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  1. Spicysteve


    NUD Kmise “Sopranino” ukulele. They don’t describe it as a Sopranino but it is actually 18” overall. I have been wanting to step into a Sopranino without a big investment. it has geared tuners that are soon to be replaced with Graphtech Ratios. And will be trying Tenor fluorocarbon strings in...
  2. Spicysteve


    NUD Dinner Rising U Concert. Swapped the strings for Freemont Blacklines. I was going to get another Flight Travel series in a concert (own a soprano) and had been eyeing this as well. It popped up on Black Friday for $53.99, I couldn’t resist. Actually has quite decent sustain for being...
  3. Spicysteve


    New used uke day. Ohana SK-70MG. Not a mark on it, presents as new. Not a fan of friction tuners so Graphtech Ratio tuners are on order for replacement. It will get a set of Freemont Medium Blacklines at installation as well. It has was look to be the original Aquila Nylguts on it which just...
  4. Spicysteve


    Totally up front here. I was looking for a low budget Concert with electronics. I spent a bit of time researching this. it is a Riobo brand, made in china and sold on Amazon. I took the risk with 12% off which left me at $47.99 all in. I am more than pleasantly surprised. Solid top, sound hole...
  5. Spicysteve


    New Used Uke Day, Came across this locally. Kala KA-SLNG. Too inexpensive to pass up. An older model with a Rosewood fretboard and bridge. It was covered in years of dust and still had the original Aquila strings. I spent some serious time cleaning it up, polishing the frets, oiled the extremely...
  6. Spicysteve


    Came across a Yamaha CG102, 2015 model. Looks nearly unplayed. $50.00. Cleaned it up, polished the frets, oiled the fretboard and installed a new set of D'addario EJ45LP's. Thrilled with the sound, feel and looks. Will be an excellent first classical for me to slide over to guitar from Ukulele...
  7. Spicysteve


    New Uke day. couldn’t pass on an Aklot Cutaway Bamboo Tenor for $56.06 delivered. At first look and play it has decent sustain, no blemishes or flaws that I can find. Ebony saddle and nut on hand to get a better look with the black tuning pegs and strap buttons. will be an excellent couch Uke. I...
  8. Spicysteve

    NUUD - New Used Uke Day

    Picked this up of off Craigslist yesterday. All solid, claimed to be Koa by the seller. Supremely light, resonant and has a wonderful chime. I have a set of Fremont Blackline mediums on the way for it as well as a set of UPT’s. It came with the HSC and I am almost ashamed of how little I paid...
  9. Spicysteve

    NUD. Bonanza Oreo Baritone

    An exciting New Uke Day this last Saturday. My Bonanza Oreo Baritone arrived. Black Walnut with a Cherry stripe, Gotoh UPT’s, passive pickup, strung Low GCEA, and a nice light brown hard case that was sourced from Bonanza also. I am beyond thrilled, it has great volume, beautiful sustain, and...
  10. Spicysteve

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the wonderful people here on UU. 🦃 Cheers, Steve.