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    French baroque sonata for flute and bass by Michel Blavet

    September 2021 I went to a NEEMF (North East Early Music Forum) workshop for small ensembles (trios and quartets) and I met a bunch of early music people. Since then I've tried to meet up regularly with Byron, who plays mostly harpsichord. Today (after a playing session with a recorder player)...
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    SOTU 553 International Day Calendar

    For Season 553 we're going to take a look at the International xxxxx Day Calender for the duration of this season: Sunday 18 September is both World Bamboo Day and World Water Monitoring Day, but you can also pick any of the other...
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    Toots Thielemans Centenary

    This Friday 29th April 2022 would have been Toots Thielemans' 100th birthday. I'm not sure if there's anything on local to you, but here's a good amount of stuff being put on (mostly in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the US):
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    SOTU 528 The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

    This week we will may have read about the Cambridges royal visit to the Caribbean. We have recently heard about Queen Elizabeth's Covid infection, Andrew's settlement, the Sussexes' megxit etc. The royal family can't stay out of the newspapers. This spring, Britons get to enjoy a Jubilee bank...
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    Season 511 It's Essential!

    Season 511 invites all songs about essential services, workers, and other things without which our daily lives and / or mental health would be severely impacted. During the pandemic many roles we took for granted suddenly enjoyed lots more recognition and appreciation. Let's see which roles we...
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    SOTU 487 - In the Arms of Morpheus

    As you probably gathered from the title, this coming week I'd like you all to find or write songs about Morpheus, sleep and dreams, and morphing into something. This is already a very rich theme, so there is no secondary theme. Here's a short introduction to Morpheus...
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    SOTU 475 Aloha Spirit

    It's been a while since we had a look at at Hawai'i. Bring us songs about and from Hawai'i, its culture, history, religion, folkore, traditions, geography, etc. Original songs by Hawai'ian musicians are welcome, but I'm not looking for covers of Bohemian Rhapsody or While My Guitar Gently...
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    't Is the Season: Deck the Halls and Rudolf mashup on piccolo

    Trying out some setups as sound samples. Today I did a piccolo mashup of two popular Christmas songs.
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    SOTU 459 Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

    Welcome to Season 459! Time for some fairy tales and folk tales! You are all invited to bring us songs about these traditional tales. You can: a) bring us your own originals, based on fairy tale material; b) perform songs from Disney movies, pantomimes, ballet, etc. c) bring music by bands...
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    Help figuring out playing order and difficulty level Craig Brandau's jazz chord solo

    I got Craig Brandau's book "jazz chord solos for tenor ukulele" last spring. The introduction only mentions which songs are the easiest and the hardest to play, but no suggestions as to how to proceed. Has anyone tried these solos? Which ones did you find easiest? What order would you suggest...
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    Hello from Durham, UK

    Hi all, Here is another confession of a longer-time lurker who finally decided not to drag her shoes anymore. My musical career started well over 30y ago, as soon as my girly arms could support the weight of a flute and my fingers could reach all of the keys. I added on piccolo in my teenage...