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    Why am I getting ads now

    Started getting ads on the threads I've read lately. Why is that? I pay a yearly subscription so has my subscription run out or? I wrote Ryan but haven't heard back so if it's just a matter of renewing my yearly, no problem; I just don't like seeing all these ads at the top and bottom of the...
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    Kind of Looking for good solid Baritone electric Uke

    I've sold a few guitars and other stuff and have been contemplating a good solid electric baritone. I play lead for a uke group and use a custom tenor guitar sized baritone. Don't really need one; just contemplating if there are any out there worth looking at as long as they are nylon strung...
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    Hard tension nylon strings for a Romero B6 guilele

    Getting ready to change out the nylon E-E stringset on my Romero Guilele. I find the set a little floppy so was wondering if putting on a hard tension nylon stringset would be okay? 20" scale. Suggestions(y)
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    Difference in Misi Trio Air pickup

    I was speaking with Brian Griffin from Griffin Ukuleles about the Misi Trio air pickup system. It sounds like it incorporates both passive and active pickup systems. Judging from their brochure, it looks like there are two small microphones(passive part)attached underneath the bridge patch with...
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    Goldtone Baritone Banjo Uke?

    Has anyone played or own a Goldtone banjo uke? I was thinking on restoring an old tenor banjo uke and changing it over to a baritone banjolele but saw the Gold Tone up for sale. I just saw Gold Tone introduced a bari' banjo uke out now. it can be strung with either steel or nylon strings. If...
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    Strings for 23" scale baritone

    I've been using T-I CF 35, 30 and Savarez G and B unwound for my 23" scale"contra" baritone tuned D,G,B,E for a couple of years. It's always sounded pretty good but today I played my 19" scale Griffin baritone with same string combo and thought is sounded clearer with more resonance.The body...
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    Played at Jakes concert

    Jakes Shimabukuro played in Bellingham,Wa. tonight in a theatre built around 1920. It's grown since then and has become a cultural hub for incoming acts on their way to Vancouver Canada or down to Seattle. I'm part of a uke group that was asked to do the pre show for the patrons of the theatre...
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    Ngd. 1893...

    Picked up an 1893 Bay State guitar Parlor guitar yesterday. Spruce top with maple b/s faux painted to look like Brazillion Rosewood. Has extra light DiAddarios steel strings on. Playing it last night, I could feel the players of yesteryear coming out. I played riffs and lead-in's I never played...
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    Acclimatizing a uke

    I just received a Giannini bari from Minnesota. I live in rainy weather Washington. I let it set in the box with top flap open to acclimate; 4 hours later I opened it. Realizing it was still cold to the touch, I checked it out and put it in a padded case. I've never received an instrument...
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    New Martin T1K only hi g?

    A good friend of mine went uke shopping at a local store. They saw a Martin T1K they liked but wanted it in Low G. The salesman said it can't be made into a low G without changing out the saddle at a cost of around 125.00. I've never heard of a tenor that can't be changed to a low G. Perhaps...
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    Looking for wound D&G strings for 21.88" scale

    Looking for strings on the upcoming Jumbo Baritone that should be done next week. 21.88"scale. I have a set of Southcoast LHL-wb Dirk thought would work with it. But will need replacements once these wear out. Any suggestions?
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    Anyone know about K Yasuma & Co. Tenor Ukulele

    A friend wrote saying she has a K Yasuma & Co. Tenor uke for sale. It's in pristine condition with no issues. She thinks it was built around 1950-53. I think it's Mahogany style 1 She's asking 450.00 for it. Any thoughts about it? I'll take a look at it Weds. so in the meantime am looking it...
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    Jumbo Baritone Build

    I had a parlor guitar made by George Thomas and liked it so much he is building me a "special" Jumbo baritone. It'll be a tenor guitar sized body(17"long 13"wide lower bout, 4 1/4" deep) with a 1 3/8th nut, 21.88 scale nylon strung. Florentine cutaway, 4A Red Cedar top, 4A walnut b&s...
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    No Southcoast so what now?

    After so many years of using only Southcoast strings on my tenors and baritones, I'm at a loss where to start looking for another high tension wound 3&4 string set. I trust many are thinking the same thing. Suggestions for tenor and baritone string sets would be greatly appreciated. I trust...
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    using a pick

    Can a thin pick like .60mm be used on Pahoehoe strings?
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    Lightest custom case

    I had an Ameritage custom case made for a custom parlor guitar. I They're a great case but too heavy for my needs. I'm having a custom jumbo baritone made that will again, require a custom case. Looking for lightweight. Carlton, Cedar Creek or?
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    Anyone else getting charged twice their VIP subscriptions

    This is the third year in a row this has happened. Of course I contacted the administrators. I can see it happening once, perhaps twice. But three years in a row is too much. I'm stopping my VIP Payments as I've had enough of the overcharges. Don't go saying it's a mistake cause this is the...
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    The videos don't appear in thread

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this. If not please diredt where. The video someone posts in a thread doesn't show. All the text does, but the video itself is a blank space between the text. I must have something turned off but can't figure it out. Video code is on HTML code is off...
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    MIJ Gold Label Kamaka Soprano For Sale

    Several months ago I was looking for a Kamaka soprano and was contacted by a fellow UU'er. This one is mint. looks like it had been sealed in a time capsule! I think the original buyer bought it as a souvenir, came home and put it in the closet for 46 years. It has the original Kamaka strings...
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    MIJ White Label Koa Soprano

    Several months ago I was looking at for a Kamaka soprano and was contacted by a fellow UU'er. This one is mint. looks like it had been sealed in a time capsule! I think the original buyer bought it as a souvenir, came home and put it in the closet for 36 years. It has the original Kamaka...