTOH, I look at this as an advantage... as a concert player. I am already oohing and ahhing at many of the tremendous tenors available and am sometimes glad that temptation is muted by the scale size.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    How did I miss this? It would be in my hands IF I did not have a custom BR being built. And I will be selling a Mya Moe soprano soon to make room. I love the aNueNue ukuleles and think their sopranos have great tone and sustain...
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    NUD: Early Birthday Present! Romero Creations Tiny Tenor in Koa

    Very nice! You have street creds with me... and your husband made a good investment (in many ways)!
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    New Uke Opening Up

    Chuck Moore and John Kinnard mention that the ukuleles they build will open up. I trust their building skills and understanding of what transpires with the ukuleles they build. I venture a guess that some open enough to be noticed and others not.
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    UAS lives on

    Not sure what about the BR neck "wasn't doable". I have small hands and absolutely love my BR. I play only concerts and occasionally soprano due to hand size and string tension.
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    NUD: Early Birthday Present! Romero Creations Tiny Tenor in Koa

    Happy for you! Following your "adventure" brings smiles with such a great resolution!
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    Hello From Southern California

    Welcome to the forum! You are very fortunate to have a store that has the three K's in stock. They are all wonderful companies and high end production ukuleles. And they are somewhat completely different in how they feel and how they sound. Many/most players that look at these have a definite...
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    Pickup: is it worth for $14 more?

    I would NOT buy a used ukulele with a pickup... for many it will make it more difficult to sell. Resale value should not be a consideration... how much more do you think you will net when paying $14 for a $40 pickup? Really should come down to a question of whether you want a pickup. The cost...