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    Baritone Chord Melody Resources

    Thanks Jack! I’m using a Cocobolo short neck. I fully expect the strings to work well as I previously had them on a tenor and the sound was fantastic. I was able to get lucky land the Cocobolo so I sold the tenor. I would expect a longer sustain on the baritone.
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    Baritone Chord Melody Resources

    I have recently purchased a short neck baritone ukulele that came with linear gCEA tuning but I plan to restring with Pepe Romero baby baritone strings. I’m still working through the Ukulele Way on my tenor and was wondering if there are any other similar chord melody resources for baritone...
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    WTB - Romero Creations Baritone D- Hoe 6- String Nylon Uke

    Available at Aloha City Ukes
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    SOLD Cocobolo Tenor FS

    I noticed that you both mentioned about the neck width on this (see e.g., here:, but reviews on YT talk about the wider neck of Cocobolo ukes. I have a KoAlnna with a 38mm and liked it much more...
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    SOLD Cocobolo Tenor FS

    I just got mine at full price recently…I’d have bought this instantly otherwise. Someone should snatch this up quick because they are amazing instruments.
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    Ukulele - General Considerations

    As someone that’s still a new Ukulele player I’ve come to realize the best Uke is the Uke that makes you want to play. So hopefully he finds that by strumming them in store. The three most important factors for me are the size of the instrument when I’m holding it (started with a concert but now...
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    Demo- Pono Baby Baritone

    Surprisingly I was actually completely fine with only 1 tenor. The only reason I’m getting a second is because I was picked in the most recent Cocobolo lottery. My perfect set of three now would include a Magic Fluke Firefly tenor banjolele and I think I’ll be set. Maybe I’ll string that low G...
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    Demo- Pono Baby Baritone

    I didn’t know that a baby baritone conversion was even a thing. This is fantastic because I’m about to get my second tenor and have been wondering what to do with my current one so it doesn’t go unused. I much prefer the idea of making it a baritone instead of a low g tenor. Thanks for the...
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    Kanilea K1 Tenor Ukulele Natural Finish SOLD

    I was going to go for this but I got lucky and won a Cocobolo raffle on Monday. GLWS!
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    What’s your ukulele “hot take”?

    My hot take. James Hill > Jake Shimabukuro
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    Illinois - Sunday August 21 Aurora Ukulele Festival

    Planning to be there! Let’s hope that morning rain remains a morning rain. Super excited to be going to this even if I’m still a new Uke player!
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    The KoAlana is amazing! I partly wish I would have been able to start on something like it sooner. The bigger body size, nut width, neck width and fluorocarbon strings are such a noticeable improvement. I’ll definitely be staying away from the nylguts moving forward for my fingers relief.
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    I’ve always wanted to play ukulele and finally decided I’d make the plunge last month in late June. I was listening to a song that featured the ukulele (which I now know was finger picking) while mowing the lawn and decided to look up beginner ukulele videos on YouTube. I felt I could learn from...
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    How did you end up here?

    I started playing and watching beginner YouTube videos late last month. So naturally I’ve been binging everything I can in regards to ukulele. Many of my searches have brought me to threads here so I decided to join since it seems to be a valuable resource with many knowledgeable folks.