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  1. sebi

    Making a multi-window multitrack video (How-to)

    First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all comments and everyone’s support on my Youtube videos. Since many people asked me how I make my videos, I thought it would be good to have a short tutorial that points out the most important steps. What do I use? Hardware...
  2. sebi

    A Twitter Song: When All Tweeps Tweet (ukulele/stylophone/bass original)

    I was finally able to write a new song. This time it's about Twitter and the people tweeting every day. Hope you like it: Feel free to download the song from my website
  3. sebi

    Aloha Sex Juice - More Than Words (Hawaiian vesion)

    I've been hooked to Aloha Sex Juice's Hawaiian version of More Than Words ever since I watched the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I can simply not find the Hawaiian lyrics to their version anywhere. My ukulele band and I would love to perform this wonderful version live, but we can't figure...
  4. sebi

    Ukulele covers on Youtube being removed by Warner Music Group

    Yesterday, two of my ukulele cover videos on Youtube were removed as a result of a third-party notification from WMG claiming that the material is infringing their copyrights under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act. The weird thing is that one of the videos was a REd Hot Chili Peppers cover...
  5. sebi

    How to change strings on a Big Island HONU

    Hey guys, I got a little problem here. I don't know how to change the strings on a Big Island HONU concert ukulele. My new wonderful ukulele finally arrived today and it has dot pins in the bridge, which looks really nice. Unfortunately, I'm new to this kind of construction and I have...
  6. sebi

    Swiss Uke Players Get Together

    To everyone living in or around Switzerland: I'm a ukulele player living between Bern and Zurich and I'd love to meet other ukulele players for jamming, gigs, and socializing. Where are you guys? Please don't let me alone here! Get in touch with me, please!!!! :music: :D
  7. sebi

    Sebi@Ukulele Videos

    Actually, I'm a bass player, but I fell in love with the ukulele. I bought my very first ukulele in mid-November 2008 and decided to learn it on my own and document the process. I'm going to post my videos in this thread and please feel free to send me your input. I want to learn it right and I...