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    Waimanalo Blues (Kelii Koa Soprano & selfmade Harmonies)

    Hey guys, I'd like to share my latest cover song with you. Please let me know what you think... I recorded the vocals tracks one after another and then matched everything together... You may download the mp3 here:

    One sunny day in Ostend...

    ... I accidentally met guitarist and pianist Dries Vienne, a Belgian from Ostend, while I was playing my uke (a mahogany flea tenor) on a bench near the beach. We spent the afternoon making up instrumentals for uke and guitar and in the end we recorded two videos: And here's the link to the...

    In The Jailhouse Now (Soggy Bottom Boys) on Firefly Banjolele

    Hey guys, please witness my first attempt at "Blue Yodeling" and my first video with my new Firefly Banjolele!

    "My Heart Will Go On, Yo!" (Reggaefied Duet - Ukulele Version)

    Hey guys, I'd like to share this video with you... We had a lot of fun making it!! Ya Mon! My Heart Does Go On, Yo!

    Help! What's the best "advanced" tenor uke?

    Hey guys, I've been playing the uke for 3 years now and I've found out that I like tenor scale instruments best. I already own some tenor models in the mid price range (Fluke, Ohana TK50-G, Kala Color BLK, etc.) but I don't have an advanced instrument. In Germany it's difficult (if not...

    "Through Fields of Barley to the Sea" my new original (in German)

    Hey guys, I wrote a new song (in German). I've added the English translation of the lyrics below. Hope you like it! ________________________________________ Through Fields of Barley to the Sea (Six-eight time) Your hair is blowing lightly in the breeze, it comes from seawards. Like...

    "Aloha ʻOe" (instrumental) on UK-70 B Baritone Ukulele

    I've made another vid today - this time it's an instrumental:

    Take On Me (Shiny & the Spoon version) - Lyrics & easy chords for download included!

    Take On Me (Shiny & the Spoon version) - Lyrics & easy chords for download included! Hey guys, I haven't recorded a vid in ages! So here is a cover of one of my most favorite uke covers on YouTube eva - recorded by Shiny & the Spoon in 2008. It was originally issued by them as an entry to the...

    "The Fall Guy" - TV series theme on Spongebob pineapple uke

    I loved to watch this series as a kid!! When I found the lyrics & chords on the web, I just had to cover the theme song!! The series was quite popular in Germany (and fully synchronized in German).

    Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan) - Reggae Version on Bari

    Haven't made a vid in a while. Here's my attempt at reggaefying Bob (the other Bob):

    My cover of "Seminatori di Grano" by Gianmaria Testa

    My first attempt at covering an Italian song. I don't speak Italian, so I listened to the original a lot... I hope I didn't butcher it too badly! I put the English translation of the lyrics in the description on YT. This is the first song of Gianmaria Testa's 2006 album "Da questa parte del...

    My new song: "Don't Gimme No Snow"

    Hey guys... I woke up this morning and found EVEN MORE SNOW outside... so I just had to write a little song about it... here it is: Don't Gimme No Snow

    Traditional German Xmas Song Medley on Baritone Uke

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Traditional German Xmas Song Medley 1) "Alle Jahre Wieder" (Ernst Anschütz, 1780-1861) 2) "Ihr Kinderlein, kommet" (Johann Abraham Peter Schultz, 1747-1800) 3) "Süßer die Glocken nie klingen", 1816-1890)

    My new original: "Facebook Friend"

    Hey guys, it's already been up for 2 days, but still I'd like to share my new song with you on here, too! Facebook Friend Please let me know what you think. Cheers, Dirk

    Download my 2010 recordings (mp3s)

    Hey guys, I have put together all mp3s (45 files) of the YouTube vids and recordings I made in 2010 (covers and originals) and I'd like to share them with you. The mp3s have a better sound quality than the vids. You can download them in two 120 MB zip files. I have adjusted the gain and gave...

    "Airborne" - My new original song (an instrumental with Microcube drums)

    Hi guys, please check out my new original song: "Airborne" (instrumental) This ukulele is for sale! Please PM me if you're interested.

    My new original: "Toast & Bacon & Eggs"

    Please check out my latest original song: "Toast & Bacon & Eggs" I play it on my Ohana Longneck Soprano SK-30L (it's got a soprano body and a tenor neck). The body is solid mahogany. (Oh yes, and I love this uke, it's so quirky! :p)

    What do you think of a tenor guitar?

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a tenor guitar, because I want more projection when playing unplugged outdoors and steel strings definitely help. (Sadly amps are not allowed for busking in my city.) Since a vintage instrument is too expensive, I was looking at this one here which I found at a...

    My new original: "We'll Sail No More"

    For the first time I'm using my old mandolin in a vid. Hope you like it!

    My new original: "Microwave Minute"

    A song about procrastination and a 'thank you' to 300 subscribers! Please check out Grumpy's new songwriting forum and participate:!