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    anyone using nylon (rather than fluoro) fishing line?

    Been re-reading all the old threads on Seaguar this and that. Had a look in an angler's shop today, and started wondering whether anyone has come to a happy relationship JUST with plain old nylon line? Clearly it demands someone who is happy to string everything in the same way, and I like that...
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    converting an 8 string steel...

    I'm picking up an old mando banjo which is pretty broken. I've returned one to to 4 string nylon before for GCEA - but struck me that I could have 5 or 6. Any thoughts on nice things to try? (remembering I want GCEA and dont want to use anything but fingers!)
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    Tenor regrets?

    Has anyone got evidence of eventually buying a tenor and regretting it? I've been resisting it for however long, but group play now makes me wonder whether I need cubic volume. Saying that, whilst finding that I was happy trying second position chords out on a concert, I did find I resorted to...
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    Worth Tenor strings

    Can someone confirm that the only difference in Worth Medium and Worth Tenor is the A string being a tad thicker? The notes seem to say that they are "all a bit thicker" but the listing shows different. here is the Medium..
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    Mituba and or Mitsuba Gakki

    Reading up on Lardy's I'm intrigued that Mituba seems to just be a derivation/labelling mistake on 'Mitsuba'. Interesting to see a link to Doane/Northern Ukes in Canda. Can anyone build on/confirm Lardy's information please...
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    external end block and string tie off - any examples out there?

    Just pondering maximising internal volume and getting rid of bracing, unencumbered by practicality and visuals. Has anyone got any photos of experimental builds, successful or otherwise, with floating bridge and some form of external end block integrated into a design?
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    Tangi friction tuners c.2000 - fettling

    Tangi tuners were very stiff and overtightened. On splitting the tuners, the front face steel bush isn't deep (almost a face plate) and hides a drilled headstock hole which is a friction surface in the same way as a peg. I was thinking perhaps underdrilled but not sure. The back face has a steel...
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    NSD: Tiger Carbon Series "black" Fluorocarbon Soprano GCEA set - cheap strings

    anyone tried these? - bargain basement from UK ebay from DJM and apparently they sell a lot of them - three sets for under 12 quid posted? The black is in fact a very light smoky grey, enough to take the white/lightness off a darker instrument. They didn't seem to like being on a slightly sub...
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    C strum on 3 re-entrant ukuleles recorded in Audacity

    This is from a macbook internal mic using free Audacity. What can one interpret, and indeed, what can one use on such a package to explore more? All three recently fettled at nut, saddle and in one case frets. Any thoughts on variants of ukulele before I tell you?
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    Ideal Bridge position on a soundboard?

    Looking at conventional soprano and concerts, the bridge sits lower, less centrally on the soundboard on the sop. If I'm contemplating an ideal soundboard and regulating this by choice of neck length, would the sop body be acoustically better with the bridge sitting more central? Comparing these...
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    Goncales - Tigerwood, as tonewood?

    very little on the web about it. Bought to use with some mahogany sides. Is it a mahogany equivalent tonally/structurally, or can anyone give me any advice based on experience? thanks
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    Nano ukulele

    tiny little thing on Nano scale - these things become a labour of love! Douglas fir box, pear bridge. Neck probably iroko. nice old tuners, about 150g Too small for me to play it properly, so wants some final fettling/trimming by/for someone with smaller hands. £150 or an interesting exchange; UK
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    UB1 clone Banjo Ukulele - a gem (UK)

    This is a beautiful little instrument, modern, and very similar to a UB1 in its sub-soprano size. Nice rear resonator, and I've got it on GCEA. See Sadly, I'm on a one ukulele policy now - or rather, 'one of each'...
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    Slingerland 7" BU; Europe

    Bought this Bird's Eye Maple 1930s Concertone badged Slingerland 7" to compare against the UB1 clone I've already got; the smaller one in the photo. They are both classic looking, and purposeful. Can't keep both! Slingerland; not usual to see the Maybell 20 with a resonator - this is a...
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    2 soprano for sale Timms & Regal (UK)

    2014 Timms (Honduran) with Worth Browns Regal 1926 flamed Cuban Mahogany non Red-head with Worth Browns PM for details; UK sale only.
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    Banjo Ukulele firefly copy Great player! Seen something else I'd like, so any offers... Would take £80 for quick sale plus post. Uk.
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    tuner weights comparison

    more gradgrindery - but quite interesting in search for a decent lightweight peg. I'd love some Waverlys but they are not worth the extra as they aren't super light… just a bit smaller than others (and also have hassly chamfering so not so good for retrofit). So for everyday use, the Gotoh UKA...
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    comparing soprano weight list

    Thought this might be interesting - anything interesting you can add I'll include in the list and update after a while.. 11/22 a bit of adding in done. If you post, try and do it in the same form as below so I can cut and paste. 213g - Argapa Piccolo [historic 'Midget' size] with graphtech...
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    Single ukulele NEW LAW

    posited this on Cosmos and thought it would be fun over here too... A decree has been passed and there are now harsh sanctions on those found to be flouting the single ukulele law. It is a young, cruel, dictatorship so plan on 35 or 40 years. Which one do you keep (or find to replace your...
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    UK soprano Bruko No.6 travel ukulele

    As new, strung with Fremont Blacklines. Slimline model. Lovely maple neck/fretboard, mahogany body. Super thin but still lot of volume. Great quality tuning pegs. Snazzy headstock design as per all the No. 6 models. Building another of my own hence thinning collection I sold my SK35 for this...