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  1. stevepetergal

    KoAloha KCM-00 Concert with everything

    This ukulele was my go-to instrument for years. I bought it new from MGM, before he was with HMS. Selling because, having been replaced with two custom instruments, it no longer gets played. Please, see photos. This ukulele was built in March of 2008. I changed the friction tuners to geared...
  2. stevepetergal

    Tauro solid spruce top concert review

    First, I must say that my expectations are usually very high, but for this review, I will try to compare apples to apples. The Tauro ukulele (made by Sinye Musical Instruments) is not a “K” brand or custom. But it is a real musical instrument, in that it has a solid spruce top, and should be...
  3. stevepetergal

    Blackbird Clara re-review... Now I get it

    After I posted a review (which I thought was very favorable, almost glowing) Blackbird decided to ship the traveling Clara ukulele home for restringing and set-up work. They then sent it back around. You can read my original review here...
  4. stevepetergal

    Found a vintage Martin for $3.99!!

    Yes, I went to the local Good Will store and found a vintage Martin in excellent condition, almost like new. I didn't even try to haggle. $3.99 American was fine with me. I'll post photos soon.
  5. stevepetergal

    Blackbird Clara Concert - Review

    I was fortunate to have the traveling Blackbird Clara Concert ukulele for a week. I was even more fortunate to get the Clara for another week after Blackbird restrung it with their preferred strings and did whatever set-up ajustments they felt necessary. (I thought the set up was great as it...
  6. stevepetergal

    Wound string #3 on a concert?

    I tried a set of Kala Pearl microwound strings on one of my concert instruments for testing. Found out I don't like the "sh" sound of picking wound treble strings (for strumming, they're terrific). But, I like the third string paired with regular florocarbon strings very much. Since these...
  7. stevepetergal

    FS: Risa Uke-Solid concert

    SOLD - 08/21/13 This Risa Uke-Solid is like new. It has the improved planetary tuners and tunes well, holds tuning better than any ukulele I've owned. It has fantastic intonation, low action. Everything these instruments are known for. High end playability and sound. In perfect, like-new...
  8. stevepetergal

    Kanile'a Kuuipo Concert

    Purchased from Hawaii Music Supply less than a year ago, this ukulele is not from their new line of plain woods and satin finishes. It has premium curly koa top back and sides, and high gloss finish, along with all the bells and whistles: ebony headstock, Hawaiian sand logo and position markers...
  9. stevepetergal

    Nail care recommendation

    This device, and ones like it from other manufacturers, allow one to get a very smooth edge on finger nails.
  10. stevepetergal


    I wish I could enlarge the avatars posted by my fellow Ukulele Underground members. Is there a way? If not, I think it would be something worth doing. It seems many people put real thought and even artistic investment into these tiny images. I just can't see them.
  11. stevepetergal

    Plastic survey

    My curiosity has been peaked by another thread. The original poster says a plastic fretboard is out of the question for his/her new ukulele. Those of you out there who do have or have had a plastic fretboard, what do you think? I've owned a few oldies and have been pretty impressed with them...
  12. stevepetergal

    Fan Fret Ukulele?

    Does anyone make one? Has any of the builders out there thought about in?
  13. stevepetergal

    Islander MST-4 <SOLD>

    This Ukulele has been sold. Enjoy, always.
  14. stevepetergal

    Mya-Moe Mango tenor # 290

    THIS INSTRUMENT HAS BEEN SOLD. CONGRATULATIONS, drdl. This ukulele is in almost perfect condition. One very small ding on headstock on front, upper right corner which doesn't show up in photo, put there by a local luthier (I wanted to KILL him, but I got over it.) This could almost certainly be...
  15. stevepetergal

    Help stringing ukulele with bridge pins

    I just received a new Islander tenor, and plan to replace the strings. What do I need to know ahead of time about dealing with the bridge pins. With guitar strings, there's a bead integrated into the end of each string to hold it in place under the bridge. No such thing with the Worth...
  16. stevepetergal

    May I try out your Mya-Moe Concert?

    I'm hoping to find someone in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, nw Indiana, sw Michigan... who has a Mya-Moe concert that I might try. I own a Mya-Moe tenor and am putting my specs together for another. I hope someone will be available and kind enough to help me make one of the fundamental...
  17. stevepetergal

    Who makes a wide nut ukulele

    I'm looking for an ukulele with a nut width of 1 1/2". I intend to buy one to try before ordering a luthier built instrument with this option. Anyone know a manufacturer who offers this?
  18. stevepetergal

    Help convincing spouse

    Okay, I'm convinced I need a second Mya-Moe. Quick calculation tells me I'm oh 'bout $1500 over what my wife will approve. I'm looking for some creative way first of all to tell her that I need it (I really do), and to convince her it's worth the money (again).
  19. stevepetergal

    Traveling with my Koaloha

    I have traveled with ukuleles without any problem before, but heard somewhere that some people lower the tension on their strings before flying. Is this something I should be doing?
  20. stevepetergal

    Jacksonville Beach/ St. Augustine, Florida

    I'm renewing this thread, because the date is soon arriving. Hey everybody in Northeastern FL. I'm visiting Jacksonville Beach from April 8th (Easter) through the 13th (leaving early pm). I plan to visit George's Music in Jacksonville Beach and Grampa's Music in St. Augustine some time during...