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  1. Doug W

    NUD: The Rebel Double Creme Mango soprano (Gloss finish)

    It looks like it might taste good also.
  2. Doug W

    Soprano Intonation

    I have a Favilla soprano from the 50s. The intonation is good. I also have an Aloha Hawaii Akai uke which is a soprano from the 1920s. The intonation on that one is not so good. This is just to say that sopranos can have good intonation. It should be expected.
  3. Doug W

    Iconic ukes

    Style 1 and 3 Gibsons. 1920s and 1930s.
  4. Doug W

    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    My wife is a hospice chaplain. She sometimes sings to her patients. In addition to the already mentioned reasons of being able to leave the uke in the car in hot and cold weather, she was able to wipe down the uke with alcohol during the pandemic to sterilize it and satisfy the administration at...
  5. Doug W

    Aging hands: Open tuning and Slide technique?

    I prefer a glass or plastic slide with nylon strings.
  6. Doug W

    Uke Display

    Why can't they get their own ukes? I keep most of my instruments in cases all the time except for a couple left out to be available, like the Martin Backpacker Uke below, which by the way is no longer made and is probably one of the saddest sounding instruments Martin ever made but my wife...
  7. Doug W

    “Gig Kit”

    Pack an extra set of strings. You will eventually break one.
  8. Doug W

    Teaching a southpaw

    Lefties have gone through life with experiences that Righties, including myself don't understand. They have experienced a lifetime of learning things via a mirror image of what is being taught by the right handed person who is demonstrating. I don't have a rule that says lefties should learn...
  9. Doug W

    The world is waiting for the sunrise

    Nicely done.
  10. Doug W

    Six string guitarlele build

    Nice job, how does it sound?
  11. Doug W

    Arrangements of lively celtic music

    I can't help you with leads on more interesting/complex arrangements of Irish or Celtic music. I am not a great sight reader of standard notation on the uke but I am ok at it. My method is to learn the basic song from a fiddle or piano arrangement in standard notation, then start to throw in...
  12. Doug W

    Fluorocarbon Strings Fraying

    The Worth Browns I use on one particular ukulele are Fluorocarbons and I haven't lost any to fraying or breakage. I change them whenever they start sounding dead to me. One of my sopranos has Martin M600s which are also Fluorocarbons and no particular problems. The rest of my ukes have Aquilas...
  13. Doug W

    Help with shockmount

    How about using a washer between the set screw and mic and putting a hard piece of rubber on the opposite side of the mic made from something like a bicycle brake pad?
  14. Doug W

    Clara or Flea Travels and Durability

    I took my $40 Mahalo on an overnight bicycle camping trip. It was in the "less than a gig bag" thingy that cheap uses come with and it traveled in a bike basket. The neck was cracked when I got home, but in an easy to glue spot so I repaired it. I have traveled with the same uke on planes, with...
  15. Doug W

    Ukulele World Congress 2022

    Thanks Steve, See you there. If anyone out there doesn't know about Ukulele World Congress, you should google it and make your way to Needmore Indiana, Brown County the first weekend in June. I include Brown County in the description because there are 3 unincorporated villages in Indiana named...
  16. Doug W

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia!

    Good goals, welcome to UU.
  17. Doug W

    Ukulele World Congress 2022

    This is on for this June - right?
  18. Doug W

    Nut question

    Sometimes nuts are kept in place with a small drop of glue in the middle. I usually put a dab of Titebond on it. The idea is to keep them easy to remove when you need to fix something. As anthonyg said above, glue is not required.
  19. Doug W

    Charango bad intonation

    Ooh, can I come? Here are 3 suggestions: 1.) On a Friday night get anticuchos from a street vendor. Is it a good idea to eat street food on a trip? Who knows? 2.) There is a park called Tunari in the mountains around Cochabamba and there is this small trout filled lake called Wara Wara. Great...
  20. Doug W

    Charango bad intonation

    Here's the long story: In the mid 80's to early 90's, my family lived in Cochabamba Bolivia. I bought a charango in the market after being amazed by Andean music. I loaned the instrument to a neighbor kid and it never returned. So about 9 1/2 years ago, my kids bought this one for me online from...