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    A String not playing thru Amp after replacing strings

    Hi guys I recently replaced all 4 strings on my Kala Concert Travel Uke ka-sstu-ce. I removed all 4 strings, instead of one at a time - and now the A string no longer sounds thru the amp. The other 3 strings play nicely. I do recall that the bridge fell off & I thought I put it back 'the...
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    C string on Acoustic Jazz Uke not as 'loud' as the G, E & A

    Hi guys I was lucky enough to recently win an Aiersi Tenor Jazz Ukulele - but when I play TAB on it thru my Roland Microcube RX Amp .... the C string is nowhere near as 'loud' as the other 3 strings, so when playing that string, sometimes it can be hard to hear it. Any suggestions that I may...
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    K&K External Uke Pickup ..... who's tried one?

    Hi guys I am toying with getting a couple of external pickups to put on a couple of my ukes, to plug into our PA system - I could also use it on my other ukes as well, as they aren't necessarily permanently attached. You can get some cheap looking ones on Ebay for a few bucks, but I am leaning...
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    WTB: Low G Concert Strings - Red Aquila or similar

    Hi guys I am keen to try some low G Strings on a couple of my Concert Ukes - my concert Kala Travel Uke came with a Red Aquila Low G & I really like that one - but am open to any others - preferably not metal wound ones, if possible. if you have any you've tried & didn't 'like' ...... I would...
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    Which Capo & why!

    Hi guys Every now & then, we play a song that is a bit low or high for our voice ranges - and I'd like to recommend to our Uke Group to get a Capo so that we can change the key to any of the songs ...... But the dilemma is WHICH ONE TO GET?? I know there are some inexpensive 'cloth/elastic'...
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    Old Uke needs a bit of work!

    Hi Guys I would like to get this old 40s/50s Aussie uke 'working' again - I don't want to 'restore' it 'as such' ..... just get it to playable condition for my stepson - It was his father's uke. This is a 'Museum One' - an Australian JMG Ukulele - which was one of the first ukuleles ever...
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    Forster Jumping Fleas Uke Band wins local Council award!

    Hi guys I have been running the Forster Jumping Fleas Ukulele Band for the last 2 years now. More recently, we've been performing at Old Folks Homes and Community Groups such as Meals on Wheels, Respite Care Groups & different Charity Groups - for no charge. We also do 'one offs' like 'Xmas in...
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    The Mighty Uke ...... available to see for the next 13 days only on internet!!

    The Mighty Uke ...... available to see for the next 13 days only on internet in Aus Hi guys Today, we were lucky enough to watch the brilliant Ukulele Documentary - The Mighty Uke on our National Television ABC1. LUCKILY AGAIN - they will also allow us to watch it again as often as we like...
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    Mon Tues Wed .... I love You - Anyone got the lyrics & chords?

    Hi guys "Mon, Tues, Wed Thurs Fri, I love you" THis song has been made famous in Aussie by a large supermarket who chose it as their 'theme song' ..... and I really like it!! (by the comments, you can work out that some HATE IT!) Any assistance appreciated Many thanks Roberta
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    Found this - needs repair - what is a fair price?

    Hi guys I've found this uke that is old but needs repair on a couple of creases on one side. It is Koa & believed to be about mid '40s. Apparently it still sounds good. I haven't bought it (and won't be) - but it intrigues me! If anyone really wanted a koa uke & is good at repairing - is...
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    I go Kayak Fishing and lose a lot of phones!! Formby Tune

    Hi guys I really DO love kayak fishing - and have REALLY lost a lot of phones over board or dunked in water over the last 5 years ....... so when this competition for 3 new Samsung Galaxy Siii 'smart phones' was announced ...... asking what 'horrors had happened to your previous phones ..... I...
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    Funny Song for us 'oldies' ....... Home, Home for the Aged!

    Hi guys A buddy introduced me to this song last week & it is hilarious!! All about us 'oldies' wanting to get away & play whilst our kids want us 'put away'!! ;) Enjoy! Just for a laugh! cheers Roberta Home Home for the Aged. (to the tune of: Home, Home on the Range) Our [C]kids are...
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    Sweet Georgia Brown/Harlem Globetrotters Theme

    Hi guys Had a go at doing the Harlem Globetrotter's Theme aka Sweet Georgia Brown, on my Mainland Banjo Ukulele, whistling it! :D Hope you like it Roberta
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    SS Stewart Banjo Favorite No 1 - value?

    Hi guys A buddy has an SS Stewart Banjo - possibly a Favorite No 1 or piccolo - short scale banjo - that they are thinking of selling ...... and I am a possible buyer!! Never having played a banjo before I am not aware of banjo prices...... even tho it is an older one (possible mid 1890s) it...
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    Ghost Riders in the Sky .... help with strums throughout the song

    Hi Guys I am hoping that someone may have a copy of Ghost Riders in the Sky that shows the actual number of beats at the end of each line & after each 'yipee ai ay' bit! It is a favourite of our Jumping Fleas Uke Band ...... but in our own minds, we each have a different 'beat' that we play...
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    Forster Jumping Fleas First Performance in front of an Audience!

    Hi guys Australia Day (which is considered Australia's Birthday) is celebrated every January 26th and this year, our uke group, 'The Forster Jumping Fleas' was asked to perform at an Australia Day Ceremony at our local Bowling Club (Lawn Bowls.) It was the Club's first performance &...
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    any idea on this 'hawaiian' uke? make or how old?

    Hi guys This uke has come up for sale & looks like it may be a genuinely older Hawaiian uke? What do you think? I haven't actually seen it let alone play it, but just from the pics, I am interested in it - even tho it is 500km away! Cheerio Roberta
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    New to Banjo Uke? This may help!

    Hi guys In recent weeks, I have co-ordinated the delivery of 12 banjo ukes to Australia, for family & friends who are keen to take up Banjo Ukulele playing - (as well as members of my uke group here in Forster who just loved MY Concert Banjo Uke)...... all from Mainland of course!! The final 4...
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    'echo' in Banjo Ukulele

    Hi Guys One of the Mainland Maple Banjo Ukes that I imported for members of my Uke Group appears to have an 'echo' sound to it. I have contacted Mike to see if he can suggest a reason for it - or an adjustment to stop it - but as my friend will be around with the uke later today for me to...
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    luthier closing down in Phoenix - stuff for sale on craigslist

    Hi guys You may have an interest in this bloke selling luthier supplies in Phoenix - selling out Merry Xmas Roberta