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  1. gspears

    Replacement for discontinued Savarez strings

    I had used the Savarez strings for a low G tenor build. I am making another low G tenor but Savarez discontinued the 504dh 541 542 and 543 strings. Anyone have recommendations on another set similar to these? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  2. gspears

    Resaw services

    Hello. I purchased some beautiful Walnut blanks. They are too large for my bandsaw to resaw. Do any of you do resaw work in California? I live in the central valley. The largest piece is 24" x 13" x 6" or so. The other 3 pieces are all smaller in size. I would like to make them into ukulele...
  3. gspears

    Building class or shop hang around

    I’m retiring from the day job soon. I am hoping to find a ukulele or acoustic guitar build class. Or even be a shop hang around for a couple days as a retirement gift for myself. Anyone have ideas? I know Robbie O’Brien has a class in Colorado. I think Hana Lima May still do an accelerated class...
  4. gspears

    eight string tenor specs

    A friend of mine is wanting an eight string tenor. I am looking for information regarding the nut and bridge/saddle width. Also the minimum or average headstock length that is needed. I will most likely use Grover V97 tuners. But I am open to use other tuners to space space and weight. Also...
  5. gspears

    Source for downcut inlay bits

    I'm looking for a set of downcut inlay bits. I've seen a set at Stewmac, but I was wondering if anyone knows of other sources. Possibly a little cheaper. Thanks for any info you have.
  6. gspears

    Back and sides supplier

    I’ve been looking for a nice set of black and white ebony for a tenor ukulele. I am also interested in a nice set of Milo. These species are hard to come by. Anyone have a supplier recommendation?
  7. gspears

    Steam Generator

    Does anyone use a steam generator and steam box for bending bindings and purfling? I was looking at the Earlex steam generator. I like to use herringbone or other similar purfling strips for rosettes as well as the sides. sometimes using a heat blanket or pipe, I damages the piece. Most likely...
  8. gspears

    Top replacement

    A friend of mine has an old Harmony baritone ukulele. The top was smashed and he asked of I could fix it. I found some mahogany that would work to replace the top. But I've never done a repair like this. Does anyone know what kind of neck joint the Harmony may have? dovetail? or glue on? I...
  9. gspears


    I have been thinking about going to the Santa Barbara Acoustic instrument Celebration in late September. Are any of you here planning on going? It would be great to meet some of the people that have given me so much info regarding building ukuleles/guitars, etc..
  10. gspears

    Binding goof

    Hi all. Had a quick question. I started binding a zircote fretboard with some curly koa binding. I used titebond glue for the adhesive. The booboo was that the binding slipped a bit and is not flush with the fretboard. I would like to try and remove the binding and reset a new piece. What is the...
  11. gspears

    Old saw restoration

    Hi all. My father in law had an old table saw in the barn. We are cleaning it up to possibly use to cut fret slots in fingerboards. I believe its an old Delta. Or maybe just the motor is a delta. It used to have a joiner attached to it. but it was removed ad discarded before my Father in law got...
  12. gspears

    Burning scrap

    I have a bunch of scrap and small cutoff tidbits that I can't use. I was going to burn them in the campfire pit when we go camping. Are any of the exotics or not so exotic bad to burn? Like cocobolo, rosewood, zircote, etc. I don't have a lot. But figured I could get some heat out of the scrap...
  13. gspears

    Hana lima kasha style bridge

    Hi all. I am building a kasha braced Baritone ukulele based on the Hana Lima plans. I need to make my own bridge from an Indian rosewood blank as Hana lima only has a supply of bridges made from Bubinga. I have two questions. #1. If I keep the DGBE tuning, should I make a straight saddle...
  14. gspears

    Book set: Making the responsive guitar

    I have heard that this 2 book set is a great guide to building guitars or (ukuleles). The set is pretty pricey, about $225. Has anyone read them? I'm not sure if they would be too over the top for me since I have not seen them in person. Any info would be appreciated.
  15. gspears


    I am building my first baritone ukulele. I was thinking of which strings I would like to try on it. I purchased two sets of the Savarez strings for low G on my next tenor build. I was wondering if they would work on the baritone. I have the Savarez 504 and 541-543. They are guitar strings, so I...
  16. gspears

    small planes

    Hello all. I have been using chisels to shape my bracing and tone bars. I was thinking of buying a small plane to have greater control. I see several on eBay, but who knows if they are quality or junk. Do any of you have a recommendation for a small plane to work bracing and tone bars? Thanks, Greg
  17. gspears

    soprano tuners

    Hi all. I ordered a soprano kit for my wife to build. its nothing fancy. More of an art project. The friction tuners it comes with are terrible. I'm looking for recommendations for replacement tuners. I would prefer them not be friction tuners if possible unless there is an actual good friction...
  18. gspears

    Douglas fir neck blank

    I saw on a tonewood site, an offering for a Doug Fir neck blank. Anyone have any experience using this wood for a neck? I always thought Doug fir was a softer wood. I've seen it used as soundboards. But the website also has back and sides for sale as well? Should I use a carbon fiber rod in...
  19. gspears

    tahitian banjo

    Hello all. I have been looking for some info or plans for building a Tahitian banjo. Haven't found anything too useful so far. I did find a blog in an older thread, but was looking for more detailed info. I know its not too common on here but I thought I would check. Thanks, Greg
  20. gspears

    binding/staining question

    Hi all. My friend is building a ukulele. Its a spruce top with maple back and sides. He is currently binding it. He is worried that if he applies shellac on the spruce top to keep the spruce grain from peeling off with the binding tape, it will later affect the staining process. Does anyone know...