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    Interest Check: Tangi Mango double hole tenor

    Hello you! Gotta have a Tangi? Got this one from the man himself, it was hanging in the garage. Not the best condition or finish, but got that mango sound! If you are reading this, you know what I got. It's listed locally for $499. Talk to me. More pics if serious Don't really want to ship...
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    FS: tenor string sets!

    Trying to find that right sound? Cheap strings not doing it for you? Expensive strings not doing for you? Try em all! strings are a couple of years old and all brand-new in the sleeves don't play too much anymore and I am already settled on what sets I like 30 sets of various tenor string...
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    Pono solid body tenor

    Pono solid body tenor acacia satin finish factory 2nd with hard case shipping is the killer, probably about a hunski to the mainland so, let's call it $400 shipped still less expensive than brand new
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    how many sets of strings does it take...

    to find out how your instrument really sounds? I'm on set 12...
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    Tangi two hole mango: "NOS" Instrument has been in storage for five or so years, since his shop closed down. Two hole mango, burned "Tangi Hawaii" inside between the two sound holes. Looks like an ebony fretboard. The top has some deflection, though not too bad. It also seems to be a 2nd as...
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    Tangi found!

    Selling off all his old stock. I got four for $300. Two looked like they were sitting outside in the sun. The spruce pictured was supposedly from military ammo boxes. The neck is a wee bit bowed. The two hole mango is the gem, sort of, as it looks like a 2nd with some finish drips. It sounds...
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    Ukulele Guild of Hawaii show today and tomorrow

    Joji Kanda Imua - finally get to see their gloss finish Grimes Scheurenbrand Grimes
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    Ukulele Guild of Hawaii show today and tomorrow

    Little River Little River - neat way of opening up space on headstock ? Josh Rieck - I liked these ? Some folks weren't at their tables...
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    Ukulele Guild of Hawaii show today and tomorrow

    Aaron Oya Chisel - nice work from Korea I'iwi ? ?
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    Ukulele Guild of Hawaii show today and tomorrow

    gonna try and remember.... Mike Chock Lynette Huff Hiilawe again Moore Moore
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    anyone got chords for Randy Lorenzo 'To Be Lonely?'

    from Country Comfort
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    It's all Pono...

    Growing up, it usually meant 'it's all good.' Apparently pono has many meanings, including being a ukulele brand. So anyways, about 40 minutes from downtown Honolulu, in Wahiawa, is Pono Guitar and Ukulele Co. I was only sort of thinking about getting a new uke, when I read a CL listing about...
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    Kamaka HF3 up close and personal

    The bridge, very plain, nothing happening here move along. Well there are those plastic thingys that protect the wood where you tie the strings. At first I thought they were aesthetic but I realized what they were for when I changed strings. Inside the sound hole you have your birthdate...
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    Kamaka HF3 up close and personal

    Here you can see the attention to the frets. Wow. For some odd reason, Kamaka chooses to side mark only the 7th fret! Took me a bit to get used to but after a while its okay. From this angle, you cannot see that flaw I mentioned on the 5th fret marker. The frets are low and nice, easy to do...
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    Kamaka HF3 up close and personal

    Some of the grain on the neck. I don't know if this is particular to all models; I didn't really give the others I tried a good look. I like this on my HF3 and I keep looking at it. I'v worked wood before and this feature just impresses me. Anyways, the heel of the neck I'd call pretty normal...
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    Kamaka HF3 up close and personal

    We all know it, but l figured let's take another look. It took me about five months to finally find this one. "Regular" HF3s are usually very plain with more straight grained wood rather than curly. I kept the checking the shops and websites waiting for one that 'spoke' to me. In a NAMM...
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    sunlight moonlight country comfort chords

    anyone? no can fine. youst to know gitah no can rememba...
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    Bridge pins, anyone change them out?

    Did changing out your bridge pins make any difference? I'm not liking them plastic ones and got some ebony pins from Stewmac but I need to ream out the holes for them to fit. Is it worth it? Supposedly the bridge pins make a difference in sound. Makes some sense as they are in contact with the...
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    The 3 Ks(+1), whats the story morning glory

    So I finally got the big three in my greedy not so little hands! Kanile'a, Kamaka, and KoAloha. Wait. Koolau. I'm working on that one. Anyways, was it worth it? What's the big deal? Will my lowly Kala stand up to the big boys? Let's go from left to right: The Kanile'a is from 2013 according...
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    So I Walked into the Music Place Today...

    Actually as I was off today, I decided I was going to look at all the music places close to me, just to see what they had. Quest for Ukulele (QFU) don't you know. So anyways, at the first place they had some nice stuff, but I was looking for a Kanile'a tenor, which they didn't have. At the...