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    Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies for GCEA and DGBE Ukulele

    In the thread "Shameless Self Promotion," I have updated my arrangements of Christmas Chord Melodies to twenty (traditional, public domain) songs. I do sell the collection for a whopping $6 USA at The song list appears below; and I do record demos (for reference) of...
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    Kevin Bacon - 64!

    Kevin Bacon is a musician who tours with his brothers in a band; today he posted this video with a Kamaka on his Tik Tok. I thought you would enjoy it!
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    Interview with Jim Beloff

    On both a podcast format and YouTube, Part 1 of my interview with Jim Beloff is now available (a Christmas Day special and Jim’s birthday). You should be able to find the audio on any Podcast directory, look for the UkeStuff Podcasr. YouTube Link is below: Part 2 publishes on New Year’s...
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    Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies

    This evening, I have put the final touches on a set of 15 intermediate chord melodies for Christmas (all songs in the public domain) that are available through my Buy Me a Coffee Page (direct link: The price for the collection, which includes quite a bit of...
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    Question about Baritone Notation

    Hello, everyone! I'm working on a chord melody project for the Holidays (some Christmas carols) and plan to make them available for GCEA and DGBE. I'll keep the tablature the same, but I always show traditional notation with the tablature, which I always appreciate in the work of others. I...
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    Ukuleles for Sale (Facebook Listings)

    Hello! Following the rules of the Ukulele Marketplace here on UU, I am posting this in the “Links and Videos” area of UU. A long story made very short: I started reviewing ukuleles as a hobby some time ago, trying to take a different approach from Barry Maz, but trying to add another “voice”...
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    Leolani Blog about Finishes...accurate?

    Leolani published this on their blog today. Is their summary of finishes accurate, or is there more to the story? I thought I would ask here in the Luthier's Lounge.
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    Review: Pa'ani Solid Top Spruce Cutaway Concert Ukulele

    I ran into this instrument while on a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin earlier this summer. This one "caught" me with its price, looks, tone, and playability (though a standard 35mm nut setup for those that do not like that sort of thing). When I designed these reviews, I wanted to make sure...
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    Seeking feedback on Videos of Hawaiian and Pop Culture Players

    Hello, all... I want to put together some presentations with embedded videos of key Hawaiian players and Pop Culture Players. I need the videos to be school appropriate so that kids can watch them. I have made a one collection of some historic players including Johnny Marvin, Roy Smeck...
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    Review: Caramel MS63 Quilted Maple (Blue) Soprano Ukulele

    This ukulele was on sale a couple of months ago, and is not currently available--but you never know what will be available as Caramel does mix production from time to time and global shipping remains completely in a mess. The ukulele has a surprisingly warm tone for a soprano, and I'm not a fan...
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    Review Solid Top Acacia Hricane Concert Ukulele

    This solid top acacia Hricane concert ukulele was sent to me by Hricane to review, and is really a beautiful ukulele. While it was reviewed with the stock strings, I am currently breaking in my usual Martin M600s on it. A really nicely done ukulele at an affordable cost. The One Minute...
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    Review: Kadence UKCE01 Concert Ukulele

    This is a review of the laminate spruce top and laminate mahogany Kadence Concert Ukulele, UKCE01. It is currently on Amazon for $25. If that isn't a low price in and of itself, it is also an electric acoustic ukulele that uses a nine volt battery. These systems usually cost more than $25...
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    Review: Kala Waterman Concert Ukulele

    This has been reviewed by other reviewers since its release a few years ago (including Barry!). It works, it's an improvement over the soprano version, but I think today (June 2021) there are better waterproof options for not a lot more money (e.g. Enya Nova U). Incidentally, my students...
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    Review: Caramel Flamed Maple Concert Ukulele MC64

    Caramel had a solid mango concert that looked interesting; I wrote and asked if I could get a discount code. They sent one, and I ordered it, and what arrived was this ukulele instead (and the concert mango models were out of stock). So I didn't get much of a price break on the instrument at...
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    Review: Kadence Wander Soprano

    Kadence is now selling a number of ukuleles on Amazon for low prices, and there will be a few of them showing up in the coming weeks. I have had this one for a while. It seems a lot like the Aiersi Soprano I recently reviewed. There's a lot to like here for not a lot of money. No, it's not a...
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    Review: Mitchell MU40C Concert Ukulele

    On my channel & site, I'll review any ukulele, and many times, the budget models are what I can afford, as there is very little income for the work (not complaining, just a fact). I saw this Mitchell MU40C on eBay for $29, and bought it. I hold a lot of preconceived notions about Mitchell, and...
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    Review: Vangoa VU410 Soprano Ukulele

    A bit overpriced at the moment (though today's prices are in the $50 range, including an electroacoustic model), but a nice laminate ukulele with slightly different looks (mainly due to the stain) and a very clean build. UkeGuide Review (Long Format): One Minute...
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    Review: Koa Kalane Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele

    Another excellent instrument--this one needed the action adjusted. If you are interested in a Koa Kalane, plan on buying a better Gig Bag (something at least like a Uke Crazy) and to either set it up or to take it somewhere for a set-up. This adds to the overall price of the instrument, but...
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    Review: Aiersi SU-021B Soprano Ukulele

    These little sopranos have been on eBay for $22 for some time, and have occasionally dipped to $18. Most have shipped with excellent action and sharp fret ends. If you're looking for ukuleles to give away as starter ukuleles, or to donate to a community may not find a more...
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    FS: Ortega Hyrda

    Bought this new, January 2020, from The Uke Republic (actually was on a waiting list for many months to get it). Has Worth strings on it (clear) and cost $430. It's in perfect shape, has electronics, and of course, the two tenor necks and the custom gig bag. I never fell in love with it, and...