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  1. ploverwing

    Vivaldi's "Summer" Alexandr Hrustevich - WOW

    I've played (badly, casually with friends) the second violin part for this suite, and know how nasty the first violin part is. This is amazeballs.
  2. ploverwing

    Hello from Jerez

    Welcome to UU! Looking forward to reading about your the new ukulele when it arrives! Do you have any other music experience or is this your first leap into the music world?
  3. ploverwing

    What's a good way to get that high-G strings into action when finger picking?

    If you can continue to try that technique, to just get you used to the concept, then you can start seeing what you can turn into "Campanella" style. Sometimes you can play on the E or A string for the G+ notes, sometimes on the G string, especially if it's something that alternates nicely (e.g...
  4. ploverwing

    my ukulele progress

    Honestly, I use the beans I have on hand. We grow a lot of dried beans varieties, so just throw a blend into whatever bean thing I'm making. I know red kidneys are essential, but I can't grow them successfully. I do thing chili is a beam dish, with or without meat.
  5. ploverwing

    Kala Sparkle Concert - REVIEW

    Sure glad you're enjoying your sparkly baby. Not my thing, but if you are making happy music on it, that's great!
  6. ploverwing

    Name that movie QUOTE thread

    No one has an idea for mine?
  7. ploverwing

    Your favorite ukulele playing youtubers?

    Oooh. Yes. Actually, I'd like to play like Sam Muir, too. Either. They're both fantastic.
  8. ploverwing

    Name that movie QUOTE thread

    "I do not think that means what you think it means."
  9. ploverwing

    Impressions of In Person Lessons

    Thanks a lot, Alan, for your background and feedback. Very interesting. I'm so pleased for you and your wife that you've found someone knowledgeable, competent and able to teach you something valuable to you. That's so much fun that you're both feeling more confident and enthusiastic after...
  10. ploverwing

    Tourdion with ukulele and zither

    That was so beautiful! What a gorgeous sound combination of the ukulele & zither, wow. Thanks so much for sharing!
  11. ploverwing

    Last of the Days of Bling

    :ROFLMAO: as are the erupting volcanoes, right? We have mummy berries and some kind of fancy-ass fruit fly that are affecting our local blueberry producers, both introduced pathogens; betcha your avocado bugs are introduced (as are avocados?). We've got ducks, they help keep these things under...
  12. ploverwing

    How to Hold a Uke

    Interesting question. I find for classical style pieces, I like the headstock up a lot higher than typical, kind of like what classical style guitarists do. I'm interested in what others have to say about your observation/question.
  13. ploverwing

    The Wife Is Out Of Town

    That sounds like my brother in law and sister in law. She tries to avoid mentioning his books and computer equipment/gadgetry, he tries to avoid mentioning her purses and shoes. Both of them have actual collections, not just casual amounts of any of the specified items.
  14. ploverwing

    Christmas music

    That sounds really fun and joyful! Have a great time at both!
  15. ploverwing

    Total Immersion Hobbies before Discovering Ukulele

    Hah! That's exactly what I was thinking! Actually, actively hunting dragonflies behave like that, when there's a lot of prey for them to be snatching from the air.
  16. ploverwing

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

  17. ploverwing

    It’s Only Time

    😲 That's an amazing space. Lovely song, beautifully handled. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  18. ploverwing

    Christmas Carols from the world for two Ukuleles

    Absolutely lovely arrangements, Ondrej. I really like how you didn't make the second ukulele part just a boring supporting line; each instrument seems to get a full opportunity to participate beautifully.
  19. ploverwing

    Entranced, for baritone ukulele

    So beautiful. I love your work, Choan, thank you for sharing with us.
  20. ploverwing

    Hello From Oklahoma

    Welcome to UU, and greetings from Vancouver Island, Canada! Lots of good stuff here on the forum, enjoy your stay, and thanks for joining the conversation, it's nice to have you here.