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    Give Love A Try - Jonas Brothers HELPPPP!

    someone please tab it out for me! :)
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    Slow Motion - Karina Pasian (HELP!!!)

    any one know the tabs or chords to this song? preferably the tabs. here's the link:
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    First Love - Utada Hikaru (Aldrine Guerrero's Uke Version) TAB HELP! can someone please tab this song out for me? :)
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    1,2,3,4 - Plain White T's TABS PLEASE?

    can anyone tab this out for me? its a GREAT SONG! :)
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    Chris Ramos and Sonny B. - "You and I" *HELP w. TABS/LYRICS*

    anyone know the tabs and lyrics? here's the vid :
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    When the lights burn out - chris cendana

    help please. need tabs. If anyone can tab it would be great!
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    Falling - Keahiwai HELP!!!!

    can someone tab this song out on the uke. I totally want it!
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    Say It - Voices of Theory

    anyone know the tabs or chords?
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    I'M Yours - Jason Mraz

    whats the chord/tab wen he says "it's our god forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved LOVEDDDDD........." really need help with that ending part.
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    Fallen - Lauren Wood

    anyone know the tabs???
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    I Just Want You - Aj Rafael (help)

    Does any one know the tabs to this song?
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    Toastmaker's Revenge - Jake Shimabukuro (HELP PLEASE!)

    anyone know the tabs? I like that song! and I wanna learn it.
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    Let's Dance - Jake Shimabukuro

    Let's Dance - Jake Shimabukuro (HELP PLEASE?) Does anyone know what the tabs are? or where to find them?