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  1. gyre

    How do I add my ukuleles to my posts/signature?

    If they show up, I have figured it out. lol
  2. gyre

    Three Ralph Shaw DVD's~ like new

    SI have looked at each of these 3 DVDs once. They are very good IMO, but it hurts my wrist to strum:(, so I'm going to be a "finger picker" and do very little strumming. All of the DVDs are reviewed on Amazon. They sold for about $30 a piece. I'm asking $12 a piece, Paypal, media mail. The...
  3. gyre

    Two Questions: C string tuning, action

    I have a new Kala soprano uke. I really like it, but I have a couple of questions. I have a good ear, but the C string sounds so different to me than the other strings that it's harder to tune. Have you had that problem? Could it be because the string is the thickest? I'm beginning to think...
  4. gyre

    Glossy or Matte finish?

    Any opinions on one over the other? I'm ordering a Mainland Concert Uke. Thanks!
  5. gyre

    A couple of questions about used strings

    I am going to put Aquilas (low G!) on my Concert uke today. The current strings have barely been used. Can I use them again? Would they work on a Soprano uke that is only slightly better than a toy? How often should I change strings? How do you know if they are worn out? Thank you.