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    Christmas music

    Every video game has a boss. For Christmas I think it is “Christmas time is here”
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    Thinking about getting a pad

    I've got stacks and stacks of printed songs from everywhere. Mostly they end up alphabetized in binders. I'll probably never give up that system entirely, each binder marks a period of time and the songs I was playing way back when. But I am getting a little tired of fishing though all that...
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    Long Nails on the Fretting Hand

    I have a coworker who found an old classical guitar in the trash and wants to learn to play it. The problem seems to be that she has really really long finger nails on both hands. Any advice out there from people who manage to fret with long nails?
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    Enthusiasm over Expertise

    So I'm just doing the normal working stiff thing. Ten hours in the salt mines, a beer when I get home and an hour of quiet repose with my little friend. I am guilty of getting a bit carried away at times, adding that "special flourish" at the end of a song to really wow the imaginary audience...
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    Anyone have one of these? I have a tenor banjo tuned gCEA and I was thinking of the banjeaurine. Using the short string to be the reentrant g and the next one over to be a low G. Just a thought, hopefully someone has done it before and has some input. Thanks.
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    Metallica Song?

    So I stupidly announced that I'd bring in a banjo uke to play Christmas songs on Tuesday. A middle-aged lady busts in and says "Oooo, PLAY METALLICA!!" I dont know Metallica very well, my tastes have changed since the early 90's. I can sight read OK and can play most songs if I half-way know...
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    Baritone uke scaling and GCEA tuning

    What's a common scale length for baritone ukes? Can you tune them GCEA? Would that be the same as a smaller uke with A=440 Hz, or maybe an octave down? I've been chasing the right set-up on an Orpheum tenor banjo for a while now. The scale length is just over 20.5 inches and I keep breaking...
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    A440, 21 inches nut to bridge

    I'd like to find a solution to getting A at 440Hz when the distance to 21 inches nut to bridge. I'd really like to use nylon strings, but I'll listen to any suggestions (steel, fluorocarbon, hopium). The breaking index chart from Aquila is spot on, 21 inches is just a little bit over the break...
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    UAS - Is there a cure?

    Besides the obvious, of course. I'm looking at a Lanikai cutaway tenor with electronics. Just "gotta" have it because, umm, well I only have one other tenor, and its in low G right now and doesn't have electronics. The kids have shoes, the mortgage is getting paid today, groceries in the...
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    Solid Body Set Up

    I've got one of those solid body electric tenors. Metal strings, dual pickups, I usually run it through a multi-effect box into a 25W Fender bass amp. I want a little more 'growl' out of it, and it needs new strings anyway. You know, hairball metal power chords on the ukulele. I'm looking for...
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    new arrivals at Elderly

    I try to NOT LOOK at the Elderly Instruments "new arrivals" page, because, you know, that thing called UAS. I just checked in and noticed a larger than usual amount of ukes there today. Not high dollar, super fancy, but plenty for the average consumer. View at your own risk!!
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    Kala Reso Concert with steel strings

    I have a concert scale Kala reso uke, metal cone with the wood body. It currently has Aqulias on it, but I was thinking of changing over to metal strings of some sort, just to get a different sound. More SpongeBob and Robert Johnson, maybe play with a slide. I'm mostly concerned about the...
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    Knows Picker

    Knows Picker here, from the east coast of Florida. I started on the mandolin, picked up the guitar along the way. Once I bought my first little 30 dollar ebay uke things just got out of hand. I admit to having UAS, BAS, GAS and MAS. I do some light repair and set up work for friends, mostly I...