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  1. strumsilly

    WTB mandolin

    I'm sorry I ever sold my Gibson army-navy mandolin. I miss it. I know it's not a uke but it does have 4 pairs of strings. I know many UUers have mote than ukes for instruments and am just checking if any are ready to let a mando go. possible trade for uke too.
  2. strumsilly

    Kiwaya KTC-3

    I purchased this off UU Marketplace last year. This excellent ukulele is not getting played and I just purchased a "fixer upper boat" and could use the funds for marine parts [$$$$]. The uke came with a flimsy bag, so I purchased a hard "tweed" case for it for better protection.There are a few...
  3. strumsilly

    Anyone made a paddle bass?

    I saw a you tube on the Kala paddle bass . Seems kinda expensive for a plastic one string fretless bass ($199). I've got plenty different size paddles and seems like it wouldn't be too hard to make one.
  4. strumsilly

    Islander AT-CUT-EQ solid acacia tenor cutaway w/ pick up and gig bag

    As new condition includes Ibanez powerpad gig bag $175 + $25 shipping CONUS
  5. strumsilly

    FS: Vintage Mahogany Gretsch/Sherwood soprano

    Solid vintage mahogany Multiple repaired and cleated top cracks Bridge has been reglued black/white top binding has been reglued looks like uke has been refinished in spots mismatched vintage tuners. back of neck near headstock has an area where finish has been dented by string hanger...
  6. strumsilly

    For sale : Fin-der vintage plastic soprano ukulele

    I replaced the slipping tuners as they had no adjustment screws . this ukulele now tunes and plays as was intended no cracks typical play wear. sorry no case but it will be securely packed $50 + $15 shipping. here is the info from Lardy George A. Finder and Nino Marcelli set up a Plastic...
  7. strumsilly

    For sale, 2 broken vintage sopranos

    Trying to delete post....?
  8. strumsilly

    FS: Famous FLS-2PG Mahogany Laminate Longneck Pineapple Soprano

    Purchased this here on UU last year for a friend who decided to buy another Famous [by Kiwaya] soprano I had . I didn't mind as I had no other concert scale ukes. I recently bought a Kiwaya KTC-3 [solid hog] here on UU, so I no longer need this one. Same deal as I got, which was a great one...
  9. strumsilly

    FS Custom steel string electric ukulele ,19 inch scale

    when I lived in WA, I asked a local luthier, Ron Hyde, to fix an old Vega Arthur Godfrey baritone. The uke was toast, but it had a really nice neck so he built an electric and used the neck. It plays like butter and sounds great. Uses the top 4 strings from an extra- light electric set. I'm not...
  10. strumsilly

    FS Ibanez Mikro short scale bass and Phil Woods Double 4 amp

    IBANEZ GSR M20 28.6 inch scale D'ADDARIO TAPEWOUND STRINGS IBANEZ POWERPAD GIG BAG $170,shipped CONUS like new condition you can by these for $180 new, but this is mint and the best color, , and then you need to change the strings [$40] and get a bag [$40] for it. I also have a Phil...
  11. strumsilly

    2 sets of Grover Champion Dulcimer/Uke Friction Pegs for sale

    One set came off of a '20's martin soprano, the other from a '50's martin tenor. they look identical. Non-geared nickel-plated brass, with tension screw and black plastic knob, for dulcimers or ukuleles with 5/16" to 7/16" peghead thickness (7.94mm to 11.11mm). 11/32"-diameter (8.73mm)...
  12. strumsilly

    Luna UKEBASSHT High Tide Bass ?

    Saw these for sale online for $150. anybody have one or played one. I think these are tuned an octave up, like a guitar. I've asked the seller. My uke group is short on bassists, so I bought an Ibanez Mikro. I put some tapewound strings on and for the price, I think it's way ahead of most uke...
  13. strumsilly

    odd KKeiki?

    saw this on ebay. My first uke was a KKeiki, but I never saw a fancy one like this. I thought they were just cheap Kamakas. Not that oit wasn't a great little uke, just very plain. I paid $35 for it. needed a little Elmers...
  14. strumsilly

    Fs : Famous [kiwaya] fs-5 koa [laminate] soprano

    In my continuing effort to unload my ukulele collection I am not selling a recently purchased uke purchased here because it is so cute and little, and looks and sounds great. I am a big Kiwaya fanboy and am keeping the FS-0 because it fits in my BMW motorcycle side case, this one is a little...
  15. strumsilly

    FS Favilla baritone ukulele

    Pre paper 19" scale. crack free but lots of finish checking mojo. Lightly built, all solid mahog. there is beautiful mahog on the one piece top and back underneath if you wanted an awesome looker to refinish, but I prefer the vintage look.The checking is extensive, but looks worse in pics. I...
  16. strumsilly

    FS: Kamaka 8 , Favilla bari, Kala UBASS solid body

    Due to some life changing circumstances [living 5 miles from Mexico Beach] I need to reduce my ukulele collection, starting with the ones I hardly or never play. I am starteing with a white label Kamaka 8 and a Red solid body Kala UBASS . and a pre paper label Favilla bari. Crack free but...
  17. strumsilly

    AQUILA Ukulele Strings, Tenor 8-String ?

    Need some new strings for my Kamaka 8. I really liked southcoast, but he's now out. do the T8, 19u have a wound low g? don't want a red...
  18. strumsilly

    Strummin' Man 2ND Annual Ukulele Festival • Panama City, FL
  19. strumsilly

    Playing in the heat

    It is hot [and humid] here on the gulf coast. Even when our Ukulele gigs [UOSA] are in the evenings it can be mighty hot. I have a fan and try to stay hydrated, but where my uke touches my body my shirt gets wet, no air circulation. I seem to remember in my mando days there was a device that...
  20. strumsilly

    when did Kamaka change fretboards ?

    I thought these gold label sopranos had the fretboard over the top like the 2nd pic. the first pic is the one I question. seller says 1958.