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  1. Jerryc41

    Enya Taimani Tenor

    A replica of what the artist plays would cost a fortune. Many performers and YouTube people have signature ukes. Some are better than others. This Enya seems to be one of the better ones. I like the five strings and two low-Gs. I see I misspelled Taimane. I'm going to blame that on...
  2. Jerryc41

    I have my eyes on an 8-stringed ukulele

    Eyes on it? 😁
  3. Jerryc41

    One-Piece Double Tuners

    A friend has a uke he bought in Portugal, and it has two tuners attached to one plate. I've seen that on guitars, but I don't think I've ever seen it on a uke. Do any of you have a uke with tuners like that? I have several sets of those tuners that I thought I'd use on something - someday.
  4. Jerryc41

    NUD - Custom Bruce Wei Thinline Tenor Cutaway

    That's a beauty, especially the back!
  5. Jerryc41

    plastic ukes?

    Consider the price and how often she will be using it. I don't know the price of these offhand, but I bet there's a substantial difference. Look for reviews and comparisons. Nice! I have a green one full of lights. The battery pack is Velcroed to the back.
  6. Jerryc41

    I have my eyes on an 8-stringed ukulele

    Go for it. Eight strings are twice as good as four. 😋 You play it just the same, but tuning takes a bit longer. Still, guitars have six strings, so you would have just two more.
  7. Jerryc41

    Enya Taimani Tenor

    I guess I missed that. As Baz said, sometimes, all a "Signature Ukulele" means is the person's name is on it. This one had input from Taimane.
  8. Jerryc41

    The Ukulele (not a word) Game

    If I knew that, I would have only one uke.
  9. Jerryc41

    Hiding Behind an Amplifier.

    As far as I'm concerned, any good uke sounds good, but they all sound just a bit different from each other. I would never go out of my way to buy a ukulele because it sounds 20% better than one I have. That's like saying Elvis sounds 20% better than Jerry Lee Lewis. If you like the looks and...
  10. Jerryc41

    Enya Taimani Tenor

    I saw a review yesterday by Barry Maz - Enya Taimani Tenor. He liked it. Looking on Amazon, I see it comes in black and blue - individually, not like it's been beaten up. ;) It's also available in 4-string and 5-string (double low-G), and with or without the electronics. Prices range from...
  11. Jerryc41

    Thinking about getting a pad

    I use a Kindle Fire for all my songbooks. I paid $12 for MusicSheets Pro, and it works great. I've paid roughly $50 - $150 for 8" and 10" Kindles. Compare that with $750 - $900 for an iPad. Try to get "hands-on" experience with them before you buy. At a session last night, everyone had a...
  12. Jerryc41

    NUD: Brüko soprano and Cort soprano

    Bruko makes nice ukes. I have a maple one.
  13. Jerryc41

    Wonky Tuner

    I like Shark tuners, but one of mine is acting wonky. Sometimes, all it will show is F with yellow lines to the right, like F+. If I turn it off and restart it, it will be fine. It can be frustrating when tuning, though. It acted up when I lent it to someone, and she had a tough time until I...
  14. Jerryc41

    New Music Stand

    Thanks for the recommendation of the K&M music stand. It arrived yesterday from B&H Photo $26.29 (no sales tax), and it's just what I was looking for. This will be perfect for uke fests. When folded, it's just 15.5" long, and it weigh 2.25 pounds. There's another one made of aluminum, nut...
  15. Jerryc41


    That looks very nice. You couldn't bargain them down to a lower price? :LOL:
  16. Jerryc41


    Looks nice. I've seen that online. So it's a "Donner" Rising. I thought "Dinner Rising" sounded close to disgusting. I have a Donner mahogany. Nice instruments.
  17. Jerryc41

    Wtf Uke

    I have one of them upstairs in my garage. I won't be using it, but it's too heavy to sell and mail.
  18. Jerryc41

    Webcam for uke videos

    I've seen online videos made with all sorts of cameras. Many fulltime YouTubers use cell phones and many use the GoPro. The most important ingredient is the setup. Don't have the camera facing a bright light source. Many use good lighting - umbrellas and large light sources. Avoid having...
  19. Jerryc41

    New Uke Opening Up

    I've been hearing that your years - the uke opens up over time the more you play it. I've never experienced that, probably because I don't play one uke enough. It just seems too much like magic to me. I think you would need sophisticated audio equipment to tell the difference.
  20. Jerryc41

    No Strings Attached

    I like to decorate ukes, especially Fleas and Flukes. Yesterday, I brought a Fluke to the weekly painting meeting. My plan is to paint it to become a Winter Fluke. One of the women there asked, "Do you play the ukulele?" I said, "You notice it has no strings. That on purpose." I had no...