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  1. filipinouker

    Ukulele vs Mountain Dulcimer

    Playing "Wildwood Flower" (instrumental) on TWO UKULELES (Kala-CG low g & Susings Philippine-made uke):- and A MOUNTAIN DULCIMER (as a beginner)! What do you think?
  2. filipinouker

    prodigal seasonista !

    Can "prodigal seasonistas" be forgiven and be welcomed again? :confused: If so, here's a little something from me for DougF's Season 108 after a loooong absence (due to illness and then work/studies!) I've not sung or recorded anything in a while, so sorry if this is a bit eugh --- hopefully...
  3. filipinouker

    Ohana CK-42R - for Philippine Typhoon Appeal

    SOLD!!! For double the asking price + 25% Gift Aid!!! EVERY penny sent to the Tearfund Philippines Typhoon Relief. God bless you!!! ------------------------------- I am selling my Ohana CK-42R (concert sized, limited edition sinker redwood soundboard) --- for a good cause: the Philippine...
  4. filipinouker

    Uncle John's Band

    Submitted for Season 76... I did not know any Jerry Garcia / Grateful Dead songs until now. Thanks to the Season 76 host, I now know one :) PS - the lighting in this video shifts because the sun kept going behind the clouds and out again!
  5. filipinouker

    Pls encourage my niece (bananauker)

    Hi guys - i'm in the Philippines at the moment where it is soooooooo hot and humid and sooooooooooo uncomfortable. But it is lovely to visit my family AND TO BUY MY 13-YEAR OLD NIECE HER FIRST UKULELE (from Ukulele Philippines), as well as to play our very first song together!!! Please please...
  6. filipinouker

    Never Let Her Slip Away

    I spent time (and had fun) experimenting with simple multi-tracking on this one for Season 60, only to realise that multi-tracking isn't allowed - doh!!! ;) Anyway, hope you like this...
  7. filipinouker

    A duet: "Days Are Never Long Enough"

    Ombracorta (in Italy) & Filipinouker (in England) sing the country ballad "Days Are Never Long Enough" by Steve Earle and Alison Moorer. Hope you enjoy it :)
  8. filipinouker

    Kala KA PWC or Kanile'a Islander mc-4 ?

    I would like to get a 2nd concert uke with the intention of using it as my low-G uke for fingerpicking pieces. Which of these ukes would you say is good (NOTE:- sound quality is very important to me, rather than looks) Kala KA Pacific Walnut Concert...
  9. filipinouker

    Other hobbies/passions

    Crocheting: Kayaking: (which, annoyingly, I don't do enough of these days!)
  10. filipinouker

    Rainbow Connection (instrumental)

    My bonus entry for Season 58 - instrumental "Rainbow Connection" (bonus because I "cheated" by including a second track - me playing the chords in the background because I thought it sounded flat and boring on its own). Now marginally better :p
  11. filipinouker

    Buying a "Timple" - pros & cons?

    I bought a timple!!! ...and successfully defeated, proudly conquered UAS!!! (however, i did buy a tremolo harmonica :D )
  12. filipinouker

    Sing a Song

    "Sing a Song", written by Joe Raposo, 1972 Because of the meaning of the song, I was determined to sing/play this in one take, in order not ruin the whole of our holiday and get on my husband's nerves :D Here it is:-
  13. filipinouker

    Holding the ukulele and supporting the neck.

    Hi mivo! I used to struggle with the same problem, so i made myself a strap (made up of scrap material I have at home) - one which goes round my neck, clips on to the sound hole as well as tied round the headstock. This means that the uke is fully supported, and my left hand is free to go up...
  14. filipinouker

    Buying a "Timple" - pros & cons?

    I am currently on holiday in Tenerife and i had the privilege of trying out a Canarian 5-stringed "uke" that they call the "timple". It's a Faycan Timple, model 530, all solid wood and beautiful sounding. I managed to figure out that the five strings are tuned similarly to the ukulele - gcEAD...
  15. filipinouker

    "Manila" (a Tagalog-English song)

    Annoyingly, the English translation I put on the video is not showing on YouTube :( Anyhoo...... Hope you enjoy the words you that you CAN understand :D I miss my country!
  16. filipinouker

    Calendar Girl... with a kazoo!

    It's taken me a LOT of courage to record this - I have never used a kazoo or an egg shaker before now and i feel rather foolish :rolleyes: Please laugh with me!
  17. filipinouker

    He Leadeth Me (instrumental)

    This hymn (by Joseph H. Gilmore, 1862) has been going round and round in my head recently, so I googled it - but couldn't find any tabs for it. So I sat down, tried to figure it out myself and to my amazement, i managed to produce this! This is the very first time I've not relied on anybody's...
  18. filipinouker

    Little White Uke Around the World - Waltzing Matilda

    All snug as a bug in a rug in a double-layered bubble wrap and bright pink parcel, just for fun :) - ready to be addressed & posted to wallyboy in Ashford, Kent, UK! Note: guinea pig not included ;)
  19. filipinouker

    Little White Uke Around the World - Waltzing Matilda

    SS Great Britain:- Distances from Bristol Harbour:-