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  1. ukuleledaddy

    Season 300 - Deep Cuts

    Ok, here we go. SEASON 300! Can you believe it? This week's theme is Deep Cuts. I want you to imagine you are putting together a mix tape or a radio show filled with great songs which you love and you're sure the people you're playing these songs for have never heard them. Play those songs for...
  2. ukuleledaddy

    companion to Season 274

    Here are the playlists of some older shows. I had to put them in several posts here because they won't all fit into one. Please don’t leave comments in this thread, this is only a place for me to drop more song choices for you. The names of the shows are underlined. Have fun. Cheers. All...
  3. ukuleledaddy

    Season 274 - The Songs Stuck In My Head

    Welcome to Season 274 everyone. The Songs Stuck In My Head; a little background: TCK and I do a little weekly radio show called The Songs Stuck In My Head. TCK started the show about a dozen or so years ago and I’ve been involved now for nearly three years. Each new show is usually posted on...
  4. ukuleledaddy

    Season 105 - Songs Of Freedom

    Today, February 15, is Susan B. Anthony's birthday. In December we lost Nelson Mandela. In January we lost Pete Seeger. January was also the month of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as well as the anniversary of Harvey Milk being elected to public office. February 1 was National Freedom Day...
  5. ukuleledaddy

    West Coast Seasonista Gathering!

    There seems to be enough interest in a west coast Seasonista gathering that I figured I'd make this thread for anyone who's interested in discussing this further and possibly joining in the fun. So…… LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN! WHERE SHOULD THIS HAPPEN? - So far, I've been in contact with a...
  6. ukuleledaddy

    Summer Seasonista Gathering! What do you think?

    I first teamed up with TheOnlyUkeThatMatters back in Season 10, and since then I've had the great fortune and pleasure of jamming with him several times as well as with Librainian and Myrnaukelele. I'm hooked. Can't get enough of you folks, and as great as it is seeing you all each week here on...
  7. ukuleledaddy

    Mainland Tenor Classic Mahogany

    This Mainland Classic Mahogany Tenor is in great condition. It plays wonderfully and I have loved it. The only reason I'm selling is because I want to take a build your own ukulele class at the local college but it costs a lot of $$$$. Hate to part with it but can't pass up this great...
  8. ukuleledaddy

    Variety while playing one chord for a long time?

    I'm interested in knowing if anyone can point me to a good video or info on the web on how to get some variety in a song while staying on one chord for a while. I was watching Todd Baio play You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover on YouTube and he makes that 3 chord song sound fantastic. I'd love...
  9. ukuleledaddy

    48th Season Of The Ukulele: Cover The Best Albums Ever!

    The 48th season of the ukulele: The Greatest Albums Of All Time For Season 15 Mattydee challenged us to cover one of the all time great albums, Sgt Pepper. This gave me the idea to pay tribute to some of the other great albums which almost always show up on people’s “Best Of” lists. There have...
  10. ukuleledaddy

    Beautiful Christmas song. Anyone know the chords?

    The Littlest Angel by Bing Crosby is such a beautiful song. Can anyone help out with the chords? Thanks.
  11. ukuleledaddy

    23rd Season Of The Ukulele

    Seasons of the Ukulele Season 23 Starts- Sunday July 22nd, Ends Sunday July 29th. This Weeks Theme HOME SWEET HOME My wife and I finally bought our first home. To celebrate I wanted to host a week in which the songs include the word Home or House. Or, to broaden the parameters, do a song about...
  12. ukuleledaddy

    Ramones covers at Uke-O De Mayo

    Here's Toucan Sam & The Fruitloops doing Sheena and Judy Is A Punk at Someday Lounge in Portland, OR for Uke-O De Mayo.
  13. ukuleledaddy

    chords for Have Love Will Travel?

    Trying to figure out the chords for the song Have Love Will Travel by The Sonics. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  14. ukuleledaddy

    BONUS Season Of The Ukulele!

    Hmmmmm, whatever could it be?
  15. ukuleledaddy

    Huge show in Portland!

    Three ukulele bands come together for one night at Someday Lounge in Portland on Saturday May 5th. Dubbed Uke-O de Mayo, this event is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. There will something for everyone, from 60s R&B and pop standards to hard core punk, from country to folk. Tickets are...
  16. ukuleledaddy

    Room Service by KISS?

    I'm a huge KISS fan. Old school. I found the chords for this song here: But, they don't give the chords for the chorus and I simply haven't been able to figure it out. Frustrating! Anyone out there who can help? Here's a link to the...
  17. ukuleledaddy

    If I Had A Boat by Lyle Lovett

    I've been searching for chords for If I Had A Boat by Lyle Lovett and the only ones I've come across for the uke are here: This just doesn't sound quite right to me. Any suggestions out there? Thanks, Sean
  18. ukuleledaddy

    Three Uke bands, one night! Portland, OR Oct 12

    Dubbed Uketoberfest (not associated with the Eugene Uketoberfest), three great ukulele bands will come together for a night of uke madness at Someday Lounge in Portland, OR. The show will be on Wednesday October 12 at 9:30. Here's the Facebook link for the event...
  19. ukuleledaddy

    Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down chords?

    Does anyone know the chords to this song by The Toasters? Cheers, Sean
  20. ukuleledaddy

    horn solo for ukulele??

    Hi all, I would love to to be able to play the horn section for the song Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers on the ukulele, though I have no idea how to figure it out. I found the horn tabs here: If anyone could steer me in the...