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  1. actadh

    Carry-On 88-Key Folding Keyboard.

    I played piano as a kid. My 2021 goal is to re-learn the piano. This is my first step...
  2. actadh

    Chris Martin IV stepping down as CEO of Martin Guitars

    Chris Martin is stepping down as CEO of Martin Guitars, as is the company president Jacqueline Renner. Wonder how this will affect the ukulele lineup? (Story on - not able to link here as the site it thinks it is spam.)
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    The Romeros in Concert, Marietta Ohio 04/15/18

    2017-18 Esbenshade Series features The Romeros in Concert at 7 p.m., Sunday, April 15, at the Peoples Bank Theatre. Known to millions as “The Royal Family of the Guitar,” The Romeros were founded by the legendary Celedonio Romero with his sons Celin, Pepe and Angel in 1958. With a 55-year plus...
  4. actadh

    The oldest surviving maker of ukuleles

    The new Martin journal has the article on page 26.
  5. actadh

    Spencer Elliott - The Battle of Wonderland

    Yesterday was the Undercurrent Music Festival in Parkerburg, West Virginia. It was organized by local photographer, artist, and writer Michelle Waters to showcase local talent. Spencer Elliott was one of the performers and performed the song in the link on his beautiful Jumbo Fan Fret made of...
  6. actadh

    Areo Uke

    I have a vintage 60's Kay ukulele (sadly, a wall-hanger at this point), and subscribe to the Kay Kraft -Stromberg/Voisinet Guitar Enthusiast FB group. There was a recent post on an eBay offering of a late 1920's Stromberg-Voisinet Aero-Uke. These were put out to commemorate the first solo flight...
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    Your best winter weather ukuleles of each size

    Thanks to billten for giving me the idea for this thread. What do you play in the winter - laminate, composite, plastic, wood? What I have in my stable for playing during winter weather: Soprano - Martin OXK HPL (high pressure laminate.) So sweet sounding. It was four degrees outside last...
  8. actadh

    Creative outlets

    Playing the ukulele has seemed to jumpstart all sorts of creative endeavors. Playing the ukulele got me into singing, which I did not intend two years ago when I started on the uke. I was fine with no vocals - indeed, I loved the beauty of the melodies and admired all the craftmanship of the...
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    Wonderful story - Stradivarius returned

    I often listen to Nina Totenburg on NPR. How wonderful that her father's Strad was recovered.
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    This is the first summer since 2001 that I haven't taught at all. The extra time from not being in the classroom - either in person or virtually, prepping, grading, office hours etc. - is doubled because I also don't have to spend time thinking about teaching. So, that translates for me into...
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    "How to Listen to Music

    Daniel Barenboim discusses how to listen to music. " Music is to forget...Music is to focus...Fly with the music to the last note....The more you give, the more you will get back."
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    Outdoor Ukulele Tenor update

    From the Outdoor Ukulele FB page - Outdoor Ukulele Tenor Update: We've been playing the first tenor test instruments, and are very impressed with the sound and durability. The molds are currently in transit to our new molder. When they arrive, we'll update you with production images and...
  13. actadh

    Artiphon Instrument 1

    Interesting article in CNET about the Artiphon Instrument 1. It can be played in a number of ways, including as a ukulele. It has digital strings and frets that can be turned on and off. It is a Kickstarter project that is now at the $349 level to get an instrument. It sounds intriguing - it...
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    Happy New Year and thank you for the old one

    Happy New Year to all! This past year was my first ukulele year as well. This forum has been such a big part of my ukulele experience. I don't think I would have advanced as far or had such a great time doing it without all of you. My journey is still progressing. I have some great equipment...
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    Which of your ukuleles would you take with you into an isolation ward?

    A New York doctor being treated for Ebola has found another way to pass the time in a hospital isolation ward: He's playing his guitar, city health officials say. Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, has been in isolation at Bellevue Hospital since being diagnosed with Ebola last month. He’s now listed in...
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    WVU Music MOOC starts Oct. 15th

    I apologize if this is not the correct thread to post this. West Virginia University is starting free massively open online courses (MOOCs) today. According to my local news outlet, over 3,000 people in the U.S. have signed up. I am not affiliated with the program (WVU is my alma mater but in...
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    New Used Ukulele Day! I am doing a lot of short trips this summer. I am patiently waiting on my Outdoor Ukuleles - and really don't want them to rush production - but I wanted some summertime ukuleles that I could play without worries. So, eBay to the rescue. I bought 2 vintage ones and one...