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  1. Wiggy

    Taming the Shrew with Sticky Putty

    "The Shrew" is an Ohana VK-70R. I experimented with adding putty in spots on the surface to change the resonance in hopes of reducing its almost banjo-like sound. Tapping it with the eraser end of a pencil revealed 5 noticeably different responses. The suspect was tapping the strip between the...
  2. Wiggy

    Online 'chords and lyrics' Transposing Tool

    I just discovered this online Chords & Lyrics transposing tool Google any song's chords and lyrics. Copy and paste them into the transposer. Choose an output key Choose an output format (I like text - lyrics/chords). Up until this point, I have been manually transposing and...
  3. Wiggy

    'Tis the Season for: "Honey-Do's"

    It's what she wanted, and I actually like it. On the right are the hot water dish and "cat house." The afternoon was sunny and 40deg today so I couldn't wiggle out of doing it.
  4. Wiggy

    Total Immersion Hobbies before Discovering Ukulele

    - Recorded Music. Collected over 60+ years. Well over 2000 "choice-picked and clean" 45s. About 1500 LPs I have chosen to keep. CDs that are worth preserving are well beyond the 2000 mark. Priceless. This continues to this day. - Lionel Trains. On eBay every day and night for about 3...
  5. Wiggy

    Sudden Disappointment

    I went to sell my Gold Tone Banjola only to be shown its neck had developed a "banked roller coaster" warp. This is fatal. I had hoped it would finance a new uke purchase (like that Rebel Double Cream currently in the UU Marketplace). Bummer.
  6. Wiggy

    Get Your Hallmark On

    My wife is obsessed with Hallmark Holiday movies. She likes them non-stop while quilting and doing other sewing projects because there is "no drama." She claims it relaxes her. Can this be So?
  7. Wiggy

    Clean Rhythm Section

    I'm saving up for a "Maid-Rite" Family size. My flea market "pail" size is shown below.
  8. Wiggy

    Gave Away My Oldest Friend Today

    I spoke with the local school district bandleader and asked if he was interested in a mandolin-tuned soprano ukulele. He said yes. So goodbye to the one who got me here. (I think I bought it in 2016.)
  9. Wiggy

    How do I upload a video to Youtube that will be visible here?

    The file is a .mp4 and I have a Google account. I simply want to upload a video but know nothing about how to go about it.
  10. Wiggy

    Question about Aquila Super Nylgut String Sets

    Are the high-g ukulele sets "universal" for soprano through tenor, or does each set have unique gauges (diameters) for each of the 3 scale lengths?
  11. Wiggy

    A factual (and facinating) look at the Circle of 5ths.

    The CO 5ths has been as deep as I've gone into understanding "theory." It has never let me down, especially when transposing to my voice's key(s). To divide it up a bit, mark about 5:50 and 11:20 as separate sections. <edit> Perhaps this video has been discussed sometime in the past...
  12. Wiggy

    My Little Corner of The World

    Good evening. We all have one. Please don't ask me to turn around. <edit> For me, I was 11 years old when Anita sang this on the radio. It's been making passes through my mind ever since. I was just trying it out today. Wow!
  13. Wiggy

    Wil Buying an Expensive Uke Make Me Abandon What I Already Have?

    The recent sale of a Rebel soprano had me on the cliff. To put it simply, it was excruciating. I could have but didn't for fear of ruining all the happiness I enjoy with my "lesser" instruments. None are worshipped brands but they all have good intonation, play easily, and sound good to me...
  14. Wiggy

    WTB - Cancelled

    No longer needed.
  15. Wiggy

    Need Custom Spaced 4-string Banjolele Bridge

    String spacing on the bridge is 1.3" (33mm) -> that's too narrow for me. It has 3 feet and is 5/8" tall. Across the top is about 52mm. Ideally, I want 1.5" (38mm) string spacing. There is plenty of width where the neck meets the pot for that angle to work. String spread at the pot is 31mm...
  16. Wiggy

    WTB: KoAlana Soprano KSA-00TR... (found one)

    <edit> Uke Like The Pros has them in stock.
  17. Wiggy

    Soprano Tuned one Octave higher than Baritone

    I thought of doing this a decade or so ago when I bought my first Baritone but didn't know anything about scale lengths, strings, and tensions. I gave up and forgot about it... until today. I was going to donate this uke, but instead gave it a new reason for being. Restring a Soprano for DGBE...
  18. Wiggy

    Can't Buy OEM Saddles - Why?

    Why is it so hard (or impossible) to buy OEM replacement saddles from the manufacturer? Spare or replacement nuts, tuners, and saddles are a common need. Yet for nuts and saddles, all I can find are generic or plain stock which never seem to fit correctly. My cutting, squaring, creating a...
  19. Wiggy

    Stands - Ever the Tinkerer

    Part 1: Foldable music stand Reusing a common folding music stand. They typically can be found in resale shops for about $5. - Ukulele holder with 2-finger lifting grip Remove the music top. Attach a String Swing guitar hanger, without the wall block. The SS's 1/4" stud easily screws...