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  1. Jerryc41

    One-Piece Double Tuners

    A friend has a uke he bought in Portugal, and it has two tuners attached to one plate. I've seen that on guitars, but I don't think I've ever seen it on a uke. Do any of you have a uke with tuners like that? I have several sets of those tuners that I thought I'd use on something - someday.
  2. Jerryc41

    Enya Taimani Tenor

    I saw a review yesterday by Barry Maz - Enya Taimani Tenor. He liked it. Looking on Amazon, I see it comes in black and blue - individually, not like it's been beaten up. ;) It's also available in 4-string and 5-string (double low-G), and with or without the electronics. Prices range from...
  3. Jerryc41

    Wonky Tuner

    I like Shark tuners, but one of mine is acting wonky. Sometimes, all it will show is F with yellow lines to the right, like F+. If I turn it off and restart it, it will be fine. It can be frustrating when tuning, though. It acted up when I lent it to someone, and she had a tough time until I...
  4. Jerryc41

    New Music Stand

    Thanks for the recommendation of the K&M music stand. It arrived yesterday from B&H Photo $26.29 (no sales tax), and it's just what I was looking for. This will be perfect for uke fests. When folded, it's just 15.5" long, and it weigh 2.25 pounds. There's another one made of aluminum, nut...
  5. Jerryc41

    No Strings Attached

    I like to decorate ukes, especially Fleas and Flukes. Yesterday, I brought a Fluke to the weekly painting meeting. My plan is to paint it to become a Winter Fluke. One of the women there asked, "Do you play the ukulele?" I said, "You notice it has no strings. That on purpose." I had no...
  6. Jerryc41

    Compact Music Stand?

    When I go to uke events, I have to bring a music stand. Unfortunately, they are rather large to be carrying around for three days at a uke fest. Do any of you know of a small, collapsible music stand? There are camera tripods that fold up small, so it should be possible. It's not like they...
  7. Jerryc41

    Become a Luthier! 😁

    I've made several "Holiday" ukes using cheap kits from Amazon. They cost under $20, and they produce a reasonable ukulele. Below is a picture of what came in my last ($21) kit. It included clamps, an 8" metal inch/mm ruler, sandpaper, and glue. I sometimes substitute a wooden fretboard...
  8. Jerryc41

    NUD: Thanksgiving Uke

    I got a late start on this, but I got it finished last night. I began with a $22 kit from Amazon and added some graphics using Royal Elements "Glossy White Sticker Paper." I used a different fretboard because I didn't like the plastic one that came with the kit. Unlike past kits, I did use...
  9. Jerryc41

    NUD: Donner Concert

    After seeing the reviews by Baz and others and coming across someone who has one, I decided to buy a Donner mahogany concert uke. As reviewers have said, it's surprisingly nice. For $68, I doubt you could find a nicer uke. The extras that are included add up to more than $68. I like the...
  10. Jerryc41

    MobileSheets/MobileSheets Pro???

    Years ago, I bought MobileSheets Pro for $12.99 to keep uke songs on my Kindle. While searching for a friend, I found MobileSheets for $12.99. Now, they have MobileSheets and MobileSheets Free. Looking at different sites, I get different results. Has the program changed...
  11. Jerryc41

    Pineapple Template

    I thought I'd build a pineapple uke, and I looked online for a template. There's a video of a man in Japan building a beautiful pineapple, and he used a transparent template. I couldn't find any online, though. I've never used a template - I just traced one of my ukes, but if a cheap template...
  12. Jerryc41

    Ortega Double-Neck

    A woman brought one of these Ortega double-necks to the jam last night. She was a new player, though, so she stayed on the 4-string neck. It was smaller than I had imagined, and I like the one I made better (naturally). :) Amazon lists the size as 3 x 3 x 3. It's a lot bigger in person. 😁...
  13. Jerryc41

    "Anarchy in the Ukulele"

    "Anarchy in the Ukulele" is a new channel on YouTube. Two or three English people post videos related to the ukulele several times a week. There is no set format - not just reviews, not just tips, not just performances. You get all three - and more. At times, it seems too unrehearsed, with...
  14. Jerryc41

    Neck Joints. So What?

    I most reviews of ukuleles, the reviewer comments on the visibility of neck joints, provided the neck isn't cut from one piece of wood. Unless it's glaringly obvious, I don't see the big deal. I understand that theoretically, necks are stronger if made from three pieces of wood...
  15. Jerryc41

    Allegheny Ukulele Soiree

    In addition to the Funky Frets Uke Fest, Pennsylvania has another good one, the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree. It will be held on April 21 - 23, 2023.
  16. Jerryc41

    Elderly "Notes"

    I got an email from Elderly Instruments telling me that my Notes are about to expire. Have any of you used Elderly Notes? I don't see any credited to my account.
  17. Jerryc41

    Cheap Uke with Metal Strings

    A few days ago, I posted about a new uke, a very small $10 Happy Tune, that my son bought for me. I thought I'd replace the strings and tuners. Removing the strings last night, I got two surprises: they are metal; there are only two strings. One string (thinner) runs from the G tuner around...
  18. Jerryc41

    NUD: Flight Diana

    This arrived from Germany (Thomann) just four days after I ordered it. I really like Flight ukuleles. I have the Sophia, Diana, and Victoria, but I see a problem with using the names of people. Suppose "Diana" was the name of someone I hated? I wouldn't have bought it. Fireball, Mustang...
  19. Jerryc41

    NUD: Happy Tunes

    My son brought this home the other day. He saw it on the store, and he knew how much I like ukuleles, so he bought it for me. It's a little uke from that famous company "Happy Tune." It's made out of a miracle material called "plastic," which is said to be impervious to heat, cold, rain, and...
  20. Jerryc41

    Ten People

    Can you imagine the discussions about which ten people to select?! I'm glad to see Jim Beloff there. This is from the latest edition of Ukulele Magazine. I hope copyright isn't a problem.