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  1. Tailgate

    FS Kanilea koa Honu tenor $975

    Greetings.. I've been inactive on the forum for a good while but if you will search my handle (Tailgate), you'll see my frequent posts and see that I have sold many, many ukes here back when I had a severe case of UAS. I now have only 2 left and will keep my Kala arch top tenor. So, with that...
  2. Tailgate

    Moore Bettah #1221 for sale

    I have sold off several of my ukes in the past few months via the marketplace, but my Moore Bettah is going up on eBay tomorrow (Sunday) for a 10 day auction. I'm selling to pay a surprise tax bill to Uncle Sam. Starting minimum is $4,900. I will post the link tomorrow in this thread. I don't...
  3. Tailgate

    FS-Mahogany Fluke

    Selling several ukes to fund new hobbies in my early retirement :). Just sold a Pono Sop this morning that is already headed to the UPS truck. This Fluke is a laminate fretboard, mahogany top fluke. Really debated on this one because it is such fun to play. Currently tuned to Low G...
  4. Tailgate

    FS- Pono MS Mahogany Soprano

    First of several nice ukes I will be selling to fund other hobbies. Purchased from Hawaii Music Supply in August of 2013, this was a microblem on sale. I've yet to spot the blemish. Purchased with an Oahu hardshell case, this nice sop can be yours for ... $150... originally $238 before tax...
  5. Tailgate

    Aldrine performs on Good Day Sacramento

    great performance Aldrine! Link
  6. Tailgate

    Mya Moe Classic Tenor- all Koa

    Haven't had her long (June) but got lucky with a pricy Moore Bettah in a private sale and I'm retiring at the end of the year (woo hoo!) so I'm looking to put a little back into the checking account. I haven't posted to UU in awhile because I've been over at the 'Early Retirement' forum getting...
  7. Tailgate

    PayPal security BS

    Tried to donate some money to a local charity and ONCE again, PayPal has chosen my account for a security check.. I have to go through all that security again. Seems like it happens every time I log onto PayPal.. enough is enough already! I just hope that when I die and go to Heaven I...
  8. Tailgate

    Cutest video every- You Belong to Me

    Excuse me if this has been posted... I've been away on business for several days and haven't checked the forum, but this is possibly cutest video ever """Maybe the dad is on the forum and could post some more masterpieces from his 4 year old daughter... I think I've seen this before, but a...
  9. Tailgate

    Theory, learniing fret board or reading music

    In which order would you recommend the learning process? basic theory (circle of 5ths, scales etc) master the fret board and know the notes reading sheet music I'd describe myself as an intermediate player, without any real music training. I feel I'm ready for some music theory and have a...
  10. Tailgate

    14 weeks till retirement

    7 weeks ago, I posted that I pulled the plug and will be retiring at the end of the's the original post: 21 weeks to go So I'm now 14 weeks away from joining my wife, who retired officially a couple of weeks ago. Am so looking forward to the next phase. It's very scary in a way...
  11. Tailgate

    First Uke lesson today- from guitar instructor

    No uke teachers in my berg, so I decided to call a local guitar teacher and see what he can do to help me move to next step in my learning.. Here's my situation: 1. played for a year 2. played guitar as a teen 40+ years ago so a lot of muscle memory cam back (barre chords no issue..move around...
  12. Tailgate

    Very OT, but very funny- retired guy Walmart story

    I've a couple of months from retirement myself, so I have to admit that I admire the guy in this joke.... :D just thought I'd share.. ------ After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Walmart. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred...
  13. Tailgate

    UU+ members have new Ipad App

    just got this email from UU.. it's only for UU+ members..I'll check it out New ukulele iPad app, new website, new song lesson! View this email in your browser Hi Bob Hope you are doing well. Today we have some exiting news! We have been working very hard on a few projects and we can finally...
  14. Tailgate

    Question for Andrew Kuker

    Question for Andrew Kuker-audio/video Hey Andrew, I'm continually impressed by the quality of the recordings your folks do for the demos of your HMS ukes. Can you share your setup? Any info on mic, preamps, software etc would be very helpful. I'm struggling to set up the right equipment and...
  15. Tailgate

    Retirement coming in 21 weeks!

    :)Yes I did.. 1/1/14 is early retirement date for me (not too early, 62). Wife is retiring at 58 at end of this month. Little scary.. really love the job and will probably miss the 'action' at work but certainly not the headaches of overseeing 70 people and the drama involved. Life's just too...
  16. Tailgate

    FS- Compass Rose Walnut tenor

    Bought this Walnut CR on 3/22/13 from Gryphon for $1,750. Will sell for $1,350 shipped to CONUS, so you basically save 17% and get free ground shipping for this very gently played 4 month young tenor. Construction and craftsmanship is excellent. Walnut with gloss is really beautiful wood...
  17. Tailgate

    Ukulele Orchestra of GB comes to Austin Tx 11/22

    woo hoo!!!!
  18. Tailgate

    Funny video Wednesday

    Sitting here at home waiting for the lawn guys to repair some sprinkler heads.. goofing around on the 'puter, so I thought I'd post an OT funny video. We get these all the time in our emails, so why not share... maybe try to post one on Wednesday every week for a while.. post 'em if you got...
  19. Tailgate

    Thoughts on D'Addario t2's on a MM tenor

    New Mya Moe tenor..changed strings to Living Water and thought they sounded 'Moe better'. Might be changing my mind. I had bought a couple of sets of t2's but have never tried them. Thinking about changing... thus the question: anyone have any experience with t2's on MM tenor? Btw, I've...
  20. Tailgate

    NUD Mya-Moe #1055

    Got it Tuesday as promised. Beautiful workmanship. My first time to hear/play a MM. This one's a tenor. Tuned low G. Not sure about the stock strings, so I'll change them today to Living Water for a more mellow sound. Great sounding uke and worth the long wait (ordered in December). Hope...