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  1. Jim Yates

    A good song for Season 559

    Since we are limited to three entries each this season, I won't be doing this one, but it's a great one from The Elvin Bishop group and I wish someone would do it: I Fooled Around And Fell In Love
  2. Jim Yates

    Member titles

    I have wondered for a while what the titles Member, Well-known Member, UU VIP. . . mean or stand for. I have also noticed that I have a Reaction score of 930 and 113 Trophy points, but I have no idea what that means.
  3. Jim Yates

    SOTU 554 "Swayin' to the tempo of a squeezebox melody" Songs About Instruments

    SOTU 554 "Swayin' to the tempo of a squeezebox melody" songs about instruments First, I'd like to thank Sabine (AKA Ms. Bean or Uke & flute) for graciously agreeing to switch seasons with me when Maggie and I were gifted tickets to see Hamlet in Stratford, Ontario and had to be away for three...
  4. Jim Yates

    My New Uke

    Maggie and I spent the last few days in Stratford, Ontario at my sister's and went to see a modern version of Hamlet. The actor who played Hamlet was a black woman and she did a wonderful job. Most of the language was straight out of Shakespeare, with a wee bit of adlibbing (Hamlet told the...
  5. Jim Yates

    What is this symbol on our profile picture?

    I just noticed a small circle icon at the bottom of my profile picture. I noticed that Ila also has one of these, but not everyone does. Could anyone tell me what it means?
  6. Jim Yates

    Thirty-eight years!

    38 years ago today I made one of the best moves ever; I married the love of my life. Maggie and I had been together since September 1, 1981, but we made it formal on this day. They say I am feeble with age, Maggie, I step not as sprightly as then, My face is a well written page, Maggie, And...
  7. Jim Yates

    R.I.P. Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins

    Legendary Peterborough, Ontario musician Ronnie Hawkins has passed at 11:25am EST May 29th. I was a fan and ran into him several times. We had the same favourite breakfast joint, the East City Coffee Shop and I would see him chowing down in there. Ronnie had moved from his home on Stony Lake...
  8. Jim Yates

    Age Is Just A Number

    Today (March 30, 2022) is my 78th birthday. I am the oldest living Yates in my family, but I don't yet feel like an old man, even though I'm no longer asked if I get a seniors' discount, they just assume that I do. I decided it was time to add this Pete Seeger/Anonymous song, My Get-Up-And-Go...
  9. Jim Yates

    Never mind - I figured it out.

    It seems that each time I go to Youtube on my Samsung cellphone, I just get the buffering circle. It has been doing this for a few days and makes it impossible to upload a video to YouTube. Any ideas? By the way, I am digitally illiterate.
  10. Jim Yates

    A few of my old recordings from Reverbnation

    I had forgotten all about this site, Reverbnation that I signed up to a number of years ago while I was still gigging regularly, but I just rediscovered it today. I play mostly guitar and vocals, but on Maggie's Anniversary Waltz, I also play mandolin and English concertina and on I'm Satisfied...
  11. Jim Yates

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
  12. Jim Yates

    Wrapping Advice

    When using "Let it Snow" wrapping paper, it's best to stick to large packages.
  13. Jim Yates

    Season #502 - Look What They've Done To My Song Ma!

    Welcome to SOTU #502 - Parodies "Look What They've Done To My Song Ma!" September 26 I hope this hasn't been done recently. I know it hasn't been done since I became a Seasonista. Homer Haynes and Jethro Burns, Homer & Jethro, were the masters at taking well known songs and writing new...
  14. Jim Yates

    My First appearance on YouTube

    In 2008/2009 I met a couple of ukulele players, John Bird and David Newland who got me interested in adding the uke to my instrument arsenal. David co-hosted Toronto's Corktown Ukulele Jam and I had just gotten a $40 ukulele and since the admission was free if you had a uke with you, I took it...
  15. Jim Yates

    How to do split screen?

    I have a few songs I'd like to do with some harmony or instrumental duets/trios. . . I have seen a few folks do split screen singing and playing. Do I need a special program to do this?
  16. Jim Yates

    A Neat Instrument To Play With Ukulele

    Looks like a foot operated bass accordion:
  17. Jim Yates

    Sweet Georgia Brown Changes

    Here's a video that I made for the local Cobourg Ukulele Club, AKA C'Ukes, but I thought I'd share it here too.
  18. Jim Yates

    "Separation Blues" & "Keep Your Hands Off Her"

    Here's my first Quarentine Video. It's a medley of Patrick Sky's "Separation Blues" and Lead Belly's "Keep Your Hands Off Her" . It would work better on a low G uke, but mine is in Stratford. I wish I'd either got a haircut or at least brushed it. . .or worn a hat. Patrick Sky sang: Well...
  19. Jim Yates

    Kyle's version of Grandfather's Clock

    I don't know if this'll work, but here's a video of one of my first Ukulele students, Kyle, from about a decade ago. Kyle and I used to call his mom down at the end of each lesson for a mini-concert and she decided to record this one. I goofed a bit, but he did a great job. Kyle is a grown up...
  20. Jim Yates

    Mr. Noah

    Last summer there was a really high water level on the Port Hope Waterfront Trail and this tune came into my head. I learned it from the Dave Van Ronk - Folksinger LP in the mid-sixties, but had forgotten about it.