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  1. Icelander53

    Greetings from Icelander

    Hello brothers and sisters. I haven't posted here in some time. I've been pretty sick and it's something I'm not likely to recover from. I've about come to the end of my ability to play my ukuleles anymore but I still pick it up for a few minutes at times. I wanted to just tell you all how...
  2. Icelander53

    Pono saved from the scrap heap.

    Awhile back my friend bought a used Pono. . Spruce/wi awa heartwood. So it had a the spruce and a beautiful orange/red back and sides. (cuttaway). The bad part was it sounded like crap. We did four sting changes and it sounded like crap each time. We contacted Andrew and he said there was a...
  3. Icelander53

    Aaron C signature string set.

    I put them on my Pono. The cedar/mahogany and they sound positively great. Very loud, very fat, feels high tension. If I remember correctly they are from four different manufactures and he put them together. I think one of them is Aquila. I endorse them. :shaka:
  4. Icelander53

    Most popular ukes today.

    I thought this would be the proper place to post this. :drool: I'm the proud owner of two of the three top lines.
  5. Icelander53

    PONO vs KoAloha

    Mine I mean. I was in a mood and waxing poetic and I made a slightly disparaging remark about my Pono's which I want to make right. I was determined not to make the same mistakes with fawning over my latest acquisition and making assumption that prove only to show me how flawed my thinking can...
  6. Icelander53

    How can this happen?

    I have a Gretsch Mahogany Tenor that I'm fond of in spite of the fact that it really can't compete with some of my other ukes. You know how that is. Anyway it's been getting a lot of string changes to try to bring it up to a level where I will want to play it more often. It really is an easy uke...
  7. Icelander53

    My dear friends.

    I played this song this morning and I immediately thought of all of you. So I better share it. And BTW this whole CD is wonderful/amazing. I love you guys.
  8. Icelander53

    NUD Koaloha Opio tenor

    Since you asked. This may end up being my favorite uke. It's that good.
  9. Icelander53

    James Hill Travelin' On I'm a beginner and only do strum and chord. I'm dying to play this song. Can you please help me out with the chords. This is difficult because I can find no printed lyrics. But if you maybe just throw out the chords I can work them in to the song...
  10. Icelander53

    James Hill (why I think he's amazing)

    OK this is one of those theads where you get to talk about your fave uke players and why you think they are sooo cool. I plugged James Hill into the player this morning and truth be told I rarely listen to "uke" albums. The CD was his second I believe with the first one being instrumental. I...
  11. Icelander53

    NUD Koaloha Opio tenor

    Just arrived this morn. It's really got a big sound and the Fremont blacklines sound just right to my ear first playing. I haven't used it amped yet but I'll be likely adding to this over the next couple of days. But let it be known I'm more than satisfied so far. Did i mention it's purty?
  12. Icelander53

    Amazon plays

    This is kind of funny. I got a delivery from Amazon yesterday in a big yellow box with two large drawings of a one eyed peanut man playing a ukulele. I think we've made it.
  13. Icelander53

    Fluke vs Koaloha

    Just kidding. I have a fluke tenor that I just put new strings on and they do nothing much to improve things. I'm wondering what strings you like on your fluke?? I have on hand. Aquila, Worth brown reg and low g LoPrinzi low g Oasis bright low g Living Waters low g I'm hoping one of these...
  14. Icelander53

    Inspired by the Uke.

    How many have moved into playing other instruments since taking up the uke? What do you play now? I'd like to explore some instruments that are tuned to the same GCEA as my ukes. Are there any?
  15. Icelander53

    the underdog

    String sets. I've learned a bit about strings since I've been here and once you're in you can't get out, at least in my case. I've tried many of the recommended strings and am coming up with a few favorites but it can still be very iffy at times. I digress, I was just at strings by mail...
  16. Icelander53

    If I ever

    thought strings didn't make a difference I'm totally over it now. I just restrung my moku spruce top tenor with some D'Addario Nylon strings that someone sent me. Wow do they make that Moku sound like a piece of junk (which it isn't). I'll be restringing of course. In the early days I was...
  17. Icelander53


    Sorry about this but I've been wondering about this since I joined and it's an extension of my bias thread I guess. And I'm not pointing fingers without pointing right at myself. I just want to hear how you all defend or explain this practice. OK it's this, we praise to high heaven our...
  18. Icelander53

    Do you experience BIAS!

    I notice this as a basic human trait. Still there may be some who have overcome much of it. Are you one of them? Here's a question to find out. Have you ever gotten all worked up about a purchase and then found out it wasn't all that great but you end up defending it to friends anyway or...
  19. Icelander53

    Opio Tenor

    Don't be surprised if it's up on the HMS site tomorrow. I'm so curious that I'm going to spring for one after chatting with super salesman Andrew. He's a real mensch but I usually end up with another uke after talking to him. :(:);) So... I was thinking, a pickup installed? What do you...
  20. Icelander53


    Just curious. I have noticed that posting is slowed considerably on the weekends. I would think the opposite. What's going on here?