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  1. Doug W

    Ukulele World Congress 2022

    This is on for this June - right?
  2. Doug W

    Charango bad intonation

    Opened the case after not playing it for quite a while...
  3. Doug W

    Body not at 90 degree at neck joint

    This is a uke body that I put together a few years ago and the spot where the neck will meet the body is not at 90 degrees. I already whittled down one neck that I bought online trying to get it straight on this somewhat off body. Any suggestions on more methodically getting the necks and...
  4. Doug W

    Have you included instruments in your will?

    My wife and I will really get around to writing wills this year-I mean it! I will be 70 next year so it is about time. I was wondering how many out there have specified where your ukes, mandolins, guitars, dulcimers, trumpets, tubas, etc. are going after you take the big leap. Have any of you...
  5. Doug W

    New Tenor Guitar

    My wife and I drove down to Red Wing MN from Minneapolis today to Hobgoblin Music. They build harps there and have a regular music store upstairs. I bought an Ashbury tenor guitar. I have not been able to play guitar or mandolin for very long at one stretch because of tendonitis in my left...
  6. Doug W

    J4T 4 track recorder for Android

    I installed this program, J4T, on my Android the other day. I have Reaper and other programs on computers around here and one or 2 old 4 track cassette recorders but my phone is with me most of the time. It costs less than 5 bucks and I don't mind paying money for something to hopefully help...
  7. Doug W

    Titebond Original Clamp time 30 Min. really

    Greetings, This is not about gluing up ukuleles but it is a table meant for recording the uke in my wife's office. Titebond Original directions say clamp for at least 30 minutes. Do you experienced builders go with that or longer. I am out of bar clamps and need to make another support like...
  8. Doug W

    Advantages to working from home

    This is something I never had hanging from my cube at my pre-Covid workplace. I get to take a uke breather now and then.
  9. Doug W

    Outdoor Ukulele and sanitizer

    Hello, I just got my wife an Outdoor Ukulele so she doesn't leave her Mainland or Favilla in the car on frozen or steaming hot Minnesota days. She is a hospice chaplain and so visits people in their homes or hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities etc. She asked me about putting sanitizer on...
  10. Doug W

    Star Trek Paperbacks - Logs 5, 6, 7, 8

    Hello, During the quarantine, I have been working on cleaning out the basement. Somehow now, my workbench is messier than when I started. Anyway, I came across this Star Trek 4 paperback set. I don't think that they are incredibly valuable but I thought I would offer them up to anyone who...
  11. Doug W

    From bad to not terrible at sharpening

    I would like to get better than "Not Terrible" at sharpening tools. I know that there are many ,many, many videos of people sharpening and at the end of each video they slice paper with their chisel or knife or scraper. I even took a class on sharpening. Trouble with that class is that they had...
  12. Doug W

    Multiple Ukes - Mainly play one

    Began playing uke a long time ago. I didn't do much with the uke for a number of years but my wife found one at a garage sale around '95. After that I got interested in the uke again. After purchasing a few more cheapies I bought a Mainland Tenor in 2009. I have never thought of myself as a uke...
  13. Doug W

    Wireless Mic Frequencies no longer available

    I never much liked wireless mics but they have their place. I have been sorting through sound equipment at a place where I volunteer. Some of the stuff is junk and some is fine. Some frequencies previously reserved for wireless systems have been sold by the FCC to the highest bidder; as a...
  14. Doug W

    Slot wide enough for fret?

    Greetings all, I am fixing this old Favilla for my wife. I am fine replacing the the nut, shaving down the bridge and replacing the tuners but I have never installed a fret before. This is one of those ukes with no fretboard. The frets are installed directly into the neck and the 12th fret...
  15. Doug W

    New Password: Can't reply to posts

    Greetings, I got a PM from a friend and fellow UU member. What should I do to help him? Obviously, he can PM me but not much else. Thanks, Doug
  16. Doug W

    Favilla U-2 NUD

    Just received this Favilla U-2, Decided I needed a soprano for certain songs. It is a sweet sounding uke, however the height of the strings at the 12th fret is about double what I consider acceptable. I took the bridge off last night and luckily found this idea for a bridge modification...
  17. Doug W

    Trip to Sweetwater - Fort Wayne Indiana

    Recently my wife and I decided to take a side trip on our way back to Minnesota from Michigan and we ended up passing a sign for Sweetwater when we got to Fort Wayne IN. I had ordered stuff from them before and just assumed that they were just a big warehouse that sent out instruments. I...
  18. Doug W

    Recording with Linux - KXStudio

    Are any of you recording with Linux, and better still with KXStudio? I have questions but not going to start on them unless someone out there in ukeland feels fairly Linux competent and is willing to help with some issues. Thanks, Doug
  19. Doug W

    Ukes after you are gone?

    My wife and I have a number of instruments between us; ukes, guitars, mandolin, keyboard, recorders, flutes and more. In addition to the instruments we have some mixers, a P.A. system and many cords, adapters and more. I have, from time to time, thought that I should figure out which of my kids...
  20. Doug W

    Radio Shacks disappearing

    Just needed a couple of toggle switches from RadioShack but both stores in my part of town have closed. I used to depend on RadioShack when we needed an XLR cord or a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter of any sort but I guess no more. I know they have been going downhill for a long time and the chain never...