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  1. wickedwahine11

    F/S Calton ukulele case $650

    Sure. The upper bout is 7” and lower bout is 9”. The depth is 2.5”. The length of the uke body is 14.5” and the overall interior length is 28”. The storage compartment at its widest point is 5.5” x 9”.
  2. wickedwahine11

    F/S Calton ukulele case $650

    A few more photos...
  3. wickedwahine11

    F/S Calton ukulele case $650

    I just recently received three new Caltons (two for guitars and one for an ukulele), so I am selling my old Calton ukulele case. It was made for a custom Moore Bettah ukulele, but also fits my KoAloha tenor as well. It is black, with silver padding, and comes with backpack straps. While it is...
  4. wickedwahine11

    FS: Moore Bettah ukulele with Calton case

    NOW SOLD It is with a great deal of debate that I have come to the decision to sell one of my Moore Bettah ukuleles. I wrote a book about Moore Bettah, and I consider them the finest instruments in the ukulele world. I also greatly value Chuck Moore, the man behind them, and consider them an...
  5. wickedwahine11

    Uke Storage - Hanging?

    I hang all my instruments. Climate/humidity is not a problem where I live, and I also wipe them down.
  6. wickedwahine11

    How do you hang it? Ukulele wall hangers

    My KoAloha is on a hanger from Toucan Mango. The Moore Bettah ukes are on one my spouse made for me out of solid mahogany to match the turtle themes of both ukuleles. Three guitars are on a Wall Axe and the last is on a wood custom sign from an Etsy store.
  7. wickedwahine11

    FS: Five ukulele history books and one Hana Hou with Brittnia Paiva and Taimane

    I'm moving so I'm looking to downsize a lot of my ukulele books collection. This listing is for five ukulele history books: The Ukulele A Visual History by Jim Beloff, The Ukulele Handbook by Gavin Pretor, Get Plucky With the Ukulele by Will Grove-White, Ukulele: The World's Friendliest...
  8. wickedwahine11

    FS: Ukulele Jazz, Ukulele Aerobics, Ukulele Chords, Ukulele Fake book

    I'm moving so I'm looking to sell off many of my ukulele books. This listing is for five ukulele books. Two of them are chord books (by Hal Leonard and the other by Roy Sakuma). One is Ukulele Jazz: Comping, Soloing Chord Melodies by Abe Lagrimas, Jr. Another is Ukulele Aerobics by Chad...
  9. wickedwahine11

    FS: Heeday Kimura Pick/Strum Books (1-3), Slack Key Ukulele, Ukulele Solos books

    Hi, I'm moving so I'm looking to downsize some of my ukulele books. I have a six book set of Heeday Kimura's instruction books. They include How to Pick and Strum the Ukulele (books 1, 2 and 3), How to Play Ukulele Solos by Ear (books 1 and 2) and How to Play Slack Key Ukulele. They are not...
  10. wickedwahine11

    FS: Ukulele Occasional Magazine/book Volumes One and Two

    I'm moving, so I'm looking to downsize a lot of my ukulele books in the process. I have both the debut issue (Summer 2002) and Volume Two of Ukulele Occasional. Both are in very good shape, having been read only once then put on my bookshelf. Please note, the Debut Issue does have a stain...
  11. wickedwahine11

    Guitar vs Ukulele

    I just recently started playing the guitar after years of only uke, and I have to admit, (at least for the moment) I am preferring it. I am specifically learning slack key from Keola Beamer’s online instruction, and love the full, rich sound as well as seeing progress in my abilities. I gave...
  12. wickedwahine11

    Calling for Moore Bettah owners (or admirers) willing to be interviewed

    I am so excited to start my newest project this week: I am now officially working on the 2nd edition of my book Building and Owning a Bettah Ukulele - the story of Moore Bettah Ukuleles. We will be documenting the current build Chuck is doing of an ukulele dedicated to the Hokulea (forgive the...
  13. wickedwahine11

    New brigde pins for my Kanile'a concert

    Cool, the links are working great now, thanks. I think this is a terrific change, when I had my Kanilea, I swapped out the tuner buttons and bridge pins for koa as I felt they were a lot classier than the plastic. Good move by Kanilea.
  14. wickedwahine11

    Slimline tenor case recommendation

    It can be tough to find the perfect case for a slimline tenor ukulele, since they have such a narrow height. For my KoAloha slimline though, I found one that works wonderfully. I got a good deal on it on Amazon (YMC Tenor Ukulele Case Hardshell Case with Plush Interior and Storage - Black), but...
  15. wickedwahine11

    Are you drawn to koa ukes? ... a koa junkie? Show your stash.

    I have three ukes - each is koa, for the record, the frame on the Al Furtado print is koa as well. I have a bit of a koa obsession. I've bought a koa watch, jewelry box, etc. I love the stuff.
  16. wickedwahine11

    FS: RISA Les Paul ukulele in black

    I bought this ukulele from Mim's Ukes a few months ago, after having a problem with a prior RISA. This one plays great, and was set up by Mim. It has low action and has only been played a couple of times. I'm selling it because it is a luxury - I play mainly my MB ukes and occasionally my...
  17. wickedwahine11

    NUD: Risa Les Paul solid body electric ukulele

    Yay, thanks to Mim's Ukes I was able to get another one, and it plays beautifully. Thanks so much for coming to my rescue. I'm ready to rock!
  18. wickedwahine11

    NUD: Risa Les Paul solid body electric ukulele

    I am a frustrated rock goddess, so I made a splurge purchase yesterday to indulge the wannabe in me. I saw a Risa Les Paul solid body ukulele in black and couldn't resist it. My spouse, who usually discourages my uke purchases was even enamored enough to mutter, "You are going to have to teach...
  19. wickedwahine11

    KoAloha's new factory

    KoAloha is slowly but surely moving into their new factory space. It is going to be right between Ala Moana mall and Ward Center and actually the closest uke factory to Waikiki, which is great for tourists - and Moms Okami too as she loves the mall! :) I spoke with Pops and Paul this week and...
  20. wickedwahine11

    City of Stars from La La Land

    I saw "La La Land" this week (loved it!) and can't get the song "City of Stars" out of my head. I was hoping to find someone had uploaded a ukulele tablature of it on the Internet (preferably low g) but no luck, just chords. By the way, side note, but I absolutely HATE it when people call...