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  1. JKoval

    Probably not the place for it...

    ...but I'd just like to say that I was so pleasantly surprised and proud that UU was still running extremely well. Not entirely due to my own will, I haven't been as avid a player as I was last year, due to my first two years at the university (economics, what-what), but now, I'm trying to...
  2. JKoval

    Five Years Time - Albeit Terrible Editing My first experience using Adobe, actually my girlfriend used it. However, my error was in the way and size in which I converted my videos. Curse you Flip Ultra HD. :) I hope you guys enjoy it!
  3. JKoval

    Hey Soul Sister :D

    No uke this time guys, but some of you may remember the musical escapades of my girlie and I. Hope you enjoy it! Click it!
  4. JKoval

    I wanna help promote some UUers!

    So, would anyone be interested in getting their songs out there? I enjoy making vlogs and other various videos on youTube and with all that copyright stuff going down, I'm sometimes at a loss for background tracks. I would love to feature some of the UU community in my videos, but only if...
  5. JKoval

    My desperate search for a sock monkey.

    Haha, anyone else just have an impulsive urge to buy something reminiscent of your youth? I'm currently suffering through this! Ah! <3
  6. JKoval

    UU Front Porches From Around The World!

    Hey guys. I just had an idea for a small video project VERY MUCH SO related to UU. I think it'd be interesting to have a slideshow of all the various environments that we UU'rs are coming from. Sounds fun? I hope so. If you want to contribute, post a picture of you and your uke on your front...
  7. JKoval

    The Traveling UU Notebook - Blast from the Past Update

    Okay, guys... a while before my unexpected hiatus, some of you may remember my idea to start a notebook. A notebook that would eventually include a picture of me and the notebook and then random, hopefully artistic scriblings and notes within. I wanted to then send it on a journey to any fellow...
  8. JKoval

    Writing - Short stories and poems

    Would you guys want to share some writing? I'm not going to just post a link and leave because that generally ends with people getting upset. haha!
  9. JKoval

    The Makala Dolphin - Need help finding one cheap.

    Now, I recall finding them online around this time last year, for around thirty bucks. I know it's nitpicking, but I don't really want to spend more than 40 bucks for this beauty of a beater. Anyone know where these things run cheap with a color selection? Thanks!
  10. JKoval

    Are you a fan of any blogs?

    I'm just curious. I love writing them, and I'm sure many other UU'ers do too, but I'm curious if many of us here enjoy following them. If so, share them!
  11. JKoval

    Follow my life on youtube..

    I love it. Join me on the crazy ride. <3 For the record... I do not see myself as some high and mighty celebrity... I have just found that I actually enjoy making and editing videos of my friends and myself. Sorry for the animosity that I apparently have...
  12. JKoval

    Green man & purple man Enjoy.
  13. JKoval

    Any decent volunteer sig. artists?

    I'm looking to replace the big picture in my signature with one for my current youtube account, jeffreyMoot. Any volunteer artists wanna take a shot at it? I appreciate it, guys. :)
  14. JKoval

    I would do ANYTHING for a melodica!

    Haha, I'm re-falling in love with how well they blend with our glorious ukes! Check out the big names like GUGUG and Julia Nunes. They utilize them well! Just had to express my joy!
  15. JKoval

    I'm back, with new videos. :)

    For the few of you who may remember those couple of originals and covers I had up a while ago... I'm back, still with my terrible singing, but with an awesome new lass who's amazing. :)
  16. JKoval

    It's that time of year again...

    Although we would all love to think the world is an entirely loving place, we know that is not always the case. This upcoming holiday season seems to bring the generosity out of the biggest Scroodges and made me hastily type this post. I want your guys' ideas for contests that could either...
  17. JKoval

    East Coast players can enjoy the beach, too! The beautiful Jersey Shore! I took my girlfriend late last afternoon and busted out the Kala. It was a great day!
  18. JKoval

    Video and Voice Recording

    With all these amazing youtube players (I'm not going to list all of them, as essentially it would be a UU rolecall) I find that they have very seamlessly recorded videos and songs. The best example are Julia Nunes' videos. Regardless of what you think of her as a player, I want to know, is it...
  19. JKoval

    The UU Hats?

    Has there been any word on them? I didn't want to bump the original thread with a post on page two million that no one would read so I'm just asking here. I'd really be interested in getting one already! I already put off getting the shirt so I'm just going to use the dough for the hat! :D
  20. JKoval

    I've missed you guys!

    I just took out the old Kala and started playing again... I guess the opening weeks of summer were just too hectic! But I'm happy to be back again... missed UU!