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  1. ukuraleigh

    FS: Firefly Banjo Ukulele (Soprano)

    I bought this on a whim. I thought it would be cool to get a banjo sound out of ukulele tuning. It is fun, but I just don't play it much and my UAS is now in remission. ;) This is practically brand new and I'm asking $150 to include shipping in the CONUS. It does not include a bag or case, but...
  2. ukuraleigh

    FS: Collings UC1 mahogany concert ukulele

    Ever since my Mya-Moe arrived, this beautiful UC1 has been hanging on my wall and collecting dust. It deserves to be played, but I'm more of a soprano guy, so I'd rather she find a loving home. I bought the ukulele here and it's in the exact same condition...
  3. ukuraleigh

    FS: Willie A. Wixom Custom Concert #121

    I've gone back and forth on whether I truly want to sell the one ukulele that I custom designed, but it's time for me to set free my W.A. Wixom concert uke. You can view photos and details here...
  4. ukuraleigh

    FS: Makai Soprano Solid Cedar/Willow

    Welcome to the next round of Andy's UAS carousel! ;) I'm trying really hard to only keep the ukuleles that I'll play on a regular basis, so this gorgeous Makai Soprano unfortunately needs to be sold. I cannot say enough great things about this ukulele. In particular, she is well made, loud...
  5. ukuraleigh

    UAS 101: Save your boxes

    This may be obvious to everyone except me, but for anyone making their first ukulele purchase: save the shipping boxes and packing materials. Trust me! You will likely succumb to UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome) and will start buying and selling ukuleles at some point. It will be then that...
  6. ukuraleigh

    FS: Pono MHC Pro Classic Concert Ukulele

    It's with some reluctance that I'm offering this beautiful high-gloss mahogany concert ukulele for sale. She is absolutely stunning and, according to HMS (who sold it to me and set it up), part of a limited run. However, my new custom W.A. Wixom ukulele is here and so I'm just not playing her...
  7. ukuraleigh

    New Uke Day! Willie Wixom Custom Concert

    It's finally here! My custom Willie Wixom concert ukulele! Eye candy first! :drool: Here are her details: Body B/S: Indian Rosewood Top: Engelmann Spruce Neck: Honduras Mahogany Fretboard: Ebony...
  8. ukuraleigh

    WTB: Mya-Moe Soprano - Myrtle or Mango

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Mya-Moe soprano Tradition. The waiting list is a long one, so thought I'd do a quick check and see if anyone has one they wish to sell. Cheers!
  9. ukuraleigh

    Video Highlights of the Lanai Ukulele Festival

    Grab a coffee and sit back and enjoy this footage from the 2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival--including a surprise performance by one of the Kamaka family. ;)
  10. ukuraleigh

    Day 2 of the Lanai Ukulele Festival - Kamaka Appearance!

    Day 2 of the 2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival included a rare performance by one of the Kamakas. I'll have full videos later this week. Aloha!
  11. ukuraleigh

    Lanai Ukulele Festival - Video of the First Night

    Here's a quick video I shot of the first night of the 2nd Lanai Ukulele Festival. I'll have a full length video and photos next week, but here's a taster: Click on either of the sites in my signature for more. Aloha!
  12. ukuraleigh

    What Would You Ask?

    I'm heading to the Hawaiian island of Lana'i next week to cover the ukulele festival for Go Visit Hawaii. I'm hoping to get lots of photos and video of the event. There's also the opportunity to interview some of the ukulele players. So, I'm curious. What questions would you like me to ask...
  13. ukuraleigh

    A Pod of Dolphins

    The first group of ukuleles arrived from UkeRepublic. All sound sweet and are ready for the first ukulele class at the Raleigh Rescue Mission... As an aside, these are the first Makala Dolphins I've had in my hands. Those that rave over them are spot on. Best sounding budget ukuleles I've...
  14. ukuraleigh

    Google Will Help You Learn the Ukulele

    Apparently Google's Project Glass will help you learn the ukulele...among other, less important things. ;)
  15. ukuraleigh

    You Won't Believe Why I Have to Return My New Martin Uke

    Take a look at the new Martin S1 I was so excited to receive. Can you spot why I have to return it to Elderly? In case you didn't notice, I will put you out of your misery. There is no "E" in "Est. 1833" I didn't immediately notice, but now I'm left feeling that the Mexico made ukuleles are...
  16. ukuraleigh

    New Uke Day! Martin S1 Ukulele

    I was sweating whether FedEx would deliver before I headed out for the day, but it just arrived. I've only had a few minutes to play it, but it's a sweet sound that I think will grow on me. I'm not 100% convinced I'll keep the strings, so open to any suggestions. I tend to love the Fremont...
  17. ukuraleigh

    Jake Shimabukuro Playing a Blackbird Ukulele

    Speaks for itself. He could probably make a Mahalo uke sound great! ;)
  18. ukuraleigh

    Help. Teaching a Beginners Class at a Rescue Mission

    I could use your help and feedback. I've offered to teach a beginner's ukulele class at my local rescue mission. God has blessed me with the small amount of ukulele skills I've picked up over the last 18 months and I'd like to share the joy of the ukulele with those that are struggling to get...
  19. ukuraleigh

    Happy Place - an Original Song Written in Hawaii

    I've been fine tuning my original ukulele song, "Happy Place." I wrote it for my wife, after she mentioned that the Hawaiian island of Lanai was her "happy place." I sat down on the beach and wrote the lyrics and words while enjoying the sun and sea breeze. I hope you enjoy it! PS. The...
  20. ukuraleigh

    Raleigh Ukulele Group

    I've only been able to find a few Raleigh ukers on UU, so in an effort to try and get more of us together, I've created a group on Facebook: Hopefully we can attract new ukulele players in the Raleigh, NC area, find those that are already playing, and...