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  1. NatalieLin6

    (Psychedelic) Time of the Season - Zombies

    Let me know what you think!!!
  2. NatalieLin6


    Hi everyone, I have created a Facebook music page and am trying to get as many "Likes" as possible. Be a doll and help a girl out? :) Click HERE to go to my page and click the "Like" button Thank you so much XOXO
  3. NatalieLin6

    Someone Like You - Adele

    I LOVE Adele and I love this song. Let me know what you think! Someone Like You
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    I haven't been on here in forever, but I'm back with a new song about addiction. I have missed you all! :cheers:
  5. NatalieLin6

    Abuse, You Lose

    An original song about a sensitive topic that doesn't receive enough attention.
  6. NatalieLin6

    When In Rome

    The Promise
  7. NatalieLin6

    Echo and the Bunnymen

    The Killing Moon
  8. NatalieLin6

    YouTube and Black Bars

    I am very confused. I have never had a problem with this before, and now all of a sudden when I upload, the actual video is a small box inside a large black box. I haven't changed anything about my process (filming, rendering, etc.), so I am guessing it is something with YouTube. Is anyone else...
  9. NatalieLin6

    Tainted Love

    A little jamming with Tainted Love by Soft Cell. I hope you likey :D
  10. NatalieLin6

    Christmas Bells (Original)

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! Have a safe and happy holiday!!!!
  11. NatalieLin6

    Leopard Fluke

    Check out this ridiculously awesome Fluke!!! I have never seen one like this before. Just thought I would share!
  12. NatalieLin6

    "Fate" Original Song

    My brother is in town from California and we did a sibling collaboration FINALLY!!! Let me know what you think!!!
  13. NatalieLin6

    Build Me Up Buttercup

    My rendition of this great song! I hope you enjoy!
  14. NatalieLin6

    We Can Change the World

    We Can Change the World (Original Song) New Original Song!!!
  15. NatalieLin6

    I Love My Ukulele!

    I Love My Ukulele! Original Song Complete with Ukulele Underground member name drops :)
  16. NatalieLin6

    Another Cover

    I Think You Know - Julia Nunes Julia's latest song "I Think You Know" covered by me. This one was so much fun.
  17. NatalieLin6

    Member Video of the Week???

    I was shocked when I saw my Genesis cover as the Member Video of the Week. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
  18. NatalieLin6

    Land of Confusion by Genesis 80's Style!
  19. NatalieLin6

    Recording Videos

    Not sure if this is the right place for this post, if not, sorry. I have been recording videos for over a year now. I use and have always used an old Sony Cybershot digital camera. It only has 4.1 mega pixels but says something about mpeg movie VX on it so it does look better than video...
  20. NatalieLin6

    Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

    I wish I could bottle this moment.