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    plastic ukes?

    Thanks for the replies, I've passed this along.
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    plastic ukes?

    My sister is looking into a plastic uke. Specifically she wants it for canoe trips, so the odds of a dunking are indeed possible. I have played a Beaver Creek Ulina, and know about Kala Waterman. Question is, what else should we look into? Recommendations, suggestions please.
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    Very poor acoustics!

    Have you considered spot monitors? Basically a tiny monitor that goes on you mic stand. They can be pretty useful. They pack small, and don't require the sound guy to control a monitor mix, just goes inline (usually) with the mic. I think the one in the stock photo uses 1/4 jacks, but the one...
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    Simple 2 track video recording/editing software

    There is an app called audacity, which is a pretty simple audio recording app. Does not do video that I know of. I've been experimenting with Reaper for recording tracks and adding video. I'm just starting, I don't think I'd call it a simple app, but it's very good, and the price seems reasonable.
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    Season 520: 10th Anniversary Dance Party Extravaganza!

    I know it's getting late in the week. It always takes me a week and sometimes more to decide, learn, record etc. a tune. With the dance theme, I knew I wanted to share another original song with the UU group. I wrote this originally for Big Band, as we were playing a Valentine's dance, and it...
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    Practice amp?

    I have a Roland Micro-Cube that I really like. Quite versatile, can run on AC or batteries. Has an aux input. Some effects. Very tiny. It's discontinued, so you'd need to find a used one, but there should be one out there.
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    XLR vs. 1/4" Mic Inputs

    Most TS cables are intended to run shorter distances. For example guitar to amp on stage, and as such don't pick up as much noise. Typically then an amp with a balanced output would connect with a balanced cable back to the sound board. (in the event of the amp not having a balanced output, a DI...
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    XLR vs. 1/4" Mic Inputs

    This is an interesting subject. The biggest factor is to understand what "balanced" means. It means that the sending piece of gear (amp, keyboard etc.) sends the sound signal on one wire, and of course there is a ground wire, but on the third wire, it send the sound signal again, but inverted...
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    seasonistas play other instruments

    Hey is it too late for a Christmas song? I made this on trumpet.
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    I finally did it (ukes are made for the car)

    to really get the adrenalin flowing, shoulda bought a new motorcycle AND two guitars! Live dangerously.
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    Can anyone help me understand the "beat" pattern hear?

    In 4/4 the 18th notes are most often counted using the word "and" between the 1/4 note beats. So eight 1/8th notes would be thought of as 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and. or 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &. The pattern (at least in the first section) has 1/8 notes that are tied across the beats. This moves the...
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    Ortega CONCERT SIZED - RUSL-HSB - anyone

    I've done some searches on here, and found nothing. Does anyone have comments on this model at all? RUSL-HSB Ortega Concert. Thanks