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    How to cancel VIP subscription?

    I have posted the question before and never heard back from a MOD. I have also seen other members ask the same. I am no longer very active here and wish to cancel my VIP subscription. It was set up as recurring, but there is no option that I can find to cancel it. HOW DO I DO THIS PLEASE...
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    Covered Bridge Tenor - cedar and myrtle beautiful!

    Priorities have changed and need to part with a uke. This is a 2012 build number 34. Western cedar top, beautiful myrtle back and sides. Ebony fretboard. An awesome player with great tone. Wonderful condition with just a few little dings I tried to photograph. A tiny bit of finish wear near...
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    KoAloha Longneck Soprano with Gig Bag

    A couple more pics.
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    KoAloha Longneck Soprano with Gig Bag

    Hey! Working to record an album and need some things ... so, a couple of my babies will be put up for sale. 2009 KoAloha longneck soprano with well-padded Kaces gig bag. So... soprano body, concert neck. This is marked as a "2nd" ... not totally sure why. I bought this a couple of years ago...
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    Lighter gauge or heavier to correct intontation issue

    One string slightly SHARP at the 12th fret. Lighter string? Heavier string? No room on the saddle to compensate. My intuition says lighter ... just wanna check with the experts :-)
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    Issue swapping tuners

    I am swapping tuners to Gotoh Planetary. The "insert" from the original tuners are in so tight that I can't simply tap them out without fearing damage. Any trick I'm not thinking of here? Thanks
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    Swapping tuners on KoAloha

    Changing friction tuners to Gotoh UPT's. The "base" of the tuners on the front and back, do they just lift out with a bit of wiggling?
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    WTB LoPrinzi concert or soprano

    Whatcha got? Thanks! Mark
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    NUD! Mainland Mahogany Soprano!

    It's been a while since I've posted a NUD! Yes, UAS still plays a part in my life :p I just recently started liking the soprano scale ... previously I found it a bit confining and prefer concerts and tenors. Plinked on a couple of sopranos and said "I need one of those!" So, contacted Mike...
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    WTB Mainland Soprano

    Whatcha got? PM with details. Thanks! Would consider a solid Ohana as well.
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    ZOOM H2N Handy Recorder with accessories

    For sale is a gently used portable recording system. Includes optional accessory pack with wind screen, AC adapter, tri-pod, etc. This is a great way to delve into portable, self-recording. Creates and exports MP3 files. Makes pretty darn high quality recordings for such a portable unit! $145...
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    Suggestions for fun to play Hawaiian songs

    Hey there! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate! I'm looking to learn some more "traditional" Hawaiian songs, and some to teach to my students. I know ZERO Hawaiian songs, so links to solid Youtube vids/tutorials would be great. Printable lyrics and...
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    Vintage Kamaka Concert with Reunion Blues Bag

    After much deliberation I have decided to sell my Kamaka concert. I need the cash more than I need this uke. I bought this last year from a reputable UU member. I'm guessing this is 70's vintage. Very good to near mint condition. A few light strum marks, and a very small light spot in the...
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    aNueNue Concert Banjo Uke - a real beauty!

    And a couple pics with the case.
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    aNueNue Concert Banjo Uke - a real beauty!

    Not getting enough love from me and I need to spend more time with my 5 string banjo. Near mint (I can't find any flaws minus a couple very minor rubs on the back that won't even photograph). Plays like butter and has a very banjo-like sound. Brass hardware and armrest. Beautiful hard case that...
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    New Peghead tuners

    I have a new, uninstalled set of four (4) peghead tuners. SOLD.
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    Baritone under $300 - suggestions please!

    Hey there. A friend is looking for a quality baritone and they have about $300 to spend. Any suggestions from you baritone players? Thanks.
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    Reamer for pegheads

    Hey. What type of reamer do I need to install peghead tuners?