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  1. caukulele

    Happy Birthday Stan (mm stan)

    Happy Birthday Stan! Hope it's a great day for you and a super year to follow. Thanks for all the aloha you share on this forum!!!! Happy Strummings!
  2. caukulele

    Tommy Rodriguez Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

    For sale is my Tommy Rodriguez Mahogany Soprano Ukulele- SOLD This is a wonderful, classic soprano, with a full, sweet, beautiful tone, and a satin finish. It was built with 80 year old mahogany. The fret board is 40 year old Brazilian rosewood. The Dot markers are 30,000 year old mastodon...
  3. caukulele

    Kinnard Concert Mahogany Cutaway with Tobacco sunburst finish

    For sale is my Kinnard Concert Mahogany Cutaway with Tobacco sunburst finish. I am selling my John S. Kinnard Concert Cutaway Ukulele. It is a Series II in all mahogany with additional options including cutaway, full body tobacco sunburst finish, peghead tuners and K&K Aloha Twin Pickup. It was...
  4. caukulele

    Sebastopol Uke Fest

    Tomorrow (April 4th) will be the third annual Sebastopol Uke Fest. I will be there with the SilvaStudio booth. If any one is planning to go, please stop by and say hello.
  5. caukulele

    Great fun video from Del Rey about practicing

    Love this video. Del Ray is so much fun.
  6. caukulele

    Pet Photo Contest (if you don't mind voting for my photo....)

    I know this post has nothing to do with ukuleles, but I have entered a Christmas Pet Photo Contest (Western Farms, Pic of the Litter) and if anyone has a Facebook account and would not mind voting for my photo of my dog Tia, that would be great. Here is the link:
  7. caukulele

    All I Have to Do is Dream

    My husband and I did a song that we love together. I am playing the Kinnard tenor, tuned down one step.
  8. caukulele

    Another reason to love the library

    I saw this article and I thought it was a great idea! I hope that some other libraries consider this.
  9. caukulele

    Art ukes montage with song 'Morning Has Broken'

    My husband put a montage together of some of my recent Uke Art. We did the cover song 'Morning Has Broken', with Ray singing and my playing.
  10. caukulele

    Another Paintied Uke!

    I just finished painting another uke. This one is a Pono Soprano (MS) and I had a lot of fun with it. The paint did not dull the sound at all. Later I will try and do a little video with it.
  11. caukulele

    My husband and I wishing you a Happy Holiday with a song

    Ray and I did a Holiday Singing wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday....
  12. caukulele

    Lovely Anakoneke Ukulele!

    I wanted to share this beautiful concert uke that Toni Maloon (Anakoneke Ukuleles) made for me. :smileybounce: I just received it today, and I think it is incredibly beautiful. The back and sides are Bocote, the fret board and head plate is Ziricote, and the top is a lovely Bears Claw Blue...
  13. caukulele

    RISA Solid Concert Ukulele w/ Gig Bag & Strap, and a Vox Acoustic Amplug

    RISA Solid Concert Ukulele w/ Gig Bag & Strap, planetary geared and a Vox Acoustic Amp plug accessory. Ukulele is stung with Living Water strings and is in perfect condition, with absolutely no issues. • Concert scale length 385 mm • Size 50 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm • Weight 450g • Solid one-piece...
  14. caukulele

    Painting my Ukulele

    Here are some photos my painted uke in process,and it's almost finished....... I used very thin layers of acrylic paint ..the test will be when I string it up..but the paint is so thin, I am hoping for good results.. I will post a finished picture after I put the strings on.
  15. caukulele

    Mint condition Kamaka Soprano Ukulele

    For sale is my Kamaka Soprano (HF-1) with the original case included, as well as an Oasis humidifier. I am the original owner and bought it new from Gryphon Stringed Instruments. It is in excellent, mint condition, with absolutely no issues, scratches or dings. It has always lived in a smoke...
  16. caukulele

    Free Gravenstein apples at Wine County Uke Fest (until they run out)

    I just picked up ten pounds of Graventein apples and will give a free one to every UU member who stops by my booth (Silva Studio) this weekend (until they run out). A few people have mentioned how special these apples are, and they rarely make it out of Sonoma County. Just stop by and say Hi...
  17. caukulele

    Who's going to the Winecountry Ukefest this year?

    The Winecountry Ukefest will be the weekend of September 7th and 8th. I went last year and loved it, and this year I will have a booth (Silvastudio) this year, with my wrapped canvas prints. It would be great to meet everyone.
  18. caukulele

    Annie's Song

    It's 85 degrees inside today, as California is in the middle of a heat wave...but wanted to post in the Seasons this week, as it's a great theme this week.... So what does one do when it's too hot to do anything?.... Just keep singing......(I posted here for those who don't follow the Seasons...
  19. caukulele

    Looking for a Concert body size uke, but with tenor sound....(Not a Super Concert)

    I am trying to find a concert scale uke (not super concert) with a rich, full tone and range… I love the full sound of tenors, but enjoy the size and feel of a concert body and concert fret board…I wonder if anyone has suggestions for Concert ukes they have played that have the most “deep-...
  20. caukulele

    The Rose

    This is the second video I did with my husband for the Seasons of the Ukulele. This one was for Season 63.