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  1. frets alot

    Fingerstyle Take on "Ave Maria"

    So lovely! Well done!
  2. frets alot

    Some things I've made

    Love them. You have a real talent.
  3. frets alot

    Memory Care Outing

    Kuddos to you! I play guitar with a violinist at an Assisted Living Facility, and know how much they love the oldies. I love it when they sing along.
  4. frets alot

    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome Thom! You are progressing very well, loved the video.
  5. frets alot

    Happy Thanksgiving! (Ukulele ugly sweater content warning!)

    That should turn some heads!
  6. frets alot

    NUD: Worth The Wait

    Gorgeous, congratulations!
  7. frets alot

    Dulcimer anyone?

    Yes, the forum platform does take a little time to get used to, but it is worth it. The admin, mods, members are all great. A ton of info. Check out and join the relevant groups.
  8. frets alot

    What do you play when 1st asked

    I got the sheet music (standard music notation) to learn it.
  9. frets alot

    What do you play when 1st asked

    I fingerpick Hector the Hero. A beautiful tune, that I love on all my instruments.
  10. frets alot

    NUD: The Rebel Double Creme Mango soprano (Gloss finish)

    What a gorgeous uke. Play it in good health and enjoy!
  11. frets alot

    New and happy to be here

    Welcome David, sounds like you have a real talent for building ukes.
  12. frets alot

    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome! Love your Avatar! Enjoy your time here.
  13. frets alot


    Welcome David! Those vintage ukes are so cool.
  14. frets alot

    Dulcimer anyone?

    In the dulcimer world, it is DAD (dulcimer acquisition disease)... a play on the common dulcimer tuning, DAD. I have one dulcimer with a pick-up. That's all I need, if I need to plug in. All my other dulcimers are purely acoustic. But that's just me. You have to decide for you. Having the...
  15. frets alot

    Dulcimer anyone?

    For those of you who are getting into mountain dulcimer, I strongly suggest joining this dulcimer forum. There is a lot of great information, the people are helpful and pleasant, and you can get all your questions answered.
  16. frets alot

    Dulcimer anyone?

    I have cases for all my dulcimers. All but one came with a quality case, and for that one, I purchased a hard shell case. A quality dulcimer case isn't cheap. You can get gig bags at a lesser cost. It all depends on the protection you are looking for. Often, a gig bag is enough, if you are...
  17. frets alot

    Dulcimer anyone?

    You can't go wrong with McSpadden. I have both cherry and walnut and love them both. The pickup may be nice to have, if you continue with it. The rabbit hole can be dangerous. I have different sizes, tunings, designs, etc. They are lovely and really fun instruments. You can decide what form...
  18. frets alot

    Dulcimer anyone?

    Friction tuners are frustrating. The traditionalists will disagree with me, but I'd consider adding some gear tuners. But that's me. It's a beautiful dulcimer.
  19. frets alot

    Dulcimer anyone?

    Nice find, you did great!
  20. frets alot


    Nice find, it looks great!