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  1. FriendlyFred

    Ukulele gospel playalong app

    We just released our latest app with some gospel tunes. Merry Xmas everybody !
  2. FriendlyFred

    How to hold a ukulele

    I wrote an article about how to hold a ukulele. Just my 5 cents. Any comment is appreciated.
  3. FriendlyFred

    " It's my party " - instrumental cover on RISA LP

    I played this 60s hit on my electric uke. RIP Lesley Gore.
  4. FriendlyFred

    Ukulele Christmas Apps now available for Android

    Uke4u's Christmas Apps can be used on Android devices now. 5 playalong songs in Karaoke style. They can be used as a backing too. Ukulele Christmas And New Year - (Android) Ukulele Christmas Songs - (Android)
  5. FriendlyFred

    New Ukulele Tuner App - Free Promo Codes

    We have a new ukulele tuner app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. For more informations and free promo codes pleas click on the link:
  6. FriendlyFred

    How to tune a ukulele

    I just postet an article about ukulele tuning on my blog. It includes a video, reference tones and infos about the most common tunings. Hope you like it. Any comment is appreciated.
  7. FriendlyFred

    Ukulele App - Now with Picking Trainer

    My App " Learning Ukulele in 7 days " now has an additional picking trainer. You can buy it as an in app purchase for 0,99$ with the Latin Tropicalia song package.
  8. FriendlyFred

    Ukulele Robot

    I don't know if this topic was posted before. I found some videos about machines playing ukuleles and other instruments. Here's a link to my blog post:
  9. FriendlyFred


    I posted a review about the Lanikai TunaUke on my blog. Just my 5 cent. There were different discussions about the TunaUke system here on uu. Any comment is appreciated.
  10. FriendlyFred

    Deep in the heart of Texas

    I just recorded an instrumental with my friend Michael. We had some fun. I wrote an article about this on my blog:
  11. FriendlyFred

    La Paloma & Group Impro

    I played at an open stage in a Berlin Bar. For more infos please visit my blog:
  12. FriendlyFred

    New Christmas Ukulele App - 50 Free Promo Codes

    The Uke4u-team just released the second Christmas Ukulele app. We're giving away 50 free promo codes on my blog:
  13. FriendlyFred

    Luau Louie Tiki

    A gifted tiki carver used a simple strumming from one of my videos for his Youtube video where he showed how a palm trunk becomes a sculpture. I wrote a little post on my blog with the link to my original video:
  14. FriendlyFred

    Entering The Open Stage

    Last month I played three instrumentals ( La Colegiala, Wandering Star and an original song ) on my bari at an open stage in Berlin. For more infos please visit my blog:
  15. FriendlyFred

    Recording Setup Of 5 Ukulele Bloggers

    I just put together an article, where some friendly ukulele bloggers talk about their recording gear. You also find some infos about the post production ( equalizing etc. ).
  16. FriendlyFred


    Here's my rendition of the opening tune from " The time and live of Grizzly Adams " by Thom Pace. I red on the web that he's now a helicopter pilot in Hawaii. For more infos and songs from other uke bloggers please go to...
  17. FriendlyFred

    Worried Man Blues

    Just recorded this one for The Baron's Blues Battle on my RISA LP. It's mostly improvisation.
  18. FriendlyFred

    Ukulele App now available for Android

    update 04-12-2013: Due to technical problems on some Android devices we will remove the App from the Amazon store within the next days. The app developer will fix some bugs. It works well on iPhone and iPad and can be purchased in the iTunes store...
  19. FriendlyFred

    Wandering Star

    This is my rendition of Lee Marvin's classic movie score " Wandering Star ". For more infos please take a look at my blog:
  20. FriendlyFred

    Free ukulele chordfinder app

    Together with an app designer I made a simple chordfinder app for iphone and ipad. Free download in the iTunes Store: