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  1. Choboy

    For Sale: Soprano Flea w/ Rosewood Fretboard and K&K Transducer

    Hey UU Community. I'm selling my soprano flea uke. It's the natural flea. The uke is about a month old and I rarely played it. I thought I could use this uke when I traveled... but there has been no traveling in my life.:) My decision to buy the flea uke a month ago was because my UAS kicked in...
  2. Choboy

    Petition Against Mainland Ukes

    plain and simple... For too long has Mike and Tookta teased the ukulele community. They post up new ukes without pictures. I am tired of this constant curiosity! If enough "signatures" are signed, I believe we the people of Ukulele Underground, can lobby the people of to speed...
  3. Choboy

    DC Metro and my uke

    If you guys are following the news, on Monday there was a DC Metro train crash. That route is where I travel and this past week there have been 30 minutes delays. This past week, the DC Metro has been kicking people off the train, because the train routes are not the same. So everyone this...
  4. Choboy

    Anyone know a good decent banjo uke?

    So I'm on this website all the time because I lost all my friends. I chose my uke over them. just kiddddddding. just have free time at work! but i want to get a banjo uke. the ones i saw online were way to expensive. they were either really old ones for $100 bucks or customized ones for $1000...
  5. Choboy

    What finger picking styles do you like to use for chords?

    What finger picking technique do you guys prefer when you play songs with chords and no tabs? I want to change up my finger picking style but I don't know what some good techniques are... of course the techniques will be limited because there are only four strings. These are my favorite...
  6. Choboy

    Anyone try out the Mainland Honeybee?

    I was wondering if anyone owns or tried the Honeybee Mainland Soprano. It looks like a super sweet uke and I'm really interested in getting it. I own a mahogany mainland soprano already but I want a pickup. The Honeybee looks sweet and even the case looks sweettt. I could just install a pickup...
  7. Choboy

    What is UWC?

    Dear Ukulele Underground Members, Being a member since April 2009, I have self-determined that I have seniority over many other members. If you estimate the number of posts I have submitted, you get an estimated 100 posts. Round that up to the nearest thousand and you get 1000 posts. 1000...
  8. Choboy

    buying music online (help)

    hello UU. there's a fellow UU member who recently started selling some online ebooks (maybe about a month ago or so?). i forget who he is though. i've tried searching and googling for the past hour and a half. i think his name is "jeremy?" i dunno... the name jeremy keeps popping up in my head...
  9. Choboy

    UU Apparel

    yay i bought my first uu apparel. a black hoodie!
  10. Choboy

    mainland vs. mainland

    have any of you guys tried the honeybee mainland soprano uke? i have a mahogany soprano and i love it... but i always wanted a ukulele with an under saddle pick up. how would you guys say the honeybee sounds? does the bamboo hurt or help the ukes sound? or is it indifferent? i keep eyeing the...
  11. Choboy

    crazy g

    anyone find that they keep playing "crazy g" in their own style? im using dominator's tabs.... but i keep strumming my own beat...even when i try to follow dominators tabs it seems too slow for me. but i know im just adding extra beats.
  12. Choboy

    noooooo. finals!

    so of course this website has a lot of people awesome at the ukulele. but how do you find time to play the uke and do anything else!!!! some people have full-time jobs! others (like me) are college students and it's finals week!!! noooooooooooo. i have such little time to play the uke! :( i...
  13. Choboy

    download free ukulele songs off this website!

    here's the link: not sure if someone already found out about this website... it's all free! they ask for donations so if you want feel free to donate!
  14. Choboy

    The best ukulele company?

    I feel like Koaloha is one of the best makers of ukes. if you guys played as great as jake. or john king. or iz.... and you had a ton of $$$$$$ what uke would you buy? but not a vintage uke...cause we all know those sound great. but something new?
  15. Choboy

    one handed harmonics help

    hello hello uke world. so i need help with aldrines uke minute on one handed harmonics i recorded myself practicing the one handed harmonics, but i dont know what i should fix to make it sound like aldrine's one...
  16. Choboy

    stopped biting my nails literally

    so ive been a nail biter for the past 20 years of my life here on earth. tried so many times to stop! even tried that nail polish that is clear but tastes super bad! even tried clear nail polish that was filled with extra calcium. couldn't even stop biting my nails when i played guitar in high...
  17. Choboy

    mainland uke strings

    ive been a proud owner of a mainland uke for the past 48 hours! very beautiful instrument. what strings do you use on your mainland? mines a soprano. i was thinking about buying daddarios pro-arte strings for the soprano but i dont think they make sizes for soprano? is this true? all i see...
  18. Choboy

    can soprano play all songs?

    so i favor soprano over all other ukes because of its awesome size! sopranino is cool too. :D but my uke has 12 frets. will i need more friends for certain songs? specifically songs by jake shimabukuro like dragon and gently weeps. and why do so many people have concerts? while im writing...
  19. Choboy

    Where do you purchase your strings?

    So we all know that the economy is exploding as we speak. :D My question is where do you buy your strings? For aquila strings the best site I found was Aquila Nylgut Soprano Uke Set (Regular Tuning) buy 1 for $5.00 ($5.00 ea.) buy 3 for $14.25 ($4.75 ea.) buy 5 for $22.50...
  20. Choboy

    How do you clean/maintain your uke?

    Hello fellow friends! I'm sure everyone has their own strategy in how they clean their ukes and how often they do it... So I wanted to start this thread and see which strategies are most popular. I've never cleaned a uke yet (as I am new), but I have played guitar for the past five years "on...